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They can Run, But They can’t Hide

We thought long and hard about the hottest dads in Hollywood, and decided that these are the top 10 DILFs of today. The only requirements for this list are to be a dad and someone we’d like to… well, you get the idea. Several honorable mentions were also considered, but when it came down to it, the chosen men have a little bit of everything that makes them the ultimate DILFs.

10.) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – We can smell what the Rock is cooking, and we’d let him bench press us anytime.

9.) Jon Stewart – His wit and unwavering honesty make this man a Daily pleasure for most women. (And he’s not bad to look at either!)

8.) Tom Selleck – The sexy mustache, the gritty voice… It’s enough to make a woman want to privately investigate the Magnum he is carrying.

7.) Ed Burns – As if there weren’t already enough reasons to dislike Christy Turlington, this is just another. Her BDILF (Baby Dad I’d Like to F) is smart, sexy and smoldering.

6.) Denzel Washington – He seems to only get better with age, and makes us want to be his Bone Collector.

5.) Matt Damon – We were Bourne to worship that smile.

4.) Hugh Jackman – Screw what Vegas says, he is the real Thunder from Down Under.

3.) Daniel Craig – This DILF’s hot, very hot…We’d take him shaken or stirred.

2.) Johnny Depp – Someone whose sexiness has lasted over the decades. We’d gladly meet up with him on 21, 22, or 23 Jump Street.


1.) Clive Owen – His sexy accent and manly exterior is enough for any woman to want to make him an Inside Man.


1.) David Beckham – He’s made a few missteps (LA Galaxy, anyone? Oh and Victoria…) but anyone who has seen his Armani ad knows he deserves to get a nod.

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