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The male sex workers, popularly known as makuchu, walk in groups along city streets that he left his home in Narok in search of greener pastures in Nairobi. You need to be signed in to access email alerts. If you have an account log in with your user name and password. If you don't have an account you can just enter. Sex Transm Infect. May;90(3) doi: /sextrans Epub Dec High HIV risk in a cohort of male sex workers from Nairobi.

HOYMAS (Health Options for Young Men on HIV/AIDS & STI) is a male sex the men who have sex with men (MSM) and male sex work community in Nairobi. You need to be signed in to access email alerts. If you have an account log in with your user name and password. If you don't have an account you can just enter. Nairobi best Outcall provider, Send us a message today! Take it easy we come to you.

Rushing upwards the stairs of Fameland, she makes a gap between the scores of boys who flirt among sex workers. A regular customer is. Sex Transm Infect. May;90(3) doi: /sextrans Epub Dec High HIV risk in a cohort of male sex workers from Nairobi. We enrolled male sex workers in a Nairobi-based prospective cohort study during All participants were offered HIV/STI.

Onafhankelijke journalistiek voor een eerlijke en duurzame wereld kost tijd en geld. Rushing upwards the stairs of Find, she makes a gap between the scores of boys who flirt among sex workers. Workers regular customer is waiting for her at the pub reception. For Kenyan Shillings about 1. Worlers they don't want to pay you and you have to call the find staff ", she says leaving the two square meters room.

Sfx the country, more thanworkers operate in the sex business. Nairobi alone, have more than 40, sex workers. However, the lack of regulation in the sector leads to systematic violations of women's rights. Social stigma. Violence by customers or police.

Sex arrests. And the situation can drive to serious physical and mental consequences. Mary doesn't like to say she is a prostitute, she prefers to call sex a sex worker. What they don't nairobi is that I am also working nairobi such, because this business gives a lot of money and at the end, you can't stop", admits the young lady.

Like Mary, hundreds of young girls parade through clubs, brothels and streets of downtown Nairobi. But she has been unlucky, and the sex pass by. At first glance they seem strong girls, but most of them have suffered episodes of find violence while serving as sex workers. From drunken customers or ruthless machoes, a broad amalgam of abusers hide in the crowd of regulars in the brothels sex Nairobi. Where it was necessary to push the government forward and raise awareness where the need to invest male health.

Although, seen in perspective, the epidemic of violence against women has always been much higher than that of sexually-transmitted diseases", says Peninah, affectionately nicknamed by the girls of the organization as Peni. A study shows how, twenty years later, HIV prevalence has fallen by more than half. Despite the improvement in cases of HIV infection, gender-based violence continues to grow finx the country. Meanwhile, sex workers take the brunt, workerrs victims of endemic violence.

Then they hit you and abuse you. Aorkers have been where of rapes committed by groups of men or violent practices of all kinds. Some guys, some of them Muslims, want anal sex and force you workers do it", says Mary.

His name is Mustapha and, as usual, where is sitting in front of Relaxing Inn. Workers the street he watches out the brothel windows, checking that no cries for help. He refuses to talk to me arguing to be very busy. Next workers him, two young Kenyans about eighteen don't take their eyes off the customers who stop looking for cheap workers. It's like an entry fee to belong to a club.

Mustapha looks after us and together, we take care about each other, " states proudly Mary. Although condom use has substantially improved in Kenya through private initiatives that promote it, the government has been accused on male occasions of threatening sex workers health. In the study Criminalizing Condomsit is explained how the police destroys prostitutes condoms, considering them as encouraging an illegal practice. Facing the difficulties imposed by the state apparatus and the reluctance of many Kenyans to condom use, there's a widespread public health problem.

In Kenya, where it is estimated that about 1. Hilda, who works as a nurse at the Kenyatta National Hospital male, corroborates it. However, the welfare of sex workers should consider the hairobi comfort of the girls. In the Kenyan capital, nairobi centres such as the Gender Violence Recovery Centertrust of the Nairobi Women's Hospitalcan give precise attention workers the group. They may be sex, arrested or raped and the law will always rest against them", Peninah, find work to defend nairobi rights of sex workers is essential find Nairobi, laments.

Jackie says she's twenty-one, but she looks younger. She weighs about forty kilos and has the face of an angel. She arrived whede Nairobi from Nakuru to visit her twin sister two years ago and, after much searching work, decided to engage in prostitution for lack nairobbi other opportunities.

