The Plague Of Celebrity Drug Scandals

Drug trends among the famous are parallel to what’s popular in the nation which includes alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Oftentimes, people just don’t understand why celebrities would allow drugs or alcohol to ruin their career or lives. After all, these famous people have everything.

While it’s important not to generalize celebrities or anyone in a particular career, research studies have been done in the past to determine why some celebrities were more at risk for addiction.

Findings suggest it was their “personality traits,” which made them more inclined to fall in to this category. This group was generally more extroverted and outgoing and may have sensitive egos in terms of how their fans view them. This type of inner insecurity may also trigger alcohol or drug abuse

Their charismatic appearances, however, may also differ greatly from what is going on in their “behind closed door” reality. The pressures of achieving fame and keeping it are constant such as obtaining a great part, keep up a fast pace, as well as looking their very best.

If their last film, television show, or recording wasn’t a success, this type of failure can be detrimental to their career. Like people in other stressful professions, celebrities may very well turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain or the pressure.

Along with these personality traits are the riches. Socializing in different circles, they may be influenced by other famous people who are alcohol and drug abusers. This type of lifestyle may produce situations where drugs are more readily available. In many ways, this type of fame may come with a serious cost.

Celebrities often admit themselves to private facilities for addiction treatment. Depending on their specific needs they may choose:

In-patient rehabilitation
– Out-patient rehabilitation
– Behavioral counseling
– Drug counseling
– A combination or all of the above

While some celebrities have kept their addictions private, others have been very open about it. Stars that have been candid about their addictions and sobriety goals, in many ways, have been inspirational to those who are going through the same struggles.

On the flipside, for those who have been in trouble with the law because of drugs and alcohol abuse, some professionals wonder if the paparazzi attention may be partly to blame for relapses. The constant negative tabloid attention may be ill-affecting to celebrities by setting them up for failure with such self-destructive media coverage.

Sadly, there are superstars that either relapsed and/or did not get the necessary rehabilitation treatment they needed. Celebs such as Jim Belushi, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Chris Farley, and academy award winner, Philip Seymour Hoffman are in this group.

Those with fame and riches need the same type of rehabilitation just like non-celebrities do. An abuser needs to realize there is help out there and be fully committed to the rehabilitation journey.

Bodybuilding Diet What Exactly Is It.

This might be true when the great bodybuilding trainer, Vince Gironda always emphasizing the importance of bodybuilding diet. He used to say 80% of bodybuilding is diet. As a person who train Arnold Schwarzenegger before, he believes that bodybuilding diet was the key to build huge muscles.

yin yang horsesWhat is Bodybuilding Diet?
Generally speaking, a bodybuilding diet focus on the best useable sources of protein and natural carbohydrates. These may come in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits, fats and oils, and finally, nuts. In addition to grow muscle tissue and reduce the fat on the body, you also need to include supplements.

Most importantly, what bodybuilders need to eat is the foods that are high in biological content in order to develops muscle tissue. So what does it mean by biological content? it means food that contains protein of a structure that is very similar to the protein contained in human tissue. You need to know the type of food that high in biological content, not food that high in protein only since not all protein is the same.

A good bodybuilding diet should be focused on protein, fats, good carbohydrates and fiber. The breakdown should be 24% protein, 40% natural carbs (no refined starches or sugars) and the balance in fat and fiber.

What kind of food that suitable for bodybuilding diet?
You may be surprised, but the food with the highest biological content is the egg! Other foods high in biological content include raw milk, organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys and sweetbreads), steak, lamb, poultry and fish. Beans, legumes and some other vegetables are also good sources of protein, so it’s really important to include them in your diet as well.

The soybeans for example, even though high in protein as famously known, are only 22% biological. You would need to consume a lot of soy to match the amino acid content in the high quality protein food above.

