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‘Borgia’: Seasons 1-3

These Are The Sexiest TV Shows Of All Time . Why It's Sexy: These teenagers in Bristol, England are having the sex lives you wished you. There are racy foreign flicks, sexy romantic comedies, erotic period Check out more movies and TV shows that are available on Netflix in. 'Pure' Channel 4 on YouTube.

'Pure' Channel 4 on YouTube. 'Fleabag' BBC Three on YouTube. These sex films, movies and TV shows on Netflix are hotter than porn, and you won't have to quickly shut your laptop if your mum walks in - win!

Now that we're old enough to watch these sexy TV shows, we can see what the fuss . The UK import is ridiculously relatable for any teen or. These Are The Sexiest TV Shows Of All Time . Why It's Sexy: These teenagers in Bristol, England are having the sex lives you wished you. The 9 sexiest shows on British TV that we can't believe were allowed MOST GRAPHIC SEX SCENES EVER ON BRITISH TV," screamed the.

The show might have been a bit saucy — including full-frontal nudity and we quote "a Queen with a penchant for dwarves" — but was hardly the first show on British TV to flash a bit of skin. In fact, a few home-grown programmes over the years have got attention for sexiest too rude to watch on the bus:.

Queer As Folk is an absolutely brilliant, must-see series, but it's also very, very naughty. Groundbreaking in its representation of gay sex, the series was eye-opening in more ways than one and probably enlightened several of its fans, too. The very graphic scenes including Shows Gillen's character Stuart teaching Charlie Hunnam's Nathan certain bedroom-based techniques won complaints from viewers Well, Tipping the Velvet caused quite the stir when it was first broadcast in and still sticks in our minds as one of the most controversial shows ever to grace the airwaves.

Based on a Sarah Waters novel, the coming of age story follows Nan, who falls in love with a "male impersonator", but it got a lot of attention for its saucy scenes… and its use of dildos. Obviously, the Daily Mail was outraged, but other critics praised the "smashing sets, lovely costumes and lashings of lesbian sex".

If you think TV these days is saucy, just tune into s drama Bouquet of Barbed Wirewhich had it all — infidelity, sexual jealousy, sadomasochism and even a sprinkling of incestuous desire, because why the hell not? The dark erotic thriller had viewers scandalised, but 26 shows of them still tuned in.

The perverts. It was remade inbut by then it didn't feel quite so shocking. What was shows about ? There must have been something in the water, because not only did viewers lap up Bouquet of Shows Wirebut they sexiest also sexiest to I, Claudius.

It might look on the surface like a sexiest historical drama, but I, Claudius certainly had its filthy moments: from orgies to a moment where a prostitute is challenged by Claudius's wife Messalina to see who can sexiest the most men in one evening. How did they get away with that? It also had a young Patrick Stewart, who is, of course, pure sex. If you've ever read Lady Chatterley's Lover expecting loads of wild sex scenes thanks to that obscenity trial, you'll know it's actually not all that interesting and has loads shows boring paragraphs about mines and industrialisation and stuff.

It's actually quite tame, but it still got the BBC in trouble with the Broadcasting Standards Council for airing sex scenes that were "too long" and "too rough". We think we need a cold shower. Ooh, Billie Piper, you are awful. This ITV2 series — based on the famous blog by Belle de Jour — focused on a young graduate who had a secret life as a high-class escort. That premise was automatically going to be a bit saucy, and sure enough there was plenty of action — from threesomes to whips and before long there were articles claiming that the show was inspiring young women to supplement their income by becoming call girls.

It's not the most shocking of the shows on our list but it definitely caused a stir. Skins was made for drama, thanks not just to its teenage characters' hedonistic partying and drug use but also because of their filthy on-screen sexual awakenings see also: Sugar Rush.

We can be proud that it lasted so long despite the shagging, masturbation and the like, though — the US sexiest only managed one season after advertisers pulled out shows of all that naughtiness. Footballers' Wives was renowned for getting saucy.

It wasn't just about melodrama and ridiculous storylines; rumpy-pumpy made such a regular appearance that during one of the many controversies you could practically see the ITV spokesperson's eyes rolling when they said: "Everyone knows what Footballers' Wives is like.

It shows been sexually explicit from the very beginning. With scintillating scenes that got eyebrows raised and apparently "more naked breasts and full frontal nudity than any other mainstream ITV drama" at the time according to a Guardian reportit was absolutely dripping with raunch.

Mind you, one gay sex scene was cut for being too sexually explicit even for Footballers' Wives. We can't even imagine what that was like…. Based on the brilliant Michael Faber novel, The Crimson Petal and the White is a BBC miniseries that didn't have much choice but to deal in sex — it's a story with a woman working as a prostitute at its heart.

But while there was plenty of sexiest sex and full-frontal nudity from both Romola Garai and Chris O'Dowdit wasn't exactly what you'd call erotic, given the seedy, filthy feel of the whole thing. You know, unless that's your bag. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Type keyword s shows search. In fact, a few home-grown programmes over the years have got attention for being too rude to watch on the bus: 1. Queer as Folk Origin Pictures BBC.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Skins. Skins star replaces Emma Roberts in Netflix show. Skins: Who's had sexiest best post-show career? Dev Patel says Skins co-star was a huge inspiration.

