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We don’t have The government We Deserve

Do we follow Hobbes or Locke?

Do we feel that, in return for protection from the egoistical urges of others, we have formed a commonwealth and given up the right to overthrow its rulers, or do we feel that we made a social contract, with obligations on both Hip-Hop sides?Our rulers clearly think we have a commonwealth…where we, the commons, supply their wealth…and in some parts of the world they allow us to elect figureheads from among their ranks. They call it democracy.If we don’t like what we get, well, that’s the bargain we made in return for the security of property and freedom from attack.

However, Hobbes has long had a bad press, so our rulers present us with Locke’s social contract model as camouflage…and as long as we continue to validate this by voting for them in elections, we are told that they are our choice.We get what we deserve, they tell us in the press with which they have a symbiotic relationship.

I suggest we don’t deserve what we have at the moment

We do not deserve to have the children of the poor among us fighting wars for the benefit of international and national corporations.

We do not deserve the deregulation of banking which led the the self serving scam that is derivative trading.

We do not deserve to have concerns for the environment perverted into sham money making ventures such as wind farms and ethanol production.

We do not deserve not only cuts in education budgets, but a view of education as a sausage machine leading to a dead end job.

We do not deserve to have our elderly regarded as worthless and treated with cruelty.

You’ll have your own examples.

The social contract has been hijacked, its terms broken….so what do we do about it?

Passively, don’t vote for established parties…or any parties.

Actively, vote for real people without party machines. Write real people in on tickets…local and national.

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