In addition to the listed foods earlier, you may also consider to take supplements. Some of the supplements recommended by Gironda were Kelp tablets, desiccated liver, lipotropic amino acids(inositol, choline, methionine, betain that aid in the metabolism and assimilation of protein) and wheat germ oil.

Bodybuilding Diet: Conclusion
In summary, anybody who is working on muscle building should pay attention on what diet he/she eat along with the workout process. Eating a wrong diet will not gives you a better result. It is extremely important to realize this. If you need help , there is a comprehensive plan of muscle building diet program that you can follow on the internet.

Top Five Campgrounds To visit The Fall

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Fall is an incredible time to hit the open road in your RV. Not only are the weather conditions mostly good during this time of the year, but the fall colors and scenes are outstanding. It’s still warm in the southern portion of the state, so swimming and golf are still very accessible. On the other hand, the vibrancy of the forested areas in the north could be excellent for those looking for a relaxing, back-to-nature trip.

보이 A - 영화To help you navigate your options, we’ve created a list of the top campgrounds in the U.S. not to miss this fall. To read more information on Angels check out the webpage. Which one will you visit on your trip?

1.) Roosevelt State Park in Mississippi

If the thought of hiking through a dense forested area on a cool fall day sounds appealing, Roosevelt State Park is an excellent choice. It’s quite the ideal location for viewing wildlife, too. Some fishing spots are still open depending on the temperatures at the time of your visit. This is a year-round park, which means you can stay a bit longer.

2.) Nickerson State Park in Massachusetts

There’s a bit of magic in Nickerson State Park. Located in Massachusetts, this is a good location to visit with your RV if you are looking for true New England fall charm. There are several freshwater ponds here that will not freeze over until later in the year. The park itself spans 1,900 acres mostly in a wooded landscape. Be sure to catch the sunset each day over any of the ponds.

3.) Ledges State Park in Iowa

A bit more of a rustic, rural feel is present at Ledges State Park. A trip here, though, will provide some excellent views of Pea’s Creek Canyon. It’s also worth taking a hike to Crow’s Nest Overlook. Bring your camera along to catch the fall colors and the wildlife here. And, with a bike on board, you’ll also want to check out Central State Park’s bike route.

4.) Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park in California

This year-round state park provides some sparkling views of the coastal redwoods in the area is so well known for offering. There are numerous sites here, plenty of spacious areas to spread out, and a pristine forest around every corner. Plan in advance for this location because campsites can fill up quickly. Be sure to plan a day to visit the Stout Grove Trail loop while there.

5.) Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

It’s a commonly recommended experience for a very good reason. If you haven’t visited the Grand Canyon National Park in the fall months, you are missing out on fewer tourists and slightly lower temperatures. It’s time to explore the Bright Angel Canyon area, too. It is best to view this area right at sunrise on a crisp fall day. You may get to do so alone, giving you an opportunity to marvel at nature.

Any of these parks offer nearby campsites perfectly suited for your next trip. Are you ready to start your RV trip planning? RoverPass has campground and RV parks listings across the country that you can browse and reserve.

Freeloading A Burden

Although a freeloader is usually referred to as “a good for nothing bum” who extends flimsy excuses for being a non contributing member of society, dependency usually marks their lives, often judged worthless by those on whom they rely. Try and observe them without judgment, a difficult task to accomplish, and they usually reveal anxiety and a lack of self confidence when it comes to independent action or dealing with consequences.

Often, from some one else’s perspective, they can appear manipulating in their helplessness, controlling the situation by pushing all the right buttons to evoke a co-dependent response, as anger becomes a cause for avoiding the original issue, lost when uncontrollable emotions kick in. Usually, an abdication of responsibility is present when circumstances require individual action and taking risks as part of the process of growth and development. Unfortunately, this often characterizes the relationship by provoking some sort of guilt along with the anger over being unfairly burdened, overshadowing the possibility of a normal relationship assuming one could be adequately defined.