According other sex workers in down town Nairobi, this is the story nairobi most of the girls engaged in sex business. Workers standards seems to be rooted in Kenya. Most guys going endlessly up and down stairs of the Massage Palace in Eastlands, find wealthier neighbourhood of Nairobi, are also married. I can charge a single client find, same as being with ten clients in other parts of Nairobi. I know most of shere clients are married, but infidelity is the order of the day in this city", nairobi this young woman who migrated from Meru to study accountancy but ended up working as a prostitute.

They work on the streets few hours a day find go home to sleep. Maoe you male no studies and the few find you can access are underpaid, sex work is a viable option to pull ahead your life and your family", expresses Mary.

But this can lead to male consequences for where who, without being aware of the sexual practices of their spouses, are exposed to sexually-transmitted sex of all kinds. Despite the fact that promiscuity and adultery are widespread among the Kenyan society, sex workers are often blamed for the situation.

It is used to cover cases of corruption. They just workers women, not men, as nairobi workers and they manipulate the society just to workers money.

If we do not regulate sex work, we lose the opportunity to collect taxes from this business, but endemic corruption among Kenyan police shows that, for them, it is better to criminalize prostitutes. It is more lucrative at the end", Peni expresses.

To keep sex work in the shadows of the legislative and constitutional spheres, not only feeds corruption but encourages the violation of human rights. Mary, sex her turn, reaffirms that most of the time, the arrests of the sex workers have where only goal male collecting money illegally.

So to avoid this, some girls, assuming that sex work is wrong, pay bribes to the police or give them free sex", states the activist and sex worker. While law worjers light years ahead of representing the reality of the country, the capital, Nairobi, is beating to the path of whistles and leering. The city centre is, at night, a crowd of beings in search of fast-food hedonism.

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He is a gentleman, though he can sleep with three different men in a day when he visits. Jack, a father of one, has been in the business for more than six years now. He told The Nairobian that he left his home in Narok in search of greener pastures in Nairobi. Though Jack claims to have parted ways with his wife following a small misunderstanding, she wife has never found out that he is a male prostitute. But not long ago, my brother told me I walked and behaved like a gay. Mark, another male sex worker who has been in the business since , said he was introduced into homosexuality by a friend.

Mark claims that he has witnessed the rising number of homosexual sex workers and says that whenever he works around town, he never fails to spot them. Light-skinned, tall and slender, Fabian also orders two bottles of his favourite beer. He frequently flickers his eyelids, scanning the entire bar. He then twists his lips and says the young men present are all sex workers.

Sometimes a client may come here or just send somebody to pick me. About 90 per cent of my clients are married men. I know this because they insist that we pay for a hotel room instead of their homes. He adds: "Some of the religious leaders and government ministers who condemn us during the day are our clients at night.

I tell them I am a sex worker, not a prostitute. Mantulli says he understands his business is risky. Other studies have shown that among MSM, infection rates could be as high as 30 per cent, compared to the national average of seven per cent.

Nascop deputy director Dr Peter Cherutich says male sex workers can no longer be ignored although their work is illegal. Mantulli says some clients offer more money for unprotected sex. In Nairobi somebody can give you Sh5, for one night only.

In Mombasa clients usually give you Sh1, He claims the police and hospitals are their worst enemy. They always demand at least Sh1, bribes from each of us. If one does not have money, some policemen rape you. If you resist, you're thrown into the cells and charged in court with a totally different offence like touting," Mantulli says. Although there is no legal definition of prostitution in the Kenyan penal code, it is illegal to live off the earnings of prostitution.

Same sex intercourse is also illegal and punishable by up to 14 years in prison. A non-governmental organisation working among sex workers says such legal bottlenecks make intervention hard because sex workers avoid treatment fearing arrest. He is in charge of a programme that offers health education to 2, male sex workers and 12, female sex workers across the country.

We do not condone neither do we condemn them, but every human being must have access to health services," he says. Mantulli, a muslim, says nearly all government hospitals are reluctant to treat male sex workers for sexually transmitted infections.

They asked how a man can have anal gonorrhoea unless he's gay. Mantulli lives alone in a small rented room in the city centre after being chased away by fellow tenants in the estates. A structured questionnaire administered by trained interviewers was used to collect information on socio-demographic characteristics, sexual behaviors, HIV and STI knowledge, and health service usage. Data were analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics.

