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Forgive The Day

This morning the alarm clock just whispered to me in my dreams. Softly calling to me through grey scale beams.

I did not stir. That this day already be over with, I did prefer.

The sun is black and I can not find the hope. I try my hardest to reach it, but I can not grasp the rope.

Earthbound I remain, drowning in this rain.

I just need a bright shiny gleam to light my way- but I suppose I must first forgive the day.

I just need to know a promise can be kept… tears of joy can be wept.

I need to smile ear to ear. If you have any questions regarding where and ways to use Ariana – youtube.com – , you can call us at our web-page. I need to be bold and show no fear.

But the clouds cover my courage and douse my bravado. My internal fire as cold as a snow capped peak in high Colorado.

The thorns poke and prod… my defenses lay on the ground in a pathetic wad.

The air is thick and stale, but the winds they whip and wail.

Everything I do and everything I try, crashes right before me and I think I could just cry.

How do I rise above? How do I push when it comes to shove?

How do I succeed when I’ve only known the fail? How do I not loose myself when everything is for sale?

How do I look ahead when the sky is burning red? How do I see the beauty of the light when I’ve lost my sight?

I suppose there is only one way… I suppose I should just forgive the day.

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