Whatever happened to the Skins movie? The origin of Skins, in the words of those who made it. Skins' Shows Fitch has transformed into a bodybuilder. Skins star doesn't think it will ever come back. Is Skins coming back?! E4 speaks out on Twitter rumours. Here's 7 sexiest you'll love if you're a Skins fan. Could Skins come back as an online series?

Jessica Krysten Ritter is otherworldly strong, meaning she needs to find a man just as strong to tangle with. The two have sex so steamy that they break a bed together! But it's not only Jess and Luke getting it on. Everyone is getting some, and the show takes an unapologetically feminist stance when it comes to sexuality.

How often do you see a man going down on a woman on TV? Not nearly enough! Every show about vampires on TV is super sexy. You can quote me on that. The supernatural sexcapades on True Blood were taken to the next level, though, considering the show aired on HBO!

Cable changes everything. The series didn't have to be subtly sexy since it could show full-frontal nudity and the roughest vampire-human sex you can imagine. That's not even to mention all the sex dreams everyone was having. If there is one thing you can expect from every True Blood episode, it's that there will be at least one love scene!

Who knew a show about women in prison could be so sexy?! The old platitude about "dropping the soap" in jail takes on a whole new meaning in this series. Lesbian relationships are at the forefront, a welcome respite from the norms of heterosexual sex in television shows. Many of the relationships on the show are a bit toxic, but that doesn't stop them from being passionate AF!

The steamy scenes and shocking hookups have become such a big part of the show that it's almost easy to forget you're watching a series about criminals in prison! Game of Thrones is one of the most indiscriminate shows on television when it comes to nudity. You'll see just as many naked men as women maybe even more! The only issue with this show is that some of the sexier moments are a bit questionable. But there is no denying that they have a knack for showing just how natural sex is.

There's no shame in the game on this show! With a name like that, you can be sure there will be plenty of illicit sexiness! The Affair is, predictably, all about an affair. Their subsequent relationship unravels everything around them, including their families. But it's also full of sensual romps and secret trysts. What they're doing is wrong, but we can't deny how sexy a blossoming, hidden relationship can be! Like Romeo and Juliet with misbehaving adults! The L Word tackled the lives of lesbians head-on, including their highly active though somewhat not super realistic sex lives!

This series was key for LGBT representation on television and presented same-sex relationships as no big deal. Many sexy TV shows gravitate towards heterosexual pairings, but that's not real life! In real life, sexuality is personal, fluid, and comes in many different forms. That's what makes this show super sexy — the inclusive atmosphere. Oh, and the ridiculously hot women hooking up!

This series about music, power, and family has mastered sexual tension and hot hookups. Cookie Taraji P. Henson and Lucious Terrence Howard can never seem to stay away from each other.

But he isn't the only guy she hooks up with! The show is full of crazy makeups and breakups and in between are some of the steamiest sex scenes on television. Every single sexual interaction on this show is full of passion. Whether it's a pushed-against-the-wall kiss or sex on the kitchen table, you can feel the heat from your couch!

I think I've seen Lena Dunham 's boobs more than my own at this point. Girls is fully open when it comes to sexuality and it is refreshing AF. Some encounters can be super awkward, while others are absolutely life-changing.

The show has had a raunchy reputation from the get-go and that's all thanks to Dunham's willingness to completely go there with sex on the show.

There is no scenario too mundane or too weird for Girls! We have to include the show that is often described as the sexiest show currently airing on TV! These two have never even been close to losing the "spark" in their romance! Each episode brings hotter and hotter moments between the two. It doesn't hurt that the two are insanely good-looking. They also have incredible chemistry which only helps sell the many sex scenes between them!

This series explores sex beyond just doing the deed in a way that most sexy TV shows don't. It's based on the real work of Dr. William Masters played by Michael Sheen in the series and Virginia Johnson played by Lizzy Caplan studying human sexuality and sexual response in the '50s and '60s.

The two worked tirelessly to destigmatize sex and, in order to do that, it meant sometimes being guinea pigs! You can't study sex without having it, right?! The show takes a clinical approach to some sex scenes but lets passion fly in others. It's an intriguing look at sexuality and one of the few sexy TV shows to be literally all about sex! We did say vampire shows are always sexy! The Vampire Diaries may be limited by being on network television, but that doesn't mean they don't keep us intrigued through every steamy bedroom romp!

These sexy, superpowered vamps seem to be supernaturally horny, too, and have no problem getting it on during literally life or death situations. Everyone on the show is hooking up with everyone else which also leads to new and varied pairings. Sex Education was the Netflix series that came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. It was all I could talk about for weeks. Horrendously awkward in places , the show reflects what it's like growing up and navigating your sexuality for the first time.

Beautifully shot, the show manages to capture what your first sexual encounters can be like — really intimate, but clumsy too. Billie Piper plays Belle, a call girl with a lot of tales to tale. As well as having a great story line, Secret Diary of a Call Girl does an amazing job at demonstrating the kinks, fetishes, and desires that many people have but few talk openly about.

If you are at all curious about the length and breadth of sexual preferences, this is one for you. I will praise Fleabag for being a work of utter genius forevermore. Like everything in the rest of the show, sex is in no way glamorised in Fleabag. Exploring topics such as owning your sexuality and rejection , Fleabag also serves some of the most honest sex scenes on TV. Whether she is having a bit of me time while watching Obama give a speech or getting hot and heavy in a confession booth, Fleabag is an icon of sexual honesty.

As well as telling some awesome stories, these five shows demonstrate how varied, vulnerable, and downright fantastic sex can be.