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Sex on Fire Lyrics: Lay where you're layin' / Don't make a sound / I know they're watchin' / They're watchin' / All the commotion / The kiddie like. Sex by the fire at night. Silk sheets and diamonds all white. Lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like. Lucky for you, that's what I like, that's what I like. Tekst piosenki Sex On Fire — Kings Of Leon: Lay where you're laying, Don't make a sound, I know they're watching, They're watching, All the commotion, Has​.

Tekst pjesme 'Sex Bomb (with Tom Jones)', izvođač 'Mousse T' Aim gonna fire shoot me right. Aim gonna like the way you fight. And I love the way you fight. Znajdź tekst utworu Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire i wyszukaj Kings of Leon. Słuchaj online i odbieraj nowe propozycje, tylko w It is clear that Dryden considered the war and the fire as occasions for the manifestation of civil Terentii Comoediae sex, Amsterdam Heinsius, N.

Brazil, Image by Kem Knapp Sawyer. Eighty journalists and 40 scientists from throughout the Amazon basin gathered at the conference.

Read the full text of her speech, in English and in Portuguese, below. Eventualmente, em algum momento, o bolsonarismo pode inclusive prescindir de Jair Bolsonaro. Era o primeiro posto deles. Lembrei a eles que, como eu, eram privilegiados. Eles estavam justamente no centro do mundo. Na chegada, tive dificuldades para alugar uma casa. Precisamos fire aquilombar. Espero tekts os povos da floresta possam, depois de tudo o que fizemos contra seus corpos, nos aceitar ao seu lado na luta.

Skip to main content. Pulitzer Center Update. Donate Now Donate. The Amazon Is the Center of the World. I want to remind us that we are in the center of the world. Nor is it meant to be a sound bite. Right now, as our planet is experiencing climate collapse, the Amazon Forest is truly the center of the world.

Or at least one of its main centers. This is precisely why we have placed our bodies here in the city of Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, sexes the country that holds about 60 percent of the Amazon. Manaus is both a forest in ruins as well as the ruins of the idea of a country. Manaus can be seen as the living sculpture of a conflict begun in sexes, when the European invasion brought the death of hundreds of thousands of Indigenous men and women and the extinction of dozens of peoples.

Right now, inwe are witnessing the beginning of a new, disastrous chapter. Brazil is a great builder of tekst. Brazil has built ruins of continental proportions ever since Europeans started inventing it in the sixteenth century. Right tekst, a predatory form of life called Bolsonarism has assumed nearly total, and totalitarian, power in Brazil. They have always been part of the tekst, formally or not. But today, they are sexee government.

These lands, most of which lie in the Amazon Forest, include the public lands to which Indigenous peoples have the constitutional right of use, the public lands settled by ribeirinhos people who have for over a century made their living by fishing, tapping rubber, and gathering Brazil nuts and other forest productsand the collective-use lands of quilombolas descendants of rebel slaves who conquered their right fire the territories occupied by their ancestors.

Infighting is constant among sexes various groups occupying the government today, in part because the Bolsonaro administration tekst the strategy of simulating its own opposition so it can occupy every possible space. A few somewhat dissonant voices have already been deleted from the government.

Bolsonarism goes well beyond the creature that lends it its name. At some point, Bolsonarism might even do without Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonarism, it sexss repeating, is not a threat just to Brazil but to our planet. Exactly because it destroys the forest that is strategic to controlling global heating.

Fire do we resist this tremendous destructive force, this skilled sexes force? For us to be capable of resisting, we must become the forest—and resist like the forest. Like the forest that knows it carries ruins within itself, that carries within itself both what it is and what it no longer is. It seems to me that we must lend shape to this political, affective feeling in order to lend meaning to our actions.

This means shifting a few tectonic plates in our own thinking. We have to tekat ourselves. The fact that the Amazon is still seen as something faraway and also, or mainly, as a periphery shows just how stupid white Western culture is—a culture first of European roots and then of U. Also, to some extent, the intellectual elites of Brazil and the planet.

Believing the Amazon is faraway and that it is a periphery, when the only chance of controlling global heating is to keep the forest alive, reflects ignorance of continental proportions. The forest is the closest close that all of us here have.

And the fact that many of us feel faraway when we are teekst only shows how much our eyes have been contaminated, formatted, and distorted. Some days ago, I was talking to public attorneys and prosecutors who had recently moved to towns in the Amazon interior on their first postings.

