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But in cities and towns such as Mombasa, Diani, Kilifi and Malindi dotted along the Indian Ocean coastline, foreign and Kenyan visitors have for. Sex work, including for children, is seen as an acceptable means of earning a Malindi, Kenya — Along the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This chapter deals with a subject which has historically received little attention in tourism studies in Kenya, and in Africa in general – the.

Female sex tourism is sex tourism by women who travel intending to engage in sexual activities A survey from conducted by Wanjohi Kibicho in Malindi Kenya from the book Sex Tourism in Africa: Kenya's Booming Industry, found that​. Posted: 11 Jun This chapter deals with a subject which has historically received little attention in tourism studies in Kenya, and in Africa in general – the.

Malindi, a Swahili settlement in existence since the 14th century, is one and the girls usually end up as commercial sex workers," she added. This chapter deals with a subject which has historically received little attention in tourism studies in Kenya, and in Africa in general – the. However, no matter how bad the local economy gets, one aspect of Malindi never dies: the thriving sex tourism industry. On any given day.

The other day, a girl who looked like she was in her late teens stood next to me at the newly-opened Ocean supermarket in Malindi. She was wearing a long, maliindi unruly weave, tight shorts and was chewing on a lollipop. This was until I sex the man she was with — a European who looked like sed was un his late malijdi or early 60s. The girl coyly pleaded with him to buy her another lollipop, and he grunted a yes and walked away, with her tagging along, like a child following her daddy.

Over the Jalindi holiday season, foreign tourists started to trickle back to the Kenyan coastal town of Malindi, thanks to the lifting of travel advisories and sex calming of political tensions that peaked this time last year in the wake of the election. Tourism in Malindi has suffered enormously in the last few years after a spate of terrorist attacks in the country and many hotels, shops and restaurants have closed down as a result.

The return of tourism was a welcome relief, especially for small traders and people working in the hotel industry. However, no matter how bad the local economy gets, one aspect of Malindi never dies: the thriving sex tourism industry. On any given day, in the many cafes in this town, you will find aging foreigners, both male and female, accompanied by locals, many of whom appear to be underage. Child prostitution is tolerated here, and no one blinks an eye sexx they see young black women or girls accompanying much older white men.

Young men are also being lured into the business. The other day, I saw sex group of young men usually referred to as malinsi boys with bare chests standing in line as if in a slave market outside a famous hotel in Malindi. This display of young male bodies on a beach in Kenya left me wondering how far we have come as a nation when our youth are forced to peddle their own flesh to earn a living.

I have often wondered what prompts an older woman to have sex with a much younger man who is clearly in the game for the money. While female prostitution has existed since time immemorial, this phenomenon of sugar mummies is one that I still cannot wrap my head around. Those who visit Malindi frequently sfx who live here are familiar with this scenario.

When I first moved here, the sight of old, wrinkly European men and women with maalindi Kenyan women or men who malinndi young enough sdx be their grandchildren used to nauseate me. I wrote about this exploitative practice malindi several of my columns in the Daily Malkndionly to be reprimanded by the Italian consul based here and once also by the Italian ambassador to Kenya who informed me that Italians in Malindi were not in the seaside resort to have sex with local women or children, sfx that they had made significant investments in the town and were also mslindi to charitable causes.

Apart from hotels and restaurants and the odd charity, I have yet to see these investments. I have also on several occasions been scolded by some Italian residents here, many of whom view Malindi as their personal playground, an extension of Italy in an ungoverned terrain where anything goes. Rumour has it that Malindi was once the hideout of Italian mafia dons who were wanted in Italy.

Malindi is a unique town in that it not only hosts a sizeable Italian population but also attracts large numbers of Italian tourists. Hence, many signs in the town are in Italian, and Malindi often feels like a colony of Italy. Almost everybody, from the boda-boda rider to the fisherman, speaks Italian. Even those who have moved to the town recently quickly learn to speak the language. Italians living here have refused to learn either English or Kiswahili.

Without the Italians, we will have no jobs. Income inequality between the tourist and the local population exacerbates the situation.

My own encounters with Italians living here have left a sour taste in wex mouth. Apparently, tables at the club are racially segregated.

I mallndi not sex back to the club since. Unfortunately, some local leaders view these forms of apartheid and sexual exploitation as beneficial to the economy.

Not too long ago, a female senator urged her female constituents to bare their breasts in order to malindi tourism. Mombasa Senator Emma Mbura urged Mijikenda women to go topless and wear just a leso around their hips. Local people, grappling with poverty, have also malindi up believing that their bodies are there to be used. Their stunted lives do not allow them to imagine a place where they, not the foreigners, are malindl sex.

They have been marginalised and sexually exploited for so long that they see selling sex as normal. They do not aspire to be doctors or lawyers or fashion designers because there are few role models in their community who can show them that there are other more productive and less self-denigrating ways of earning a living.

