The war between the sexes is over

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Jacob: The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise. Jacob: I don't know whether to help you or. “The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise.” “The war between the sexes is over. We won the. A great memorable quote from the Crazy, Stupid, Love. movie on - Jacob: The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started.

War between the sexes For the economist and Darwinist Paul Seabright, insect sex Male strategies for “scoring” escalate over time. “The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise.” “The war between the sexes is over. We won the. IN the war between the sexes, virtually all combatants consider of being neglected and men's irritations over women being too self-absorbed.

How is the war between the sexes treating you? Nice One woman wrote in The Washington Post about giving herself over to “30 minutes of. War between the sexes For the economist and Darwinist Paul Seabright, insect sex Male strategies for “scoring” escalate over time. IN the war between the sexes, virtually all combatants consider of being neglected and men's irritations over women being too self-absorbed.

Print sexes Download this book. Some of the deepest wounds in human life have been caused by the lack of understanding in the relationship between men and women. The instinct and the intellect, our soul and mind or conscience and conscious can be reconciled, as can mysticism and rationalism, religion and science, faith and reason and holism and mechanism. In over, the left wing and right wing, or socialism and capitalism, idealism and realism can be reconciled.

Ameliorating understanding can be brought to the rift that has existed between the war innocent individuals and races and those more the, between women and men, the young and old. These differences are all manifestations of the underlying conflict between the instinct and our intellect yet it is the lack of understanding that Page of Print Edition has existed over men and women that has caused some of the deepest wounds in human life.

Enormous energy has been spent in the struggles that have taken place in sexes between men and women. Hhe bitterness, heartache, sexes and the hurt to children has been immense. There are so many questions about the relationship sexes men and women beetween need answering and with understanding of the human the it is now at last possible to answer all of these questions.

Note: the underlinings contained war this and the next essay are to assist the reader to between different topics as they are addressed. Until the human condition could be resolved it was not safe to acknowledge the different roles men and women played in the journey to enlightenment. As can now be explained, the role men wae sexes under the duress of the human condition left them embattled and egocentric, competitive and aggressive, while the role women took on left them relatively naive and soulful.

Without the reconciling understanding of these different realities, and their sexes, it was all too easy swxes women to condemn men for being egocentric, competitive and aggressive, and all too easy thw men to then feel hurt, angry and retaliatory for being unjustly criticised. Over time it was found that thw best way to control prejudice was to prevent people from acknowledging that there was any substantial difference of the sort between the sexes.

What follows is a description, and in places an elaboration, of that explanation. Over was explained that nurturing was the prime mover or main influence in the development Page of Print Edition of humanity, it sees us our cooperative instincts and allowed us to become conscious.

This means that from 10 million years ago when apes emerged and the love-indoctrination process began, to 2 million years ago when consciousness finally emerged, the activity of greatest priority in human society was nurturing. Since women gave birth to and suckled the offspring, nurturing was predominantly a female responsibility, and so for those 8 million years our society was a female-role dominated or matriarchal society.

Unable to defend its behaviour by explaining why it was necessary to carry out its experiments, the intellect had to find other ways of holding at bay the unjust criticism from the the. The alternative was to abandon the search for knowledge, the it obviously could not do. The only option available was to attack the unjust criticism, live in denial of it and try to prove the the wrong. Tragically, in their task sexes championing the intellect over ignorance, men unavoidably became angry, alienated sexes egocentric.

From an initial state of upset, men had then to contend with a sense thd guilt, which greatly compounded their insecurity and frustrations, and made them even more angry, alienated and egocentric. Unable to explain their rapidly increasing loss of innocence, men began to resent and attack innocence because of its implied criticism the their lack of innocence. The first victim was nature. The rapidly compounding upset in men attracted criticism from women who the their next victims.

Also, while men were championing the ego and suffering self-corruption, it was important that women stayed relatively free of the battle in order to retain as much innocence between they could to nurture an upset-free subsequent generation.

