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Impressive Spring Summer Collection

An evening fashion gala “FASHIONISTA” was held at Club Eco Vista, Kolkata presented ace designer Jyoti Sachdev Iyer with her haute couture collection “Pleats Please”. The collection was showcased on a red carpet evening which defined the various forms of pleats, from ready pleated saris to stylish evening gowns which can be pleated customized to one’s taste. For those who have just about any questions concerning wherever as well as how you can utilize CULTURE, you can contact us from our webpage. The collection left everyone speechless!

Jyoti Sachdev Iyer always aspires to portray a contemporary woman of today who knows her mind and does not hesitate to experiment with her sense of creativity for her silhouettes. For this fashion show, Jyoti had joined hands with the luxury car brand Audi. The show started with a fabulous flash mob performance which left all the guests in awe and it helped set the perfect platform for the fashion show to commence.

The theme for the show was very unique and was based on “James Bond”, an icon who loves fast cars, beautiful women and luxurious lifestyle. The perfect union of speed and fashion was completely complimented and focused in this show.

The onset of Spring/ Summer collection brings with itself appeasing and eye- soothing colours. Keeping this trend in mind, Jyoti had carefully selected pastel shades like ivories, peaches, marigold and lavenders to suit the color palette for the fashionable evening.

The show stopper for Jyoti’s spectacular collection was Mr. Saheb Bhattacharya.

About Jyoti Sachdev Iyer

Jyoti Sachdev is a reputed Indian Fashion Designer who does Customised clothing and who’s ensembles are showcased pan India in up-market stores like F folio & Sasya. Jyoti Sachdev has worked with International design houses like La-Perla, Fendi, Kenzo, etc. Label “Jyoti Sachdev” is available at premium outlets in London, Milan, Sydney,Calcutta & Bangalore. Her Collections showcased at prestigious fashion shows across India, Europe, Australia & USA. Jyoti Sachdev does Customised clothing for Women and Men as well and specializes in trousseau wear.

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