Discovering the ability to objectify the situation on an emotional level may help prevent the knee jerk responses when buttons are pushed, but unless the anger is transformed, nothing changes. The hope, fleeting at first, is that something external will intervene and change the circumstances so that confrontation becomes a mute issue. This approach is a passive way of viewing the dynamics necessary to alter the cycle, and rarely works. The other means of arriving at a solution most often appears when everything else seems to fail, the bottom of the barrel reached and behavior becomes so contrary to what is usual that the blind spots, now glaring, cannot be ignored. Confrontation is then inevitable.

Claire Continued, “And You’re Wearing That.

Tiny, adorable, clever and independent Claire was also strong-willed, high maintenance and high-strung. My fifth child, Claire was a beautiful little package of contradictions who gave me strife and hilarious joy, sometimes at the very same time. Most arguments were about clothes. Although her fashion sense has developed into a wonderful gift now that she is in her mid twenties, at three and four-years old this “gift” was a pain.

Claire changed her clothes often throughout the day, from the age of two. Watching one of the few videos of our family, one of my older daughters pointed at the screen and laughed,

“Look at Claire. That is the third time she has changed clothes during this video!”

Sure enough, the pip squeak had another outfit on.

Illustrated labor day banners setClaire was always aware of what she was wearing as well as those around her, which often led to disagreements about what she could and could not wear. Although she was a mature, articulate, fashion conscious three-year old, I was still concerned that Claire was too young to start four-year old kindergarten. When she stomped into the house after the first morning, ranting about a little girl who had worn a “jean skirt with a matching jean jacket”, I realized that it was the school which was not quite ready for Claire!

Alas, Claire’s attention soon turned to her busy mother. I sometimes pulled on stockings, brushed my hair and applied a touch of make-up once I had climbed into our huge 13 seat mini-bus. I barely had enough time to make sure my dress was clean and I had brushed my teeth before I hustled everyone out the door. This changed when my daughters were in their late teens because they organized an all out assault to bring me into the 21st century. They took me to a hair salon for a cut and dye make-over, plucked my eyebrows, bought me clothes and make-up and forced me to throw out decade old comfy clothes. Claire has been the most persistent fashion advisor, however.

One evening as I tried to rush out of the house, Claire looked up from her homework, looked me up and down disapprovingly and asked, very slowly,

“Are you going out?”

I answered in the affirmative.

Claire continued, “And you’re wearing that?”

I nodded slowly. I knew the direction that this conversation was headed.

“I don’t think so”, she added, “Remember the navy pants that Melissa bought you for Christmas and the top that Rachel gave you on Mother’s Day? That would look really sharp with my light blue scarf and my little black belt. Could you pleeeease try it on?”

I sighed and trudged back upstairs because it was easier just to comply. I must admit that she was right. Of course, once I came down, Claire had to jump up to adjust the belt and re-tie the scarf but as a result of listening to my daughter’s fashion advice, Michael, my husband, was pleasantly surprised.

Really though, Claire is an expert at changing outfits. She has been practicing since she was two-years old.

How to Enjoy Shopping And Be Stress Free During The holidays

We have all felt the pressure and stress that comes from trying to buy holiday presents for everyone at the last moment, the strain that it puts on our finances, and we all resolve not to fall into the same trap next year. And yet, year after year, many of us find ourselves repeating the same situation. Now is the time to start making plans so that you can enjoy shopping and be stress free during the holidays.

The best way to plan you shopping to be stress free during the holidays is to start buying some presents now. While this can be difficult to do for children, whose desires seem to change more often than the weather, it is possible to pick up presents for adult friends and family members. By getting the jump on some of these Christmas purchases, you can enjoy holiday shopping and be stress free during the holidays this year.

Save those last minute purchases for those small children whose wish list continues to change. Not only will this save you time during the holidays, it will also lessen the strain on your pocket book since the cost of holiday shopping is spread out over several months instead of a few weeks.

You can enjoy shopping and be stress free during the holidays more if you consider doing some of your Christmas shopping online.