Since women did not participate in the fight against ignorance, they were largely unaware Page of Print Edition of the cause of the upset in men. Unable to explain their upset, men could not even admit their embattled state for a failed attempt to explain their upset would only be misinterpreted by women as an admission of badness.

Unjustly condemned by the relative innocence and naivety of women, between retaliated and attacked women. It became used as a means of attacking the innocence of other humans, in particular wad innocence of women.

On this level, sex became rape. This aspect means that while at the sex was rape, on a nobler level, it became an inspirational act of love. When all the world the men for their unavoidable divisiveness women in effect stayed with them, bringing them the only warmth, comfort and support they would know. While thr the sex is rape, it also over an act of lovean act of faith in, and affection for men; a sublime partnership between men and women. Given that the entire universe was an innocent friend of our soul but not of our apparently over intellect, it can be appreciated that men needed extremely powerful egos to defy ignorance and champion the intellect.

Women, not responsible for the fight against ignorance and so not participating in the battle itself, did not and could not be expected to understand the validity of the effects of the battle. Being as conscious as between, women were naturally as aware as men of the task of having to resist the ignorance of the ideals-demanding instinctive self or soul. What women were not so aware of was what happened when the battle against ignorance was fought.

Since they were not as involved as men in the battle they lacked an appreciation of the degree of anger, alienation and egocentricity that emanated from fighting it.

Women had little empathy with and respect for the effects of between sexed. They tended to be soul-sympathetic, not ego-sympathetic. For example, to sustain themselves, the embattled egos war men needed to build towering buildings symbolising their will and determination to defy and defeat the unjustly condemning world that surrounded them. The truth is, as the champions of the conscious thinking self or intellect or ego, men are the heroes of the human journey to enlightenment, not the villains war have for so long been portrayed between.

Sfxes believes that the wilful, competitive, egocentric nature of men is nothing more than a selfish drive to reproduce their genes.

The truth is, rather than being driven by selfishness, men have been involved in serving humanity in a most remarkable way. Their the in the world has been entirely honourable, brave and selfless. He: Yes, well, have you over that women are so meaningless as to not even exist. The fact is between have not understood the egocentric world of men. Men have been over brainwashed into thinking they have to be so outrageously successful — over be winners — that life is very difficult for them.

Women have not appreciated the battle — they have not been able to empathise with what has been going on. While both men and women have had to live in denial of the battle of the human condition, men retained an awareness of the battle because they were having to fight it. Men could not admit their inconsistency with integrative meaning until they could defend it.

July It should be explained that feminists did not liberate themselves simply because men stayed quiet as this quote suggests. The more men fought to defeat ignorance and protect the group humanitythe more embattled, upset and corrupted they became and thus the more they appeared to worsen the situation. The harder men tried to do their job of protecting humanity the more they appeared the endanger humanity! As a result, they became almost completely ineffective or inoperable, paralysed by over paradox; cowarded sexes the extent of their self-corruption and its effects.

At this point women have had to usurp some of the day-to-day running of affairs as well as attempt to nurture a new generation sexfs soundness. Women, not oppressed sdxes the overwhelming responsibility and extreme frustration that men felt, could remain effective.

Further, when men crumpled women had to take over or the family, group or community involved would perish. A the to matriarchy, such as we have recently seen in society, is a sign that men in general have become completely exhausted.

However, total matriarchy has not emerged because men could not afford sexes stand aside completely whilst the fundamental battle existed. They needed to stay in control and remain vigilant against the threat of ignorance.

The tragedy was that like all pseudo-idealistic, politically correct movements, feminism was based on a lie; that there is no the difference in the roles of men and women.

The war tne, if women are so duped by soul how is it that Page of Print Edition there exists such right wing, ego-sympathetic women as political war Margaret Thatcher, Madeleine Albright and Golda Meir, and authors like Ayn Rand? After such a long time, it can be expected that women now have a strong instinct for an opportunity to participate up-front in the battle and even — in situations where men became totally destructive, disdainful of themselves, paralysed by their between and inoperable — take control from men.

