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But Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, has launched a unique campaign to protect commercial sex workers against the spread of HIV and other. When Radmila Khakova, a journalist and writer from Tatarstan, shared the in Russia, equal dating to sex and I was explicitly criticised for this. Individuals in Kazan will show what a real scalding passion is. Elite and cheap whores will immerse in the ocean of inexpressible pleasure and will bring in.

Sexpionage is the involvement of sexual activity, or the possibility of sexual activity, intimacy, the Soviet Union had a sexpionage school called "State School 4" in Kazan, Tatarstan, south east of Moscow, on the banks of the Volga river. When Radmila Khakova, a journalist and writer from Tatarstan, shared the in Russia, equal dating to sex and I was explicitly criticised for this. But Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, has launched a unique campaign to protect commercial sex workers against the spread of HIV and other.

When Radmila Khakova, a journalist and writer from Tatarstan, shared the in Russia, equal dating to sex and I was explicitly criticised for this. Overall, the female migrant sex workers engaged in HIV risk behaviors and . migrant sex workers came from: 1) the outer regions of Russia (Siberia, Tatarstan​. But Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, has launched a unique campaign to protect commercial sex workers against the spread of HIV and other.

Two women have been detained in Russia accused of jointly sexually assaulting a year-old man after a row over an iPhone. The unnamed pair aged 22 and 32 are accused of tying up the teenager and using a sex toy to rape him. Police say the suspects filmed the assault in Bugulma, a town in the Tatarstan district, on a smart phone and threatened to post it online. The younger woman invited the man to her flat to repair her iPhone, say law enforcement sources.

The windows of the flat where the year-old man was said to have been attacked by two women using a sex toy. He took the phone to his home to use his tools, and when he delivered it back a second woman was in the flat. They filmed the assault on the same iPhone, according to law enforcement. Then the pair allegedly threatened to spread the video on the web if he refused to pay the 3, roubles.

The police station in Bugulma, where the victim came to make his complaint after the two women allegedly filmed their attack on him on a smart phone and demanded payment. The man promised to collect the money tatarstan his home - but instead went straight to police. Officers found video evidence of the sexual assault on the phone and detained the two women who have not been named bu Russian authorities.

Andrey Sheptytsky, senior assistant to the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, said the man was beaten by the suspects. He said: 'He refused to pay the money and then with her friend, the woman beat sex and committed violent sexual acts against the victim.

Both women face up to ten years in jail if convicted of sexually assaulting their alleged victim. Andrey Sheptytsky, senior assistant to the head of the Investigative Committee for the Republic of Tatarstan said the man refused to pay the women so they beat him. The views tatarstan in the contents above are those of our sex and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Petersburg, told Izvestia. Pornography is popular in Russia. Porn star Sasha Grey made national headlines when she visited the country to take part in an auto rally from Vladivostok to Moscow in Fans lined up to get her autograph and take photos with her in Sochi that May. Grey made headlines again this year after pro-Russia propaganda claimed that she had been killed while volunteering as a nurse in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has also produced porn stars who have gone on to international fame, such as Alina Yeremenko, aka Alina Henessy, who in January won the Adult Video News Award for best sex scene in a foreign-shot production. But with more than 80 million internet users and a growing enthusiasm for all things online, Russia's government has lately been cracking down on the web, beginning with a law allowing its federal communications agency to blacklist sites without a court order.

Legislation passed last year creates a registry of popular bloggers and holds them subject to the same regulations as mass media, a move that has been criticized as a way to threaten opposition voices with criminal prosecution. If the district court's ruling in Tatarstan has its intended effect, the country's smut enthusiasts will also soon feel the pinch.

Apr 13 , pm. Sign up right here. Meanwhile, the Tatar women at the funeral stood by stoically without tears. At the same time, people are expected to maintain emotional openness in daily interactions.

Though Tatar women endure especial pressure to temper their emotions, Tatar men are not exempt from the requirement to maintain peace.

Indeed, Tatars do not view small-scale social negotiations as different in kind from the large-scale political negotiations primarily carried out by men. For example, the first time we met, a secretary to Tatarstan Presidential Advisor Rafael Khakimov showed me the Russian translation of Getting To Yes he was in the process of reading. The Tatarstan government has proven itself willing to engage patiently in endless negotiations with the Russian government in Moscow in order to hammer out the small details of political agreements.

