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Rising Boxing Star Jordan Reynolds Becomes Ambassador For AmeliaMaeDavies Foundation

I Phone, Mobile Phone ChargingJordan Reynolds, Amateur Boxer who was a Baggage Handler in a Luton Airport didn’t have an easy way to boxing; his street altercation made him shift his direction to boxing and turn for Christianity. Welterweight of 19 years won 99% of his fights(43 out of 46) and had also won 2 national-level championships and has also was an aspirant of Rio 2016 as Great Britain representant.

Boxing Captain of Team England, Jordan Reynolds won several attachments within the very short duration, and his success ratio is very high. His unbeatable 43 out of 46 is a record-breaking number.

A walk into his past, he had troublesome days without a proper refuge, his unstable father never took care of him and his mother faced struggles for raising him alone for ensuring he had food and things required.

His school days were consist of his roaming with old lads, and he was thrown out of the school eventually for committing bad stuff with them which made police get involved. It took him time to realize how it affects his mother and he later got a work at the boxing gym and his work was 12 hours around the clock for six days in a week. He used to work for 1 and half year in Boxing gym, and he was fondly in love with his working environment.

What made him reach this level of Boxing? Was it the training or his natural potential? Well, Jordan admits to being natural. He says, “I came into the bigger Championship and fought with over 50 people, and I reached finals several times but lost once to the closer points and came to 2nd position.”

Jordan Reynolds confesses that it wasn’t too hard to making into nationals because when he sparred, he was just a beginner and it made him mature mentally at an early age. He had several fights, but he felt it is not difficult because I didn’t take it years for playing it in the nationals.

About the match he had so much enjoyment fighting, he admits he thoroughly enjoyed his last game a lot because he was a massive underdog and he had to fight with Scottish & Commonwealth champions where he beat them successfully and took the gold for home country by winning the national championships of 3.

His biggest achievement so far in life was the three national championships winning, and he is also in the trials for GB Olympics, and he is in the last stage for it and is fully giving his best to make his team win and add an achievement again.

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About his plans, he is all set to achieve goals in 2017 and the first being, beat the man to whom he lost to years ago and to make the things in a perfect line again. The boxer currently has an injury, and he hopes it doesn’t come in his way. After that match, he has all plans to make his TeamGB win several accolades.

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