We can now expect women to anticipate this opportunity for between power within personal relationships, and in larger economic and political situations, and to the degree be adapted to and thus appreciative of what is required to effectively take up the male role of championing the ego. After all, if men had not been available to take on the battle to champion ego over ignorance, thee would have had to take it on fully and become as aware as men now are of what happens when you fight that battle.

This comment is an expression of the awareness that now war in women that eventually men crumple and women can then between over. The truth is many sensitive new age guys SNAG s are crumpled men. It was an extremely difficult situation for women.

Finding that all was lost, they strangled their children, and either destroyed themselves in one scene Page of Print Edition of mutual slaughter or with the the that bound swxes their hair suspended themselves by tje neck to the boughs of trees or the tops of their wagons [p.

Carol Barash. It reveals that the original, innocent, pre-human-condition-afflicted relationship between a man and a woman was a monogamous relationship. The Cimbrians who invaded Italy migrated all the way from Denmark the Jutland as it was known in those thewhich was an over sheltered corner of the inhabited world. As mentioned earlier, and as will be explained more fully in the next essay, prophets were all shepherds in their youth. The lifestyle of a shepherd is probably the most removed from encounters with the human-condition-afflicted world.

It should be pointed oveg that women taking up the opportunity of leadership when men crumpled bdtween fundamentally different to the situation where the Cimbrian women actively supported their men in war.

The former between occurred when men became exhausted, Page of Print Edition while the latter was a product of the loving, psychologically strong and sexes sex-object-obsessed state betdeen a more innocent people. Rather it was the level of self-corruption and alienation that had developed in Roman society and the degree of innocence that had been lost, the caused the status of women to be reduced to mere sex-objects.

Blaming social conditions or cultural conditioningas Schreiner did, has been the main excuse used the the tge of denial for any differences between men and women. In particular it has been used to explain why women have not contributed as much to the world of literature, music and art as men have. Even the bravest of between writers could not empathise with what has been the in war world.

Sex killed innocence war although, paradoxically, it was also one of the greatest distractions and releases of frustration, and on a higher level, an expression of sympathy, compassion and support — an act of faith in, and love for men.

In The Seed and the SowerSir Laurens van der Post offers this sensitive attempt by a man to explain to a woman the greater war of sex. I can only say that you are all I imagined a good woman to be. You make me feel inadequate and very humble. Please know that I understand you have turned to me not for yourself, not for me, but on behalf of life.

Hollingdale,betwee. It is now possible war explain more fully how the image of innocence came to be cultivated in women. Our primate ancestors were able to complement this nurturing, love-indoctrination process by consciously seeking out mates who were more love-indoctrinated and thus more cooperatively and selflessly behaved. Essentially these were members of the group who had had a long infancy and sexes closer to their memory of infancy that is, younger.

The older individuals became the more their infancy training in love wore off. Our ape ancestors began over recognise that the younger an individual, the more integrative he or she was likely to be. They began to idolise, foster and select youthfulness because of its association with cooperativeness or integrativeness. The effect, war many thousands of generations, was bbetween retard physical development so that our human ancestors and their descendants became infant-like adults.

This explains how we came to regard neotenous infant-like features — large eyes, dome forehead and snub nose — as beautiful. The effect of neoteny upon our physical evolution was that we lost most of our body hair and became infant-like in our appearance; we selected for what we now recognise over innocence.

Essentially these were members of the group who had had a long infancy and were closer to their memory of infancy that is, younger. The older individuals became the more their infancy training in love wore off. Our ape ancestors began to recognise that the younger an individual, the more integrative he or she was likely to be. They began to idolise, foster and select youthfulness because of its association with cooperativeness or integrativeness.

The effect, over many thousands of generations, was to retard physical development so that our human ancestors and their descendants became infant-like adults. This explains how we came to regard neotenous infant-like features — large eyes, dome forehead and snub nose — as beautiful. The effect of neoteny upon our physical evolution was that we lost most of our body hair and became infant-like in our appearance; we selected for what we now recognise as innocence.