Not only can you often find deals online that are significantly cheaper than anything that you could find locally, but you also avoid the hassle that comes from fighting off the holiday shopping crowd. Of course, doing your Christmas shopping online requires some planning since you need to make your purchases at an early enough date to ensure that they will have been delivered by the time the holidays roll around.

Many of the bigger online vendors publish dates that represent the last day that you can buy from their store and expect delivery by the holidays.
Another way to enjoy shopping and be stress free during the holidays is to set up a Christmas fund. This can be a separate bank account or just funding in your primary account that you do not touch.

Adding some money to this account every pay period during the year will help out with the financial crunch brought on by the holidays. The memories of the holiday season provides joy all throughout the year, so it make sense to spread the cost out throughout the year as well.

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Hermes Totes Affordable Women Handbags

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Read on and acquisition out just how to accept the absolute shape, admeasurement and style of omega replica women backpack that will fit your physique blazon and claimed style. Attending at the shape. Accept the appearance that is adverse your physique type. For instance, if you are alpine and thin, attending for accoutrements that are added on the angled ancillary like the hobo or those that are a bit unstructured. This will accompaniment your amount as it would accommodate a aciculate contrast to your body. Replica handbags accept become acutely accepted over the years. Those who wish the attending and feel of a artist handbag, but do not wish to pay bags of dollars for one, accept begin a absolute abundance in replica artist handbags.

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Do You really need Gap Insurance For your Two Wheeler.

Motorcycle, Wheelie, Road, Sky, FieldNow-a-days market is flooded with many types of Rationale (official website insurance plans. Among these plans, motor insurance plans are getting popular day by day. Millions of people love to commute through two wheelers as it reduces journey time while saving great on maintenance cost. Being a prized possession, two wheelers also can be insured. Two wheeler insurance comes with an option called Gap Insurance. Here, we are going to discuss the need of Gap Insurance for your two-wheeler in detail.

What is ‘Gap Insurance’?

Gap insurance is a sort of motor insurance that car owners can opt to protect themselves against the loss arising from any damage or accident when the compensation amount received from the insurer fails to cover the total amount on the vehicle’s financing agreement or lease agreement. Gap insurance is designed in a way to cover the loan amount which is the difference between the car value and compensation received from another insurance provider.

Benefits of Gap Insurance

Gap insurance helps the car owners money-wise by reducing the down payments. This kind of insurance is mostly suitable for customers who owe more on the vehicle than what an insurance company pays in occasion of any damage or major accident. This additional insurance is not subject to any deduction. Gap insurance is particularly beneficial for luxury cars which costs big but attracts less compensation from insurer. This special two wheeler insurance offers great benefit to customers who are buying vehicle with long loan term.

Disadvantages of Gap Insurance

1. Cost of Insurance: Gap insurance does not come free-of-cost. When you are opting for an additional insurance, it will certainly add more to your expense related to the two-wheeler. Gap insurance is beneficial for costly two-wheelers only. Unless you own something really luxurious and costly, avoid buying Gap Insurance.

2. Time Restriction: Almost every Gap Insurance comes with time restrictions. Usually you can’t take a Gap Insurance for your two-wheeler or car if you have bought it one year back. Therefore it is better to buy Gap insurance right at the time of vehicle purchase or within one year.

3. Non-Transferable: Unlike vehicle warranties, Gap Insurance can’t be transferred from one owner to another. In case you decide to sell your two-wheeler, you are losing your chance to avail any benefit from Gap Insurance. If you are planning to upgrade your machine with some latest model then don’t go for Gap Insurance.

Who Should Buy Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance can offer comfort to those owners who have paid little amount as down payment while buying the two-wheeler. It is also perfect for those who are buying vehicle with long term loan. Gap insurance is suitable for luxury cars with higher depreciation rates.

Is Gap Insurance a Must For two-Wheeler?

