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Medicinal Uses Of Kaolin And Attapulgite Clay

Food collection in chalkboard styleThe elements found in clay act as a natural relief to inflammation, wounds etc. as well as act as a very important part of cosmetic treatments.

Ancient Mesopotamians used to use clay as a medicine and since then, different varieties of clay including kaolin or white clay, attapulgite and fuller’s earth etc. are utilized for a variety of reasons.

Whether we look at spa treatments or home remedies, clay has had a very significant role in a variety of treatments including ulcers, radiation treatment, skin conditions etc.

Let’s look at two variants of clay that can be used for its medicinal properties:

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay or white clay is mostly found in regions of India and China. Even though the use of kaolin clay has now reduced in modern medicine, kaolin clay suppliers tell us it is still used majorly in Ayurvedic as well as all kinds of spa therapies. It can be manufactured both out of natural sources as well as synthetically in a laboratory.

Let us look at some of the medicinal uses of kaolin clay:

Diarrhea- It is believed that the ingestion of kaolin clay in the right amounts as well as the application of it on the abdomen can cure cases of mild or even severe diarrhea. It has also been used for the treatment of cholera for several years.

Ulcers- Whether it is an ulcer in the stomach or mouth, kaolin clay is said to be beneficial to cure the swelling and inflammation that ulcers cause along the stomach sac as well as the inner lining of the mouth.

Skin- Kaolin or white clay is also known to be beneficial to treat pimples, acne, blackheads, skin conditions etc. Because clay dries quickly, it can also absorb and resolve the oiliness of the skin. This is why kaolin clay suppliers are in such demand at spas, salons etc.

Attapulgite clay

Palygorskite or attapulgite clay, as it is commonly called by people is another effective kind of clay used in various medical treatments. Further, it is also something that has been recognized by the medical and drug use boards of many countries as an effective medical component.

Mostly found in Mexico, it is another kind of fuller’s earth and has some of the following medicinal usage:

Icon, Reload, Refresh, Redo, LoadAcidity- Both to fight the acid build up in the stomach as well as to neutralize the toxins that form inside the digestive tract etc., attapulgite is ingested in the Bruce right amounts. This helps sooth the inflammation and the burns in the inner lining of the body.

Anti-diarrheal- Attapulgite suppliers also provide this clay to a number of medicine manufacturers and laboratories in order to be used in pills that are taken to treat diarrhea. They work by killing the germs and bacteria that act as the cause of bacteria.

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