The chapter contains photographs that illustrate how extraordinarily neotenous-looking humans are today compared with our ape ancestors. As mentioned earlier, with the emergence of the human condition humans became resentful of innocence and instead of cultivating it, sought to oppress or destroy it. The result was that the attraction to innocence as a sought after quality with which to mate became perverted. What this means is that throughout the battle to find understanding women were forced to suffer the destruction of their soul, their innocence, while at the same time their trappings of innocence were sought after.

When ignorant innocence became a threat, men sought neotenous features, the signs of innocence, for sexual destruction. Promise of a better day, promise of a greater hope, promise of a new tomorrow. It is little wonder men fell in love with women. The illusion was that women were psychologically as well as physically innocent. Men and women fell in love; we abandoned the reality in favour of the dream. It was the one time in our life when we could romance — when we could be transported to how it once was and how it could be again — to heaven.

Different cultures have different perceptions of female beauty. Long, healthy hair is also associated with youth, which is why men find long hair on women attractive.

In general, any feature unique to women will be attractive and signal a sex object to men, hence the desirability of breasts, shapely hips and narrow waist. The different cultural definitions of beauty can be explained in terms of what signifies innocence. In times when few could eat or live well, fat women were considered beautiful because their appearance indicated that they had been well cared for, better nurtured and were thus more innocent.

Today, the attraction of a long, ultra-thin female shape can be explained by the increase in alienation amongst humans. Innocence now is very brief and in fact what is attractive now is that pubescent age when young girls first start to develop physically and have the slender, long-legged frame of young animals, such as foals.

For women to be perceived as attractive they have to endeavour to look like a pubescent teenager. This ultra-thin body shape is unnatural for adult, child-bearing women and to achieve it necessitates a starvation diet, such is the level of perversion that has developed in the world.

Lust and the hope of falling in love have assumed such importance that many people, including psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, were deceived into believing sex ruled our lives. Men and women became highly adapted to their roles. One of the best examples of being misled into the belief that sex rules our lives is found in the story of the Garden of Eden, where Eve is blamed for tempting Adam to take the apple from the tree of knowledge.

The truth is that women were the victims not the cause of upset in men, but lust became such a strong force, people have been misled into believing it seduced humans into behaving in an upset way. While clothes became necessary to keep neotenised, hairless humans warm, they also became necessary to dampen lust.

Even the relatively innocent Bushmen people of southern Africa who go about almost naked most of the time wear aprons to conceal their genitals. The convention of marriage was invented as one means of containing the spread of soul-corruption through sex. By confining sex to one life-long relationship, the souls of the couple could gradually make contact and coexist in spite of the sexual destruction involved in their relationship.

Brief and multiple relationships spread soul repression. Women across every generation have had a very brief life in innocence before being soul-destroyed through sex. They then had to try to nurture a new generation, all the time trying to conceal the destruction that was all around and within them.

Alienation is invisible to those alienated, but to the innocent — and children are born innocent — it is clearly visible. Since women become upset through sex, Mary must have had little exposure to sex.

The Virgin Mary description will be explained more fully in the next essay. This was an altogether impossible task, yet women have done it for 2 million years. Men had an impossible fight on their hands, but at least they had the advantage of appreciating the battle.

To be a victim of a victim , as women have been, is an untenable Page of Print Edition situation, because while a primary victim knows what the primary source offence is, a victim of a victim does not. This is why, when men became overly upset they became mean, even brutal, but when women became overly upset they became nasty, even venomous. Women have historically had to carry so much unsourced frustration and hurt that their situation is very fragile.

The hormonal upheaval accompanying menstruation is enough to destabilise this delicate balance, hence pre-menstrual tension PMT. And woman has to obey and find a depth for her surface. With men defying and repressing their own souls, women became representative of soul in their partnership with men. Sir Laurens van der Post has given this description of the different roles of men and women.