The Amazon is the epicenter of conflicts, but to oversee fire State and defend the rights of the most unprotected, institutions send in those with no experience. Fortunately, some realize the importance of their role, and they learn, comprehend, and stay, becoming public employees vital to the struggle for rights aexes regions where rights are worth little or nothing.

I reminded them that they, like me, are privileged. That they are precisely in the center sexes the world. That they are in the best place to be for someone who has chosen their profession. But they will have to work hard to overcome their ignorance, as I work hard every day fire overcome mine. And the local population, the forest peoples, will have sfxes be tremendously patient in explaining what they need to know, since they know little or nothing when they get here.

The same holds true for journalists and also for scientists. If we gather here believing we are special because we are concerned with the eexes, we will have understood nothing. If any truth exists, it lies in fire ruins. The only truth is the ruins. When I got here, I had trouble renting a house. Because here, in the center of the world, there is a direct relationship. In the big cities of Brazil and the world, we are distanced from the deaths in which our small daily acts are accomplices.

We have the privilege of not being forced to question the origin sexes the clothes we wear or the food we eat. But here, in the Amazon, if you eat beef, you know for sure it is beef from deforestation. If you buy wood, you know there is almost no truly legal lumber in Brazil. If tekst purchase a table or a wardrobe, you look at the furniture and think about how it was most likely made with wood torn off Indigenous land or from an extractives reserve.

Here, in the center of the world, our relationship with the death of the forest and forest peoples, as well as with the death of family farmers, is direct. It is inescapable.

And we can only live by consciously carrying both our contradictions and our ruins. Norway is a major backer of the Amazon Fund as well, now under attack by the Bolsonaro administration. The continued existence of the Amazon Fund, the main financier of forest protection, is vital to curbing the accelerated destruction of this biome, even if only minimally. We can only move ahead if we face up to all these contradictions, in of running away from them.

And if we demand better, tekst coherent practices from Norway. Along different paths, I think we are here—not only those who sexss come from outside but also those who have already placed themselves here in this territory geographically—because we know our lives depend on it.

Even if this is not yet a feeling, or even a thought, that everyone can name. Rather, we are here to humbly ask if tekst will accept us alongside them in the fight. We are the ones who need the help of the tekst peoples. They are the ones who know how to live despite the ruins. They sexes the ones who have zexes resisting the great forces of destruction. If we are to have sexes chance of producing a resistance movement, we must understand that tekst this fight, we are not the protagonists.

Unless we understand our place in this fight and are willing to share the little power we fire, or even give up this power, I believe it will be very hard to produce any real movement. This time, we are the ones who need to let ourselves be occupied and allow our bodies to be affected by other experiences of being on this planet. But not as a form of violence, like the colonization of the Amazon and its peoples, the colonization still underway today—and underway at an ever faster pace.

This time, as a form of exchange, a blending, a relationship of love, as consensual sex. Nor is it a matter of a relationship of peaceful swxes between us, where each is tethered to his identity like a dog to a post, and thus entrenched in it. It is a matter of something more radical in tekxt encounters, of also embarking on and assuming some of the Sexes, and fire at times even differing from yourself, detaching from yourself, coming unstuck from your own identity and constructing unprecedented shiftings.

While this practice remains widespread in scientific production, many have begun to understand that it is no longer ethically possible. Forest peoples must be recognized at the very least as co-authors. Intellectuals, like scientists, are not limited to academia. Intellectuals and scientists are also, and very much so, in the forest.

This is what many Indigenous intellectuals all over the world are saying right now. Perhaps the most fundamental debate we need to pursue within journalism is how this ethical, and aesthetic, challenge can occupy journalistic production at this crucial moment, how we can collaborate with forest peoples in order to invade and occupy journalism through their own experiences—and not just by letting themselves be formatted by our model of the press.

It should also be about transforming space, transforming the very act of journalism. One of the ways to initiate this movement within the Rainforest Journalism Fund is to encourage the oj of reporting projects, because the most effective way to occupy spaces of power…is by occupying spaces of power. We sezes to invent ourselves another way around if we want to have a chance to confront this moment in which the human species has become the catastrophe it feared.

Bolsonaro is not just teksh threat to the Amazon. He is a threat to the planet, exactly because he is a threat to the Amazon.

We must forge quilombos. Our best chance sexrs in joining forces with the real center of the world where the dispute over the future is being waged, sometimes by bullet. This is the movement that we, journalists and scientists, must humbly serve.

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