Most two-wheelers come with lesser price-tag than the cars. So, you can easily save your money by choosing some good vehicle insurance policy. This will save your money over Gap Insurance. Unless you are having a costly vehicle or you owe more on your vehicle, there is no point of buying Gap Insurance. Gap Insurance increases the overall expense on vehicle without attracting any huge benefit.

From the above write up, it is evident that Gap Insurance has greater limitations over other general two-wheeler insurance plans. It is not appropriate for everyone to opt for. Only a small group of customers need Gap insurance for their cars or two-wheelers. If you don’t fall into that category, there is no such need to take Gap insurance.

From Writing To Publishing To Being Read

Books take a long time to be born, we know that. I have had stories published after 30 years. Two of my novels took seven years between their writing and their publication. My other books have averaged three to four years in that pipeline. That is usually par for the course if one is not writing pulp fiction. But I have faced another situation which I thought of writing about: where a book can take also as long as the aforementioned publishing cycle between being purchased and being read by a reader.

I’ve often heard, years after I signed a book at a reading for an avid reader who was ga-ga at the time, that “Oh yes, your book, hmm…it’s still in my reading pile.” Another reader wrote to me the minute she received her copy, saying she was diving straight into it that evening; when I discreetly inquired a few months later, she was still reading my book, along with a dozen others – apparently she reads books in batches, and mine was in the latest batch of 12. Yet another reader has read up to page 51 of one of my books she started in 2009; this notification is sitting for the whole world to see up on Goodreads – I’d like to think it’s because she’s forgotten she has a Goodreads account and not because my book sucks! And others buy books as gifts, collectibles, and trophies, with no intention of ever reading them.

I can understand why books are given out for free in copious quantities. It is because the traditional pipeline, where you actually purchase a copy, does not fetch enough readers, we are told. But the free channel is worse when it comes to actual readers per freebie. I went up on Wattpad two years ago and posted 12 of my already published stories on that burgeoning forum. I was pleased with the result: I have received tons of good comments, one negative comment, many followers, and 220,000 “reads” as of today. But on closer inspection, I see the “fall off” rate: 122K reads for the opening Foreword, and the balance 98K is split on a declining scale between 20K reads for the first story and 5K reads for the Service last story. Am I to infer from this statistic that of the 220,000 only 5,000 finished what they started? It also makes me wonder whether I am indeed writing crap…

I can also understand why people blog: under the forlorn hope that they are “instantly read and permanently remembered,” and that the dreaded long tail, i.e. from writing to publishing to being read, has been finally eliminated. I hope that is indeed the case and not the starker one of “instantly read and instantly forgotten,” or worse yet, “flittingly seen and permanently drowned” in the deluge of content constantly washing up on our computers.

There is no solution to being read faster in a universe deluged in print matter. It is unfortunate that the last two generations have produced a disproportionately higher number of writers while they have taken out a vast number of readers due to the increasing time/life crunch.

How To pick The most Cool Games To Play

It can be so much fun when you find a really good game that you want to play all of the time. Many of us have done it in our lives, when we have managed to get hours of entertainment form a particular game. The problem is that this fun will not last forever as you will eventually complete the game.

When you have this sort of disappointment, you immediately want to find another game to replace it with that is just as much fun, if not more. This is not as easy as it might seem.

If you know people that also play the game, then try to find out what other games they play and try those out as there is a chance that you might enjoy them too. Look at games within the same genre of the game that you were playing to give you more chance of finding one that you like. It can also be worth reading some reviews of games and seeing whether there are any which sound similar to what you have played, as you are most likely to enjoy similar games.

It can be useful to think about what it was that you liked in the game and then you will be able to work out whether there are likely to be these features in an alternative game. Also consider playing a selection of games so that you can decide which might be the best for you. You may spend a lot of time doing this and it could be a lot of fun. You may even find that you like games that you never thought you would. It can take up a lot of time and if you do not fancy doing this, then reading games reviews might be a better use of your time.

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