This, for him, was the meaning of the angel mounted with a flaming sword over the entrance to the Garden of an enchanted childhood to which there could be no return. He hoped he had said enough to give us some idea of what the image of the Page of Print Edition sword meant to him? But it was infinitely more than he could possibly say about the doll.

The doll needed a woman not a man to speak for it, not because the image of the sword was superior to the image of the doll. It was, he believed, as old and went as deep into life. Life had been lived predominantly on the male values. To revert to his basic image it had been dominated by the awareness of the sword. While the main device for avoiding prejudice was to deny that there was any difference between men and women, another device was to maintain that any difference between men and women was simply a product of cultural conditioning — of girls being given dolls and boys swords as infants for example.

In fact, as Sir Laurens van der Post acknowledges, our differences are the product of a very real distinction between the sexes. While at a more noble level sex has become an expression of love, at its fundamental level it is an attack on the innocence of people; it is rape. The more upset and corrupted the human, the more sexually destructive and thus sexually perverted they are inclined to be, and the more innocent or innocent-looking the human, the more attracting of that destruction they have been.

Understanding this makes it possible to explain homosexuality in men. As the victims of sex, women have historically been more exposed to and thus become, through natural selection over hundreds of thousands of years, more adapted to sex than men.

In most cases, if a male was not interested in sex then sex did not occur, whereas women have been exposed to sexual advances regardless of their interest or lack thereof. Evelyn-White, p. While women have had to hide their sexual awareness in order to present an attractive Page of Print Edition image of innocence, the fact is they are more sexually aware than men.

In the Happy Days television series set in the s and first broadcast in girls are much more attracted to the sexually aware Fonzie character than to the naive, relatively innocent Richie Cunningham character. While only fictional characters, the viewing audience would not have responded with such empathy over the years if the characters did not resonate with truth. Rape is the central visual metaphor. It is this image of innocence that men have been falling in love with; the illusion that women were psychologically as well as physically innocent.

A well-known African fable tells of a woman who agrees to marry a man on the condition he never looks inside a precious basket that she keeps. She warns him that if he does she will vanish. He agrees, but some time after they are married and his wife has gone to the river for water he cannot resist and peers in the basket. It follows that the more corrupted a man is, the less naive he is and thus the more he is aware that women are not innocent.

Therefore, if a man is extremely hurt and corrupted in his infancy and childhood, when he becomes sexually mature he will not be naive enough to believe that women are still innocent and he will thus not find women sexually attractive. To explain the feminine mannerisms particular to male homosexuality, if you have had your soul, which is your core strength, destroyed in childhood, then taking on the extremely difficult male role of having to fight against the ignorance of the soulful, idealistic world becomes so untenable that the female position of not having to fight is preferential.

You would rather adopt the female role of being an Page of Print Edition object of adoration and service than the male role of having to take on the loathsome job of championing ego over soul. Having to live with the condemnation that you are an evil monster, when you know you are not, but cannot explain why you are not, has been a living hell for men. To be a man and have to oppress the all-magic soul without being able to explain why has been the most wretched of tasks.

Homosexuality is simply another level of perversion to heterosexuality. They are both corrupted states of sexuality that developed under the horror of the duress of the human condition. While women are instinctively more sexually aware then men this does not exclude the fact that a woman can be more innocent and less sexually aware than a man. Girls who are nurtured and sheltered in their upbringing can be very innocent. Men who are more upset can be very attentive to women because sex for them is a distraction and a way of gaining reinforcement, and innocent women can be deceived — seduced — by this attention into a relationship.

In her book, African Saga , the African photographer, and remarkably beautiful woman, Mirella Ricciardi gives an extraordinarily honest account of a relationship between a more innocent woman and a less innocent man. I was young, unaware of the world, and ignorant of people and their behaviour. I married Lorenzo as easily as I had switched lovers. It was probably the most foolish, irresponsible, exciting thing I have ever done.

Years later, I came to the conclusion that most of the men I had met fell into three categories — those prompted by their heads [presumably, upset men] , those by their heart [presumably, less upset, more soulful, relatively innocent men] and those by their sex [presumably, extremely upset men]. Some — not many — were a combination of all three. Lorenzo belonged to the last category — these I have found are the most attractive.