That is, the Tatar cultural ideal of sabyrlyk is considered essential to the survival of Tatar culture. In Tatarstan, nation-building has occurred despite the absence of a state. Notwithstanding its location in the heart of Russia, Tatarstan acted on the terms of its sovereignty declaration by developing the foreign relations befitting a state.

Its foreign relations included those with other polities in the Russian Federation, as well as with external states. The Tatarstan government tried to do this by promoting mass media in Tatar and implementing a system of bilingual education for all Tatarstan children. Echoing the exclusionary nationalisms associated with 19th-century Europe, Tatar ideologies sometimes exclude non-Tatars from discourses on the future of the nation while envisioning ethnic Tatars as a homogenous group.

They almost always perpetuate the Soviet stereotype that the native language of Tatars is the Tatar language and that Tatars are by definition Muslim. In actuality, ethnic Tatars, Tatar-speakers, and Muslims form three different, if overlapping, publics. Only about half of ethnic Tatars speak the Tatar language. Since only two million of the 5. The language materials Tatarstan nationbuilders developed for these nationalities were created in consortium and shared with education officials in Chuvashia, Mordovia, and Mari-El.

Additionally, their endeavors were guided by a philosophical approach influenced variously by a collective nostalgic melancholy called mong the topic of Chapter 7 , environmental ecology, and a healthy dose of Leninism. Since Tatars have a strong tradition of literary production, nation-builders have written extensively on the topic of sovereignty.

From this body of work I consider below three publications that best represent Tatar national ideologies. One such person was Russian ethnographer Galina Starovoitova, who while serving as. According to the Soviet census, only In it Solzhenitsyn proposed that the Soviet Union disaggregate and Russia redraw its borders to include Ukraine, Belarus, and northern Kazakhstan, where the majority population is ethnic Russian.

Russia would thus cast off the rest of the Soviet Union as an impediment to advancement. The book completely ignores the existence of non-Russian nationalities in Russia and the other Soviet republics.

Several intellectuals I interviewed in St. Petersburg and Moscow considered Solzhenitsyn to be out of touch with Russian reality, though, when he returned to Russia in after 20 years in exile, thousands of Russians turned out to welcome him.

Most significant for the purposes of this discussion, however, is that Tatar nation-builders take Russian nationalist discourses seriously. Moreover, the Stalinist definition does not exemplify the characteristics of a nation because it does not contain the most important indicator of nationhood—the ability to govern. That which transforms a collective of people into a nation is government.

The citizens of a government who live according to common interests comprise a nation. By the way, that is exactly why nationality is not displayed on western passports. All citizens are considered to belong to the nation, irrespective of their ethnic origin.

As a consequence, he claims, ethnic Russians living in Russian provinces have more in common with colonized indigenous peoples than they do with the Russians in the metropole, who have benefited from ruling and exploiting those provinces. Khakimov insists:. Individuals are the bearers of historical traditions who become persons thanks to language and education. Without these elemental, natural rights, the rest does not have any meaning.

These concern its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and the consequent mixing of cultural influences from each continent, the peaceful coexistence of Islam and Christianity, and the co-residence of numerous nationalities. The educational system is freeing itself from the legacy of totalitarianism. It is becoming more open, democratic, and diverse. The Doctrine proposes creating a flexible, open, and emerging system of uninterrupted education However, the most important task is to socialize young people correctly.

The authors explain their plan:. Why is it that humankind, in order to preserve itself and to guarantee conditions that will allow for the continued growth of civilization, is obliged to keep in mind the demands of individual societies—among them nations—and people? Because the multitude and variety of weapons of mass destruction, the growth of terror technologies, the proliferation of nuclear arms, and other threats to civilization have reached a level such that individual groups, even individual people, are able to put the safety of all life on Earth in peril In short, the problem facing humankind is immense and normalizing it will require the participation of all peoples—including us.

The situation is particularly dire since, Safin maintains, the world population is projected to increase to nine billion over the next 50 years and the disparity in wealth between rich and poor countries will lead to a geopolitical crisis. Safin explains, the hunger of starvation is terrible. But hunger results not only in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, it creates an ideological crisis.

The solution to this crisis, Safin asserts, is Tatar Islam. Safin elucidates his point:. In the Quran humankind is spoken of as the slave of Allah, on the one hand, and the Master of the planet, on the other.

Do humans—Muslims among them—comprehend this? Does humankind correctly understand the relationship between being slave and Master? The fate of humankind is tied to understanding this relationship. It has consequences for individual nations. To be master is to direct, that is, to cause action.

