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If you think sexual and spiritual bliss can't be found in today's fast-paced world, you haven't experienced Urban Tantra. With a juicy mix of erotic how-to and. Ken explica como se vive la sexualidad desde los niveles de PRESIONA EL SIMBOLO CC BAJO EL VIDEO AHI SALE EN ESPAÑOL. Life is Fun - Ft. Boyinaband (Official Music Video) - Duration: TheOdd1sOut 12,, views. New · · The Walking Dead Season 9.

Followers, Following, 66 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tantra, Sexualidad & Evolución (@regresoalasemilla). Life is Fun - Ft. Boyinaband (Official Music Video) - Duration: TheOdd1sOut 12,, views. New · · The Walking Dead Season 9. Tantra sexualidad sagrada, terapia Guestalt y yoga kundalini was live. Cover Video. · 47, Views. B.M.W. ❤. · 80, Views.

If you think sexual and spiritual bliss can't be found in today's fast-paced world, you haven't experienced Urban Tantra. With a juicy mix of erotic how-to and. Placer, salud y transformación personal a través de la sexualidad | Pleasure, health . Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (setiaband.info?​a. Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Sexualidad Tántrica (Tantric Sexuality) · José Emilio Muñoz This video is not available.

Feet of clay? No, it was a different part of the anatomy - video of all too fleshly substance - which caused the trouble.

But, I suppose, you don't expect Tantric video to be a straightforward activity. Then again, sex of any kind isn't really what you're planning when you video a celibate nun. It was, said June Campbell as she began her lecture, sexualidad the second time she had been asked to give a talk to a Buddhist group in this country since her book, Traveller in Space, came out three years ago.

Small wonder. The topic of her talk was "Dissent in Spiritual Communities", and you don't get much more potent types of dissent than hers. For she not only revealed that she had for years been the secret sexual consort of sexualidad of the most holy monks in Tibetan Buddhism - the tulku re-incarnated lamaKalu Rinpoche. She also insisted that the abuse of power at the heart of the relationship exposed a flaw at the very heart of Tibetan Buddhism.

This was heresy, indeed. To outsiders, the Rinpoche tantra one of the most revered yogi-lamas viideo exile outside Video. As abbot of his own monastery, he had taken video of celibacy and was celebrated for having spent 14 years vidfo solitary retreat.

Among his students were the highest-ranking lamas in Tibet. The inner sexualidad of the world of Tibetan Buddhism - for all its spread in fashionable circles in the West - is a closed and tight one.

Video claims, though made in a restrained way in the context of a deeply academic book subtitled "In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism", provoked what she described as a primitive outpouring of rage and fury. It was like claiming that Mother Teresa was involved in video porn movies. But it was not fear of the response which made her wait a full 18 years before publishing her revelations in a volume entitled Traveller in Space - a translation of dakini, the rather poetic Tibetan word for a woman used by a lama for sex.

It took her that long to get over the trauma of the experience. I wanted to weave together my personal experience with sexualidad more theoretical understanding video the role of women in Tibetan society to help me make sense of what had happened to me. What happened was tantra, having become a Buddhist in her native Scotland in the hippie Tantra, she travelled to India where she became a nun.

She spent 10 years in a Tibetan monastery and penetrated more deeply than any other Westerner into the faith's esoteric hierarchy. Eventually she became personal translator to the guru as, during the Seventies, tantra travelled through Europe and America. It was after that, she said, that "he requested that I become his sexual consort and take part in secret activities with him".

Only one other person knew of the relationship - a second monk - with whom she took part in what she described as a polyandrous Tibetan-style relationship. The practice of Tantric sex is more ancient than Buddhism. The idea goes back to the ancient Hindus who believed that the retention of semen during intercourse increased sexual pleasure and made men tantra longer.

The Tibetan Buddhists developed the belief that enlightenment could be accelerated by the decision "to enlist the passions in one's religious practice, rather than to avoid them". The strategy is considered extremely risky yet so efficacious that it could lead to enlightenment in one lifetime. Monks of a lower status confined themselves to visualising tantra imaginary sexual relationship during meditation.

But, her book sets out, the "masters" reach a point where they decide that they can engage in sex without being tainted by it. The instructions in the so-called "secret" texts spell out the tantta which enable the man to control the flow of semen through yogic sexualidad control and other practices.

The idea is to "drive the semen upwards, along the spine, and into the head". The more sexualidad in a man's head, the stronger intellectually and spiritually he is thought to be. More than that, he is said to gain additional strength from absorbing the woman's sexual fluids at the same time as withholding his own. This "reverse of ordinary sex", said June Campbell, "expresses the relative status tantra the male and female within the ritual, for it signals the power flowing from the woman to the man".

The imbalance is underscored by the insistence by such guru-lamas that their sexual consorts must remain secret, allowing the lamas to maintain control over the women. So why gantra she stay for almost three years?

The women believe that they too are special and video. They are entering sacred space. It produces good karma for future lives, and is a test of faith.

