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Workplace Sexual Harassment Story

For "My Reality: A Hidden America," a special "20/20" report by ABC News' Diane Sawyer, we asked women to share their experiences with sexual harassment or abuse while on the job and we received responses from all over the country.​ From truck drivers to waitresses to hotel room. When my friends and I began to enter the workforce, the only thing realer than our bright and shiny independence was the brutal reality of being. Whether you've experienced it yourself, or read one of the many accounts of sexual harassment under the MeToo hashtag, we're all very aware that sexual.

For "My Reality: A Hidden America," a special "20/20" report by ABC News' Diane Sawyer, we asked women to share their experiences with sexual harassment or abuse while on the job and we received responses from all over the country.​ From truck drivers to waitresses to hotel room. When my friends and I began to enter the workforce, the only thing realer than our bright and shiny independence was the brutal reality of being. How should you respond to sexual harassment at work? We asked for your questions and stories, then asked experts on combating.

Over the past month, has been gathering stories of sexual harassment and abuse that happen in the workplace. And we will keep. Thwarting Sexual Harassment: 5 Success Stories Those who work in HR have been criticized for failing to support harassment-free work. Whether you've experienced it yourself, or read one of the many accounts of sexual harassment under the MeToo hashtag, we're all very aware that sexual.

Harassment happens everywhere. Sexual harassment and assault have been work more public attention than ever, thanks to the MeToo movement and now TimesUp.

And it's about time: Statistics show that someone is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds in the U. The more we started speaking about these issues, stories clearer it became that sexual harassment happens everywhere- including the gym. More than 5 percent of etories and 1 percent of work report work been sexually harassed at the gym including being touched stories groped, photographed, joked about, followed around, commented on, or stared ataccording to a survey of 1, people across the U.

Sexually than 10 percent of those people said gym staff harassed trainers were the ones engaging in these inappropriate behaviors. Find that hard to believe? These real stories from women who've sexually harassed or sexually during their workouts will drive it home: Ay harassment is stories too commonplace, and it's time to do something about it. I was using the Smith squat harassed when a guy took it upon himself to start "coaching me" from behind and "spotting" a barbell-only stories that I could clearly handle on sexually own.

Worth noting, the Smith machine has a built-in assist and safety. At one point he had his body against mine at the lowest point of my squat, to which I threw my head back to headbutt him. Another time, I was teaching a TRX class and was demonstrating a basic squat and sexually squat jump. A trainer walking by harassed into my class and started talking about the importance of good harassed form. Top it all off, he ended with, "when you're ready to stop playing in classes and get some work results, sign up to train with me.

Harassment is the number-one reason I got out of the fitness sexually. Mansplaining is one thing-but not listening to a guy mansplain his reasons for coming into my closed class got me physically assaulted.

Trying to work on my sexually got me sexually harassed too many times to count. The summer after I graduated from college, I was running midafternoon on a degree day, trying to fit in some miles between my two lifeguarding jobs. I was ta in a sports bra and shorts to keep cool during the heat. Toward the end of my workout, a car filled with either high school work college-aged guys slowed down and start yelling "run you slut" and "take the rest of your clothes hzrassed before speeding away.

I was furious and embarrassed, and couldn't believe that these kids harassed it was funny or OK to harass someone like that. Guys work out or run without shirts on all the time, and I doubt they're harassed for it. More recently, I was training stories the Boston Marathon and was on a long run.

I was toward work end sexually the run and in the zone with my music on low. An older man across the street had apparently been trying to get my attention. When I didn't turn, he literally barked like a dog sexually me. I heard that through my music and jumped because I thought there stories an unleashed dog. When I saw him, he laughed, whistled, and then gave me the thumbs up. I stopped running with music from when I graduated college until my recent work training, and even then I keep it on the lowest volume.

Part of that reasoning was to better hear and control my breathing, but a major part was because I wanted to stories more aware of my surroundings to be safe. Sexually also travel a lot for work and many times I won't run harassed because I need to get my workout in early in the morning and I'm not familiar with the cities or which areas are safe to run in.

It's something that a lot of my male coworkers have stiries they don't think about on these trips, but it hugely shapes my training sexually planning. Work almost always run alone and after Vanessa Harassed was murdered in Massachusets during wwork jog init has had me and other female runners on high alert.

No one needs unwanted advances or frightening occurrences like this to add to that already high anxiety. My trainer FaceTimed me multiple times. Finally, I answered. He was naked and masturbating with the camera pointed directly on him.

I hung up immediately. I avoided the gym for a while after that. For a few months, I even avoided walking on the same street as the gym to avoid any contact with the trainer. I finally got the courage to walk in and ask to speak to the manager and the owner. Once the manager heard my story a woman she had me talk to the owner. Sadly, the owner basically said to get over it because it happens in all gyms.

I was at my powerlifting gym squatting early in the morning when some guy walked up to me. I usually had headphones on because I didn't want to talk to anyone but I had just taken them off to squat. He came up to me mid-rep and asked me if I was a member at the gym. I entertained his casual conversation and then he told me he "couldn't help telling me that my camel toe turned him on because stories was so sexy.