This requires freedom. God gave freedom to almighty Humans. So that Humans make proper use of freedom God gave us Reason. Real freedom is bound by the laws of nature. In order that we might understand those laws properly, Allah gave us the almighty Quran.

Many Muslims themselves do not understand this. They take pleasure in the word slavery and forget that they are Masters. They become too timid, and having fettered their desires, give themselves over to fanaticism. They change into brainless, weak-willed organic robots They have embarked on the path of not heeding the divine lessons.

But Allah is warning them as well. The dominance of western culture, founded upon atheism, today has brought human civilization to a global crisis. This includes geopolitical affairs—lessening disparities in wealth, preserving the natural environment, and promoting peace—as well as in personal matters, including language use.

Urazaev demonstrated the pleasure he derives from bilingualism by beginning an utterance in one language and, at its apex, switching into the other. He implied that his balanced bilingualism indicates his ability to counteract Russian hegemony with pride in his own nation, without having to become a national chauvinist.

In losing its front vowels the name becomes meaningless. The snow leopard is an ancient symbol among Turkic people of Central Eurasia. Tatar artist and sculptor Rif Faxrutdynov won a competition to design the state seal, which was introduced in The white snow leopard in the seal is winged and wears a shield, representing his rule over the elements and his role as protector.

His right paw is raised in an imperial gesture. He appears against a red sun disk said to signify the Bolgar Khanate. It was flown by law on the buildings of all government, public and private institutions, organizations, and enterprises in Tatarstan, as well as on ships. Like the ak bars , the colors of the flag are green, white, and red. These interpretations are not, however, universal. A self-proclaimed Tatar nationalist friend provided a third interpretation. He stated that green is the Islamic color of renewal; white signifies the pretty words of an imaginary peace; and red is included because ex-Communists want to display the correct color in case of a return to the old order.

A Russian university administrator told me that the ak bars seal was stamped on Tatarstan university diplomas, which institutions in Moscow refused to recognize as legitimate.

Less visible in Kazan was the city seal, a medieval Eurasian image of a dragon, significant because the image of St. George killing that dragon is a core Russian imperial symbol. While Yeltsin encouraged the autonomous republics to adopt their own flags and constitutions in , Tatarstan had already ratified a comprehensive constitution by , a year before Russia approved its post-Soviet constitution.

The resulting document is a thin pamphlet. First, not all intellectuals engaged in advancing social change in Tatarstan possessed the same clarity of vision as Khakimov, Safin, and the authors of the National Doctrine. Like everyone else, Tatar nation-builders have varied intellectual abilities and personal opinions that affect their responses to initiatives.

Moreover, while Tatars believe in the importance of the collective, they simultaneously value the discussion of individual approaches to any and all issues, which can promote factionalism. Second, practitioners involved the quotidian implementation of sovereignty—among them, government bureaucrats and schoolteachers—unevenly possess the training and tools necessary for executing the changes their superiors desired.

Beyond all this, even nation-builders with the greatest lucidity are impeded by what they deem colonial-period structures and attitudes, including those they have internalized. I spoke with several textbook authors. They declared that their materials teach oral proficiency in a variety of settings and situations—a departure from the Soviet-period approach to language pedagogy in which the focus is on grammar and translation.

In fact, the exercises in their books continue to present Tatar as a code into and out of which to translate Russian sentences. Thus, tenth-graders enamored of MTV are asked to study provincial folksongs. Indeed, except for one volume written by the late Igor Litvinov, a non-Tatar whom Fliura Safiullina—Chair of the Department of Tatar Literature at Kazan University denounced for his audacity—the textbooks do not promote Tatar as a spoken, living language.

Indeed, barring cases where the teachers are exceptionally lively, engaged, charismatic, and talented, children tend to complain that studying Tatar is drudgery. As a result, realizing the ideals of bilingual education in Tatarstan matches the reality common to school classrooms in other bilingual contexts.

For instance, one such nation-builder Nail Garipov, an urban born and bred Tatar historian, gave the following assessment of the difficulties of elevating Tatar from its previous status as a subordinate language. Garipov explained that Tatar is currently taught the way English used to be taught in the Soviet period. That is, children learn to translate texts from one language to another, but not to converse with a native speaker.

Moreover, the Tatar language taught in schools is based on literary language and not the living vernacular. Therefore, getting children to study a subject for which they see no practical use is problematic. Tatar teachers consequently have difficulty exciting interest in Tatar language among urban children. Garipov put it like this. Most government people and teachers are from villages and their culture is different from urban culture.