Nothing changes in Malindi, I am told, because everyone, including politicians and the police, are in the pockets of criminal elements. People in Malindi tell me that in a places like Kilifi County, which is among the six poorest counties in the country, I should expect the sexual exploitation of children and adults.

They do not see these practices as sexual exploitation but as a legitimate trade — a form of prostitution but with less stigma because the men and women who buy them are white and because they do not operate from seedy brothels.

Some parents even encourage their daughters to actively seek out white tourists, who are referred to as dhahabu gold. Prostitution, they say, helps poor women, girls, men and boys to raise families and support siblings. When people start believing that selling their bodies is the only option available to them, then you know that something has gone deeply wrong in this county. Surveys show that the largest consumers of sex tourism including sex with minors in Kenya are Italian, Swiss and German tourists.

Interestingly, locals also form a large part of those who sexually exploit children. A study by the Dutch NGO Terre des Hommes found that boda-boda riders, in particular, use the inn of a free ride to have sex with under-age girls.

The study sex singled out Malindi as a place where contacts with locals are used to supply children to foreign tourists. While the presence of tourists in Malindi and other parts of the coast is desirable, as they help build the local economy through creating jobs and spending money on local products, it has also introduced a type of decadence that has had a negative impact on the local population.

The sight of so many local women, girls and boys being openly bought in the town no doubt has an impact on the mindset and aspirations of the younger generation, which is likely to fall into the same trap malindi there are malimdi other options available to them.

Many organisations have raised the alarm about the sexual exploitation of women and children at the coast, but their warnings have had little impact because there sx little will on the part of the authorities to address the issue. It appears that the Kenyan government malindk officials view women, girls and boys at the coast as a tourist attraction — as mere flesh to be exploited at the altar of the almighty tourist dollar.

Ms Warah, the author of War Crimes, a sweeping sex of foreign meddling in Somalia, and A Triple Heritage, among several other books, is also a freelance journalist based in Malindi, Kenya. In your article, talk mallindi the malundi of the landscapes.

Talk about the se terrain you have to cover, the harshness of the abandoned lands. Mention that the land has been abandoned because of banditry. Never have a picture of a well-adjusted person on the cover of your article or in it, unless that person has won the Nobel Prize.

If you must include a person from the area, make sure you get one holding four, or better still, five AKs. Everyone is a mallndi.

The carjacker is a bandit. The fast-talking man who cons you out of your money is a bandit. The mathe at the market who refuses to bargain is a bandit. The people chilling in the barbershops are bandits. The old man lounging in the sun in his shuka is a bandit.

The child playing football at the corner and glancing at you warily is a bandit. Even the newly-born baby is a bandit, given a gun as soon malondi it can hold its neck up. In your text, treat Northern Kenya malindi if it is one unified whole. It is kn and dusty with kilometre after kilometre of desert and huge herds of malindi and tall, thin people who are starving, but for the sticks of khat they chew.

Or it is hot and dry with people who are war-torn. Northern Kenya is big: too many counties, and too many people who are too busy starving and dying and being bandits to read your article. Be vague about where Northern Kenya is. We are beyond boundaries. A better guide of where Northern Kenya malindi zex follow where the bandits are. A bandit is malidi Northern Kenya, automatically. In your report, list the places in Northern Mqlindi where bandits have raided in Bandit area.

Sometimes, make these suspected bandits, because the only way one is not a bandit is if one is a suspected bandit. List them all, the bandits. In Lodwar and in Pokot Central and in Nyandarua. Northern Kenya. To bandit is to Northern Kenya. For ease of vividity, the bandits, have them spray bullets. Make sure you mention that, despite it all, people are showing resilience in the face of it all.

Malinci up, survive bandit attack, be resilient, sleep. Mention Ahmed. Ahmed the malundi with his mighty tusks. Ahmed who was protected only by the good graces of our dear founding father, God bless him, the first president. The cradle of mankind. And the oil mwlindi the ground that will bring development to this godforsaken malijdi. Taboo subjects: ordinary domestic sex, love between the people unless malihdi death from banditry is involvedreferences to writers or musicians or intellectuals from the area, mention of ln children who are not suffering from banditry or famine or having to be bandits or forced early marriages or female genital mutilation.

Throughout the article, adopt a sotto voice, in conspiracy with the reader, and a sad I-expected-so-much tone. Northern Kenya is the only part of Kenya you can love—take advantage of this. If you are a man, thrust yourself into her beautiful sun duned landscapes forests. If you are a woman, treat Northern Kenya as a man with huge tusks and disappears off sex the sunset.

Esx Kenya is to be pitied, worshipped or gifted with development. Whichever angle sex take, be sure to leave the strong impression that without your intervention and your important article, Northern Kenya malindi doomed.

In your memoir, write about the Somali man, the malindi. Sold by thin thin men from Somalia. Dominos of nations tumble around Kenya and Somali work about, overstimulated, and malindi their faces into yours, dribbling chewed khat, eyes bleary, jacket open and say…Kssss, Xex.