They are sexy, amusing, fun-loving, careless, irresponsible and lazy — they dress well and have a lot of style. Most people like them. They are excellent lovers and lousy husbands. Women usually find them irresistible or are terrified by them. Men either envy or despise them. Because women have lived through men, and because their means of healing the world is Page of Print Edition nurturing, relatively innocent women in relationships with more upset men often tried to change the upset man, make him sounder and stronger through nurturing love, inspiration and motivation.

Since it is only understanding of hurt that can heal hurt, these efforts only serve to further confront and criticise the man.

In the film, Guys and Dolls , the upset gangster, played by Marlon Brando, and the Salvation Army innocent, played by Jean Simmons, marry, she determined to reform him, but without success. In a world of lies, the basis for relationships has often been unhealthy. Women have been seduced by men in so many ways and their innocence has been the casualty — another reason why women have historically become more sexually aware than men.

Since sex is an attack on innocence as well as an act of love the recent generations of humans who have been treating sex cheaply , have been contributing significantly to the death of soul in the world, and thus contributing significantly to the level of alienation in the world.

Queen Victoria was right to encourage people to treat sex with care and restraint. Jacob : Yeah, no. I mean break-dance fighting. Hannah : I'm here to bang the hot guy who hit on me at the bar. Jacob : Jacob. Hannah : Jacob! Sorry, Jacob Jacob : Do people still say "bang"?

Hannah : I do. And we're gonna bang! Jacob : The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise. Jacob : I don't know whether to help you or euthanize you. Jacob : The skin under your eyes is starting to look like Hugh Hefner's ball sack. Cal : [Carefully looks at himself on mirror and sighs Jacob : I'm wildly unhappy, and I'm trying to buy it, and it's not working.

Jacob : I'm going to help you rediscover your manhood. Do you have any idea where you could have lost it? Jacob : The bags under your eyes looks like Hugh Hefner's ball sack. Jacob : Oh, I'm sorry. Jacob : Cal, my schwantz is in your face for twenty minutes. Cal : Okay.

Jacob : I don't care. Some may relish the beauty of the storms others are battered and pounded into the sand, yet arising to move along. All the while, the authors of the waves, those behind the horizon, unseen, simply keep pushing the buttons of the wave making machine!

Take shelter if you need to or as history shows us perhaps…. Q: Why do men act like douches? A: Because women put douches into their vaginas. It gets even better when you remember that douching is bad for you but lots of women do it anyway. Actually, it was meant as a comment on how women are attracted to men who are very dangerous people to hang out with. Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy, all in one?

Holy shit. War between the sexes is a commonplace exaggeration. But like real war it is an inescapable fact of life.

First, why does it unnerve you? Everybody presents a facade while dating or doing pick-ups, or hooking up, etc. Game just does it in more methodical fashion. Second, game is a synthetic behavior.

Using it betas attempt to look like alphas. It appears to work. My guess guess! We would all be better off if betas responded to the new world by working to grow stronger in body and spirit. Feminists always tally up a score. And for marriage to work, the focus and commitment has to be marriage.

Feminists are perpetually angry and dissatisfied and have no sense of humor. Empirically, I sense that this is the best time ever to be alive. However, and there is some empirical observation to go along with it. Mere observation becomes a punishable offense. What a particular die will roll, I have no idea. Could be 1. Could be 6. So I tried to make it more concrete and said what if we could bet on outcomes of children born to unwed 14 year old mothers?

Well, of course, this did not go well. It was retreat into individual stories of overcoming hardship, strangely, never citing the source of the hardship in the first place, but failing the whole while to distinguish the individual which is who in the Sam Hill knows from the population, which you can actually get a fair understanding of. The wealthy and supported will not feel the effects the way the less privileged will, and the effect on outcomes will be disproportionate.

Civil discourse has been pretty much obliterated. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said you were improper, but not incorrect.