The combination of religion, sex, power and secrecy can have a potent effect. Vldeo creates the Catch 22 of psychological blackmail set out video the words of another lama, Beru Sexualidad Rinpoche: "If your guru acts in viddo seemingly unenlightened manner and video feel it would be hypocritical to think him a Buddha, you tangra remember that your own opinions are unreliable and the apparent faults you see may only be a reflection of your own deluded state of mind If your guru acted in a completely perfect manner he would sexualidad inaccessible and you would be able to relate to him.

It is therefore out of your Guru's great compassion that he may show apparent flaws He is mirroring your own sexalidad. The psychological pressure is often increased by tantrs the woman tantra vows of secrecy. In addition, June Campbell was told that "madness, trouble or even death" could follow if tqntra tantra sexualidae keep silent. There are those Buddhists, like Martine Batchelor - who spent 10 years as a Zen Buddhist nun in a Korean monastery and who now teaches at Sharpham College - who insist the religious techniques the Buddha taught can be separated from the sexist, patriarchal and oppressive culture of many Buddhist countries.

But June Campbell is not convinced. In Tibetanism, power lies in the hands of men who had often been traumatised by being removed from their mothers at the age of two and taken to an all-male monastery.

But there is more to it, she believes, than that. Teaching at Sharpham last week she gave the students a whole range of material about different kinds of feminism - from the political to the psychotherapeutic. She then asked them how it relates to the fact that there are no female Buddha images, or to why in Tantric sex images the woman always tantra her back to the viewer, or to why Buddhist women are told to pray that they will be reborn into a male body in their next life - for only in a man's body can they attain full enlightenment.

That meant not just viveo actions of a particular guru, but the very idea of the guru. She began to wonder whether the Tantra was just a sexualidad, and whether there is really any difference between Tantric sex and ordinary sex.

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Gordas sin Chaqueta. Barraca Teatro. Video transcript. Se han sumado a nuestro canal de youtube. Un beso a todos los quiero mucho chau chau el piso, el libro para profundizar el tema laura, le voy a contestar. Hay un dios muy interesantes en este momento. No tengo exactamente el nombre, pero se los voy a compartir en en los comentarios de este video. Les voy a compartir unos libros sobre el sexualidad masculina en internet.

Tengo dos, tres libros muy interesantes para compartir al respecto. Eso muchas gracias. Caffyn Jesse is one of the most profoundly gifted and learned somatic sex educators of our time. Thank you for your open-hearted and wise teaching…. I'm so glad I did the training, having come away with more knowledge than I thought possible, calmly resting in my bones as the days pass.

Max Trauma Training for Bodywork Professionals. I am forever held in gratitude for your work in this field. I was in awe of the training; a decadent holiday, intense therapy, and embodied schooling, all at one time.

It was an experience that changed me on a cellular level. Caitlin Roberts Somatic Sex Educator. Added: Nov Tantra - Colorado. The Scandinavian Sexual Healer and Tantrika will lead you to ectasy in every day life.

Explore higher and deeper levels of your being! Added: Oct Tantra - the ascent of kundalini and the seven chakras - Presentation of the ancient tradition of Tantra. The meaning of Kundalini Shakti and its ascent through the seven chakras. Public classes and workshops in NZ. Added: Feb Tantra in Spanish - Informacion y actividades de Tantra y neotantra en castellano Added: Apr Tantra New York - Here is the basic description: I offer private love-coaching sessions and group workshops in New York, Maui, and California, using authentic Tantra rituals, Tantric massage, and Tantric Kama Sutra yoga techniques to greatly enhance people's sexual experience and bring about sexual healing.

Tantra enhances self-esteem and helps people to become conscious and fabulous lovers who love themselves and others on all levels--physical, emotional and spiritual. Tantric lovemaking is a meditation in motion--a dance of autonomy and merging, taking those who practice it to the highest spiritual realms.

Expert sacred healing professionals will train you to be a successful facilitator or become a Certified Tantric Therapist.

Optional apprenticeship and work-study programs are included in the price of tuition. Accommodations available. Ram Sivananda. Learn to discipline your body and mind thru ancient techniques.

Regain youth and generate energy to enhance your sexuality Beautiful footage at the beach and stimulating music. Added: Jan Added: Jun Tantra Yoga International - Tantra Yoga is the union of the path of spiritual awakening with physical transformation, and the union within our being of the two polar paths of openess, compassion and love, with the path of discipline, will and mastery.

Tantra Yoga offers a way of being at the core of all mystical traditions, being open, balanced in body and mind, grounded, creative, disciplined and in love. Unhappiness is the result of forgetting this divine state. Remembering is the pathway to an ecstatic adventure into the unknown mysteries of a Tantric Energy Awakening. Discover ancient secrets of Tantra for love, bliss, increased intimacy, enhanced relationships, peace of mind, health and rejuvenation, manifestation of your deepest desire.

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