Ambrose Muli, the director at Pope Francis Rescue Center, which started in to provide a temporary but immediate safe haven for child sex abuse victims. The priest says the luxurious lifestyle and what is seen as a quick way out of poverty make it hard to rescue the young girls from sexual exploitation. They go through harrowing sexual experiences in the hands of their old white tourist boyfriends and girlfriends. In short, they are sex slaves, but they still prefer that kind of life compared to what we offer at the center because of the financial benefits to their families.

Redempta Kabahweza, also a Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa who is the main counselor at the center, recalled rescuing two girls aged 10 and 12 from two Italian tourists who had sexually abused the girls for two years.

Many tourists, drawn by the cheap cost of living and the ready availability of sex, purchase homes and live in the area for all or part of the year. The sister described the trauma of counseling the older girl. Preparing her to testify in court was very difficult because she had to recall all the horrific sexual experiences," said Kabahweza.

The girls lived in the center for five months before they moved in with their aunt. The two Italian men left Kenya immediately after the girls, with support from the Pope Francis center, reported the case to the police.

Many offenders escape detection for a long time because they abuse children in private residences, particularly along the coastal areas of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu. Kazungu is urging the government to allow the child protection department access to private villas in cases of suspected child sexual exploitation without the current restrictions. You definitely know they are being sexually exploited but the law forbids you from accessing a private villa unless you get a court order.

So, unless the government removes those restrictions in accessing the private villas, our hands are tied. By the time you get a court order, the child has already been sexually exploited and left the villa," explained Kazungu. Bernard Malasi, child protection coordinator at the Malindi Diocese, says some white women in their 70s and 80s support young boys by paying for their education in exchange for sex.

Malasi says there is always suspicion when the children are taken out of school for a short period. Sometimes, parents are clear about the reason why, telling teachers, "My child's Mzungu white man or woman has come.

The child will then give the money to the mother. Kenya's sexual offenses act defines sex with a person under 11 years old as rape and with a minimum sentence of life in prison. Offenders who sexually abuse children ages and have minimum sentences of 20 and 15 years, respectively. The age of sexual consent under Kenyan law is But underage girls register for identity cards to falsify their ages to gain entry into hotels and entertainment spots where they meet with older white men and women.

We immediately informed the police and the tourist ran away. They use all means to make the young girls adults so that they can exploit them without any accusations of [the girls being] underage. Sex tourism is a serious business on Kenya's coast, including pimps or "beach boys" who act as intermediaries. Brian Musangi not his real name is a "beach boy" on a beach north of Mombasa. His main job is to procure young girls and boys for white tourists.

I also get a cut from the girl or boy when the Mzungu pays them after sex. When I get a white man or woman who wants to have sex with me, I also do it and get paid a good amount of money. Musangi said he got into the tourism sex industry at the age of Now 20, he lives with a year-old woman from Sweden and they are legally married.

They started living together when he was 15 but got legally married when he turned She will die soon and I will inherit the house. Their single mother is also in the sex tourism industry.

Musangi helps to organize traditional dances at beachfront hotels and bars, after which tourists often seek sexual favors from the child performers. Children also are sought out under the guise of being hired to do housework in private homes, and some hotel staff have been accused of delivering children for sex with guests. People in the region may opt to adopt needy children and, instead of caring for them, hire them out as prostitutes.

Other children are brought to the coastal region from rural areas from around the country, where poverty is even more dire. Ireri lamented what he called "general moral decadence", complaining that prostitution, which used to be frowned upon by the local communities, was now being tolerated, probably because it appeared to "pay some dividend" to those who engaged in it. According to Ireri, the tradition of early marriage among many Miji Kenda, the nine linguistically related ethnic groups who inhabit the Kenyan coastal districts of Kilifi, Kwale, Malindi and Mombasa, could be contributing to the problem of teenage prostitution.

Janet, a year-old commercial sex worker who left her native Central Province to ply her trade in Malindi in the s, said most prostitutes in the town in those days came from the hinterland and only rarely from the local community. Competition is stiff especially during the low season [the months preceding the European summer when tourist numbers are low]," she said.

When I get a white man I want to get as much money from him as possible because I have a son in high school, but these girls have no dependents, they just want to have a good time," said Janet, who spoke on condition that a copious supply of beer was made available. To address the problem of juvenile commercial workers, the government is striving to ensure that hotels, lodges and nightclubs do not allow entrance to people under the age of 18, Ireri said, acknowledging that it was a challenge.

Last year we registered villas and will reactivate registration because that is the only way we can make a breakthrough," said Ireri. There are pimps everywhere seducing children for brothels, small lodges and bars," she added. Her organisation has managed to rescue 5, women and girls from commercial sex and supported them to find alternative livelihoods since Please send queries on copyright or liability to the UN. MALINDI Sixteen-year-old Judy not her real name sits in a nightclub sipping beer with two other girls in this coastal resort town popular with foreign tourists thanks to its numerous beach hotels and villas.

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