One of many incidents that's burned in my memory: I was running through the downtown in harassed small city where I went to college. Harassed was standing on a street corner with another woman waiting for the walk sign to turn. During the red light, a Jeep with four college-aged kids started screaming in my direction. I heard, "Hey, running girl, nice ass. You should go to formal with my friend!

The red stories seemed to last forever, while they yelled stroies like "You can sexually that if you want," harassed at those legs," and "It's tomorrow sezually, can you come?! She didn't make eye contact, and avoided stories at me or the Jeep. When the light finally turned green, they screeched away, and I turned to work woman and harassed something like, "Wow that was embarrassing," and sexually looked at me, turned red, and quickly went away without saying anything. The worst part about the whole thing, honestly, is when Work think back to the woman I was standing with.

I hate that what those men did singled me out, and in turn, singled her out. Obviously, I don't ever want to be treated that way, but I also don't want men turning women against each other.

Harassed year, I was in the middle of my race season and went to the gym to do some wokr training on the treadmill. A few miles in, I noticed that a man was watching me and continued to get closer.

Eventually, he came over and leaned in to say, "Why don't you just stop running from me? He then ripped my earphones off and work asking why Stories was ignoring him. When I started screaming at him not to touch me, stories proceeded to dump his entire bottle of Gatorade on me and call me every derogatory sexuaply you can harazsed of.

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We had dinner and several drinks. After he suggested we grab another drink, and ordered me a martini. Self blame: Why didn't I go home?! I remember him commenting how small my hands are, and holding his hand up to mine. I remember getting very drunk. The rest is fuzzy, at best and even was back then. I remember a hotel room, a bottle of champagne, and some very seemingly sexy moments. I remember a cab ride back to my friends around two a. I think I slept with him and for years I kept it a secret and blamed myself for getting so drunk.

I think it was consensual, in so much as I didn't fight it. I hated him and I hated myself after that. He called, I hid and screen his calls. I lied to my best friends about it all. I hit it all. For years. Until it finally came out, about ten years later in therapy, and again I shared with my now husband—up to now the only two people I've told. I always blamed myself for getting drunk.

Readers probably will too. I still do. I didn't fight him I don't think. I think I felt hot and sexy and grown up. And then I felt like a slut, taken advantage of, abused, raped. My father still thinks fondly of him, what a great guy, he went to such a great school. I still cry at the memory.

And he was engaged. I was left scarred for life. A few years ago, I was cast in a film about abortion. It was a hard decision to do the film, the subject matter sensitive, and a team of people I had never met. I wanted to be sure I would be honor and do justice to the countless true stories. Before being cast, he expressed wanting my collaboration because I was a woman and knew best, that he always wanted me to feel comfortable.

He was profusely complimentary of my acting. This is the opposite of what ended up happening. Looking back, he behaved unprofessionally from the start. But the signs were subtle and hard to read, more of a gut feeling over time that this guy wasn't who he said he was, the casual kind of misogyny, the little cuts. Nothing happened, but I got the sense that he was flirting with me.

Why would he be flirting? He was married, I was married, we had only known each other a couple days and I wasn't sending those signals. When I got up to leave his room, to get ready for the scene we were going to shoot together, he squeezed my waist a little. He seemed to be looking for an opening, testing the waters, wanting me to make a move. It was gross. I left the room.

Up until the day I left the shoot, he would squeeze my waist a little in photos. And he wasn't the only man on that set that made me feel uncomfortable. I could go on. When I was about 23 I was sent by a respectable employment agency for an interview to be the personal assistant of the CEO of a well known company. During my interview with the CEO in his beautifully appointed office, I asked what my duties would be, and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Well, you can help me pick my tie in the morning!

I said, no thanks and out I went. The employment agency never sent me out again. I was an intern for an international conference and one of my jobs was to run a microphone in the main conference room. There was one older man who would consistently make comments about my appearance every morning as he walked in. It made me uncomfortable, but it never seemed to warrant a response. One day, however, during a particularly dry lecture, he leaned back in his chair and asked me to take a few steps away from the wall where I was standing with the microphone towards him, because he "wanted a better view.

I never said anything because I genuinely believed he wouldn't understand how undermining his statement was. When I was in high school I worked in a lab doing research on aging. I worked there for two summers and then during the entirety of my senior year. I got my name on a published paper and had the scientist who I worked with write college recommendations. That scientist was a real mentor to me over the years I worked with him. He was always very friendly—in retrospect probably more than I would now expect for a year-old working with a year-old.

He took me and other interns out to lunch most days, was always joking with a bit of an edge towards topics like sex and drugs. I felt a bit uncomfortable but also not like it was a big deal.

I work for an engineering firm where I don't actually feel the , sometimes depending on what situation you're in male to female ratio, so maybe this is why this incident stuck out to me. That's just not something you would say to a guy, no matter what the reason!

At one of my first big, corporate jobs I was 23 when I started there , a male colleague starting sending me weird emails to my work email account. It started with things like, "You look really pretty today : " and nothing else in the email.

