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Short-term And Long-term Goals Of DM Decos By Design

Morganstein is the founder of DM Decos by Design. He has set his short-term and long term goals for the companies.

What Are Your Short-Term Goals of DM Decos by Design

First, to consolidate and build the product line. DM Decos by Design is stream-lining our product line, but continuing to produce innovative and highly-experiential products (that touch on all the senses and create interior spa-like feelings).

Second, to increase visibility and sales as DM Decos blows away its competition in value, customer service, innovation and quality.

Third, to create a system of distribution across multiple and unparalleled genres. This includes wholesale reps and multi-line reps (including artist/designers, installers, photographers, artists, sculptors, artisans, architects and others who wish to “supplement” their income), distributors, trade shows, art fairs, web, and direct-to-consumer.

What Are Your Long-Term Goals of DM Decos by Design?

DM Decos by Design will have a system of websites divided by material, use, and target audience. We are also opening up showrooms and creating boutique stores within others’ showrooms.

What Does Company Offer Artists and Photographers?

Dm Decos by Design offer a means for them of monetizing their art or photography and maximizing their visibility. Additionally, we offer representation across a broad spectrum of potential clientele (10% gross royalty paid for use of any images for any reason), consulting services, access to wholesale prices on complete products (one of the largest line of high-definition digital art reproductions and products in the country), custom commissions, and exposure and free marketing.

What Does Company Offer Interior Designers, Architects, and Builders?

DM Decos by Design offer access to the most innovative products, full customization capabilities and excellent customer service, quick turn-around, access to a diverse and highly desired product line that is not available elsewhere, one-stop shopping, and wholesale pricing. The company understands the specification of products and how to produce products for particular uses. DM Decos by Design is a fully adaptable company that can change on a dime to meet an architect’s needs. Value-added solutions, consistent quality, excellent customer services, and the most innovative products on the market sum up the advantage we can offer the marketplace.

What is Personal Philosophy About Art?

The founder of DM Decos by Design, David S. Morganstein believe in the concept of “democratic innovation.” Art is meant to be shared and experienced by the largest number of people possible.

He also believe that reproductions are not “copies”—rather, they are distinct products in and of themselves that can be made in either limited edition or for mass distribution. Digital technology and printing has opened up a renaissance of options and has led to “Art 2.0”—the Evolution of Art, Science, Technology and Creativity. Art needs to be, and should be, incorporated more in the interior and exterior arenas of tile, pavers, coverings and surfaces. The goal is to “bring the outdoors in” and allow commercial and residential customers the ability to express their unique characteristics through their use of product and materials.

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