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Reasons To choose A Cool Roof For your Office Building

A roof is one of the most important features of a building. It offers protection as well as support to the building structure. It would be great if this essential part of the building can help one save energy, as well as money. This is exactly what a cool roof does!

Wherever the location of your commercial office space is, typical urban problems such as pollution, increased energy costs, and adverse effects on employee health due to poor indoor air quality can eventually impact your business. Although many people overlook this, installing a cool roof can actually help your business a lot.

How cool roofing systems are different?

Solar Resistance:

With constant radiation, the temperature can go very high, making indoor spaces uncomfortable. This causes the higher usage of HVAC systems, leading to high energy bills. The temperature can be reduced by installing energy efficient roofs that reflect natural heat away from the premise. With such roofs, almost 65% solar reflectance can be achieved. Most of the sun’s heat falling on the roof will not be absorbed. There are professional commercial roofing companies in Dallas that are into roof installation.

Thermal emittance:

This is a property by which energy efficient roofs release heat even under warm conditions. Cool roofs, due to thermal emittance, lead to lower temperatures even if the surroundings are too warm. Buildings that have conventional metal roofs could have the interior with a temperature that is higher by 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to cool roofs.

Why is it worth installing a cool roofing system?

With growing concern about environmental issues, everyone is talking about energy efficiency. People across the world are advocating the use of energy saving equipment and roofing systems are no exception. As compared to other roofs, cool roofs have gained momentum due to their environment-friendly features. In any building, heat moves upwards as well as downwards into Wiktionary (en.wiktionary.org) the premises. Installation of a cool roof with shingles that reflect rather than absorb the sun’s heat can reduce the movement of heat into your premises to a great extent. This results in a cooler and more comfortable work environment for you. Talk to any roofing contractor in Dallas, and he would vouch for their goodness.

Save more:

Research and studies by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) confirmed that energy efficient roofs help reduce energy needs by up to 40%. This is a big number, and business owners can do their bit to conserve non-renewable resources of energy by asking a roofing contractor to install this environmental friendly roofing system. This roofing system also helps you reduce your expenses on cooling systems drastically.

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