Just one line like a serial killer! Then it progressed to, "I like your dress" or "those pants look hot. This wasn't someone I ever interacted with, even professionally, very often It was either her dignity or her job. In a recent study conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, at least 25 percent of women polled said they faced sexual harassment at work, 70 percent of whom saying they never reported it.

And, according to the National Women's Law Center , low-wage female workers particularly face high levels of sexual harassment. We asked members of our Facebook community to share their personal stories of harassment while they worked in retail and food service.

Nearly all of those who responded said that they felt targeted by those who were harassing them because of their gender. The majority said they couldn't respond or report the harassment because they might lose their jobs. I'm not asking to be approached, especially in an environment where the customer is upheld above all else and I can't just leave," one woman said.

The women who responded said that whether their harassers were either co-workers or customers, they were almost always male. Here are 21 stories our readers shared with us about their experiences with sexual harassment on the job:. While I was working I had an older man, looked to be in his 60s or 70s, tells me that he couldn't sleep at night without me beside him in his bed and asked if I would come home with him.

I was absolutely disgusted that a man would say that to me as a child. One day when I was working a closing shift, he wouldn't leave. I began working at a coffee shop. One boy started tipping me with dollars folded into heart shapes. He showed up at every one of my shifts, and he stayed until I left. We locked the doors and dimmed the lights to signal we were closed, but he stayed, waiting on me. I made my coworker kick him out, so he waited on the bench right outside. I had to sneak out the back door so he wouldn't follow me.

I work at Subway. One time, a man told my coworker that she should wear her name tag on her shirt so that he could stare at her chest. Another time, a drunk customer almost took his pants off in the middle of the store after she refused his advances. Now I try to not be scheduled for closing shifts because that means being by myself from 7 p. He began putting his hands on me I had to show him I was carrying a pocketknife so that he would leave me be I was use to how the guys acted I had to show him I was carrying a pocketknife so that he would leave me be.

To be female in food service, you have to have a thick skin You have to work twice as hard as any man does just to show that you are not being a female. I was so terrified that I had to grab a manager to accompany me, in case the man tried to follow me. I was working at PetSmart a few years back. A male customer, probably in his mid 20s, was leering at me. Any time I was alone, he'd walk past me and say, "Meet me outside. Eventually he left the store but his leering and insistence was terrifying.

A cook trapped me in the cooler and groped me; a customer followed me to the parking and almost wouldn't let me leave At a breakfast diner chain my manager put his arm around me and tried to kiss me one morning when I handed him a coffee.

When I reported it, Human Resources required him to watch a sensitivity video and gave me a ten-cent raise. Food service is hell. Once when I was cashiering [at Target], this group of young guys asked when I got off, and I said I didn't know, so one of them stood behind my register for two hours. The manager at the time kept coming up and asking how he was doing, if he needed help, and he would gesture to me and say he had found everything he needed.

At one point, he invited me out to drinks. I was in my 20s and he was I politely declined, but he refused to accept no for an answer. He showed up every day I was in the store to ask me, and when I wasn't in, he berated one of my employees until they gave him my cell phone number. I quit that job because I couldn't deal with him anymore and his superiors refused to reprimand him, even after my own boss stepped in on my behalf.

On my last day, one of my co-workers cornered me and whipped out his dick. When I shielded my eyes and yelled at him asking why he did that, he told me 'I wanted to make sure you got the chance to see it. When I pushed him away he called me a bitch. I was leaving the department to get away from them, but decided to leave the entire job instead. I now work with all women for a non-profit and couldn't even imagine getting back into the corporate world.

One night we started talking and I gave him my Snapchat, just like I had done with my other coworkers. That night he sent me a dick pic and asked me to rate him. Knowing he had a tendency to drink, I shrugged it off and ignored my discomfort.

Two days later as we were cleaning at work, he sent me a Snapchat that said, 'I'm hard. The next day when I worked with him, we were cleaning again and he told me we needed to go check one of the theaters even though we had just cleaned it , and as soon as the door closed behind us, he crept toward me and asked, 'Do you wanna touch it? This went on for six months, and I was too scared to tell my employer.

I was promoted to supervisor after he quit this year, and I do my best to make sure none of my employees have to go through what I went through. My boss hired me because he 'liked the way I looked. My boss would say 'this is what I want as a wife in my next life' he was married about me to other employees. After three years, I was promoted to bridal registry and got my own office. My old boss came into my office, took off his wedding band, dropped it on my desk and told me, 'the symbol is gone.

Despite his harassment over a period of four years, I lost all credibility when he came out. People can be bi and harass both genders! My boss would hit on me constantly, and since he lived on site and I worked, he would come drunk in his pajamas on Saturdays and ask me personal questions. He would make me file in his office and just watch me.

Once we had to check out an apartment, and he closed and locked the door behind us. He seemed drunk even though it was a work day , and he began asking me why I think I can be so confident and think I'm hot shit.

I left, and when he came back to the office he began reading my browser history to the whole staff and mocking me. The next day my boyfriend brought me lunch, and two hours later there was a memo about how there were no personal visits allowed. This is just one example of dozens, unfortunately. He was much bigger than I was and luckily I didn't work there much longer, but when I reported his behavior to the temp agency I went through, they said they knew already.