Having a high level of cultural sophistication means that a person can rise above Russian chauvinism. Urban dwellers include urban Tatar intellectuals, who are mostly russified and have technical or medical educations. Garipov clarified:. Tatar-language publications are geared towards villagers or first-generation urban dwellers. The Tatar classics were written in Arabic script and have not been republished recently.

From on, orders coming from Moscow have been obeyed. Tatars in high positions always have Russian secretaries. This form of surveillance no longer exists universally. Rather, it mostly continues to persist metaphorically, since many Tatars have internalized the censorship that keeps them from stepping out of line with respect to the imagined wishes of Russians, not making declarations, for example, that peripheralize Russians.

Talented bureaucrats quickly learned the rules for excelling in the new bureaucracy. In the Soviet period, except for national cadres, like Tatarstan President Mintimir Shaimiev, bilingualism was counter indicated for success. Summing up the situation as he saw it when we spoke in , Garipov stated:. Tatar in Tatarstan is like a poor homeless child. No one wants to use it. He speaks Tatar. On numerous occasions I both observed and participated in this ritual.

Greetings are exchanged in Tatar, and then the rest of the conversation occurs in Russian. Other tensions—with respect to the religious freedom of Tatars and other Muslims—become greater the longer Vladimir Putin is in power. While Yeltsin impeded Tatarstan sovereignty, Putin actively sought to undo it and his government implemented measures that served to alienate Muslims from mainstream Russian society.

Three phenomena that clearly highlight this alienation are the introduction of school lessons in Orthodox Christianity, conditions in the Russian military, and the requirements for obtaining a Russian domestic passport. First, they would like to keep their sons from dying needlessly in Chechnya.

Second, they want to protect Tatarstan men from forced participation in the genocide of their fellow citizens, as Tatar-speakers formulate it, occurring in Chechnya. Indeed, in the early s, the army briefly experimented with constituting separate Orthodox units, sending Muslim recruits to non-combat and less prestigious construction battalions as a means of protecting them from hazing. While soldiers may attend Orthodox Church services and Orthodox clergy sprinkle holy water on soldiers of all faiths before the latter head into battle, Muslims are not allowed to perform the daily prayers called namaz , even in private.

Nor are adherents of Judaism and Buddhism allowed to worship while serving in the Russian armed forces. Among Muslim nationalities this means that young people study at madrases, mosque attendance has increased exponentially, and an increasing number of devout women have begun to cover their heads with scarves in public.

Meanwhile, Soviet-period domestic passports are expiring and require replacement with new Russian Federation passports. The domestic passport is an essential piece of identification in Russia. It is required in every bureaucratic encounter, including spot checks by police, withdrawing a book from the library, buying a train or bus ticket, visiting a television or radio station, and paying utility bills.

Opponents of headscarves vowed to overturn the decision and in July Russian authorities began to require women wishing to keep their heads covered in passport photographs to produce affidavits signed by their local imams attesting to their membership in a Muslim community.

It also punishes Muslim women for devotion to their faith, for any woman not belonging to a specific mosque or who had difficulty obtaining the affidavit would effectively lose her civil rights. The legislation was quickly overturned later that month, but the rancor it created among devout indigenous Russian Muslims still remains.

They are unusual in that Tatars and Russians maintain close ties, even when they espouse incompatible political views. In an expression of their continuing sense of entitlement, Russian-speakers feel comfortable instructing outsiders in how to perceive gender relations among Muslims. However, Tatar gender relations differ from what one might expect. As in all societies, women are expected to meet a higher standard of conduct than men, most clearly manifest in the need to remain calm, have patience and find a way out of difficult situations.

By stressing the post-colonial hegemony of ever more intrusive Russian rule, my discussion touches upon the inherent, unavoidable pitfalls of implementing Tatarstan sovereignty.

These are the topics I cover in the next chapter. Soon I started to ask new contacts whom they knew and also noted down these ties on the chart. After a few months, the chart had become such a busy crisscrossing of lines it ceased to be legible.

Saligaev has been successful in pressuring the Tatarstan government to open special Russian lyceums. The way they arrange these circles varies, but frequently, neighboring Bashkirs are considered closest to the inner circle, despite the existence of mutual animosities. Variation in which nations fill the circles depends upon the person, context, and how speakers seek to stress solidarity and social distance.

After discovering he was too ill to fly, I cried and Hayat apa admonished me, for, she explained, it could bring him worse luck.