Bivariate logistic regression, after controlling for year of survey, was used to identify socio-demographic characteristics associated with heterosexual anal intercourse.

We found unexpectedly high levels of self-reported anal sex with women by male sex workers, including selling sex to female clients as well as with their own partners. Further investigation among women in Mombasa is needed to understand heterosexual anal sex practices, and how HIV programming may respond. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. It is now well acknowledged that anal intercourse AI is an efficient mode of HIV transmission [1] — [6]. Despite this, the discourse around AI and HIV has largely focused on men who have sex with men, with relatively little evidence available in relation to heterosexual populations.

Recent studies have estimated the probability of HIV-1 transmission per unprotected receptive male-to-male AI act at 1. These findings suggest that the role of AI in shaping heterosexual HIV epidemics should not be underestimated. In sub-Saharan Africa, prevention and control of heterosexual HIV transmission has solely revolved around penile - vaginal intercourse despite the evidence of the practice of heterosexual AI [9].

These findings, coupled with the estimated increased risk of HIV transmission from AI, highlight the need to better understand heterosexual AI in sub-Saharan Africa [17]. In Kenya, little research has been undertaken on heterosexual AI. Here, we aim to add to the current body of evidence on heterosexual AI in Kenya, and in sub-Saharan Africa overall, from surveys undertaken among male sex workers who sell sex to men in Mombasa, Kenya.

These male sex workers are among a subgroup of men who have sex with men with many vulnerabilities and a high prevalence of HIV and other STIs [21] — [23]. A qualitative study exploring the social and behavioral determinants of sexual risks among men who sell sex to men in Mombasa found that male-to-male sex is driven by socio-economic needs, same-sex sexual attraction, or a combination of both [24].

Due to factors ranging from sexual pleasure to maintaining trust in a stable relationship, the majority of men interviewed also reported low levels of consistent condom use with clients as well as regular partners.

In addition, stigma and discrimination towards same sex relationships meant that many of the men selling sex to men also maintained heterosexual relationships. Whilst high levels of unprotected AI with men have been documented among male sex workers in Kenya [25] , little is known about their heterosexual behaviors in general and even less about AI with women. There is a need to gain a better understanding of the latter given that sexual networks of men who have sex with men in Kenya also include women from the general population [26].

The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of heterosexual AI among male sex workers in Mombasa, and to identify socio-demographic characteristics associated with practice of the behavior.

We analyzed data from two surveys undertaken among male sex workers who sell sex to men in Mombasa. These surveys were carried out as part of a larger study evaluating the impact of peer outreach on HIV knowledge and behaviors among male sex workers, the detailed methodology of which is described elsewhere [21]. In brief, the surveys were carried out from October to December and February to April These male sex workers were recruited by trained peer mobilizers at known community sites which had been mapped in a previous study [22] : bars, nightclubs and discos, beach areas and beach bars, public streets, public parks, and other private brothels, businesses and estates.

Sampling was based on a probability proportional to size approach from a time-venue sampling frame [25]. Peer mobilizers identified the male sex workers based on an initial visual characterization, followed by a casual conversation to confirm that the subject had recent history of and was currently willing to sell sex to men.

Male sex workers who agreed to participate were interviewed by trained interviewers at secure and centrally located venues.

Statistical analysis was carried out using the Intercooled Stata To begin with, the socio-demographic characteristics and heterosexual behaviors of male sex workers were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Even though the and surveys were independent, some male sex workers may have participated in both surveys as personal identifiers were not used. Thus, with the goal of combining both surveys for analysis, we first assessed socio-demographic characteristics and heterosexual behaviors for each survey separately, and compared differences in results using chi-squared tests for categorical variables and Wilcoxon rank-sum test for medians in order to determine whether data from both surveys could be combined in analysis.

Following this, the same descriptive analysis was carried out on the entire sample surveys combined. In a second analysis which included all participants from both surveys, socio-demographic characteristics associated with recent during the previous 30 days vaginal or oral sex, and with recent AI were identified in bivariate logistic regression.

This definition did not exclude men who may have also recently practiced AI in addition to vaginal or oral sex. As men who participated in the survey may have also participated in the survey, bivariate logistic regression was carried out after controlling for year of survey participation.