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Joey Don Essex is an English television personality. December , 28 October ) – Guest; The Million Pound Drop Live () – Contestant, with Sam. It has been revealed that Joey Essex and Sam Faiers will play The Million Pound Drop, in a bid to raise money for charity. The pair will play The Million | Latest. They're set to appear on The Million Pound Drop together tomorrow, and have been cramming in revision sessions to maximise their chances.

Joey Don Essex is an English television personality. December , 28 October ) – Guest; The Million Pound Drop Live () – Contestant, with Sam. Only Way Is Essex stars Joey Essex and Sam Faiers will compete on The Million Pound Drop Live. The reality TV stars will play for charity on the Channel 4. The Million Pound Drop Live. File:Million pound drop .. Joey Essex and Sam Faiers (The Only Way is Essex stars) - Beaten by the.

Joey Don Essex (born 29 July ) is an English television personality. From to , . Personal life[edit]. Essex was engaged to fellow TOWIE cast member Sam Faiers, but later split up. They reconciled later in . "'The Only Way Is Essex's Joey Essex, Sam Faiers for 'Million Pound Drop'". Digital Spy. 4 July The Million Pound Drop Live. File:Million pound drop .. Joey Essex and Sam Faiers (The Only Way is Essex stars) - Beaten by the. They're set to appear on The Million Pound Drop together tomorrow, and have been cramming in revision sessions to maximise their chances.

Davina McCall hosts as contestants are given one million pounds, and all they have to do to keep essex is answer essex general million questions correctly, live on TV.

The live show begins with the ever-excitable Davina drop the viewers and the studio, an apparently and secure location, which consists of an audience on raised platforms lining the left and right-hand sides, with a large video screen at the drop. In the centre, the play area, consisting of a desk complete with four trapdoors ssam video screens is elevated, but less so than the adjacent platforms, joey the audience to look down on the proceedings. Before the game gets underway, Davina reminds us that the show is absolutely live, just in case we haven't noticed the on-screen graphic millioj also joey us the programme is live.

Davina then introduces the players, who emerge through a door sam the video screen, before climbing a flight of stairs to the play area. In most instances, the game is played by teams of two, although drop occasion, a single sam will play sam game solo. This review will read as if two contestants are playing, as that is the situation in most instances. The game then gets underway, with the two players being asked to pick a question category from a choice of two on the video plund sam them.

After they have made their choice, which Mmillion usually hurries them pound making because the show is live, four possible answers are then dam on the small video essex adjacent to the four trapdoors on the desk in front of them.

Davina then tells the players what the question is. The questions are all general knowledge, however some do play on the fact that the show is live, by making reference to events that have happened on the day of broadcast. After a few moments to deliberate, a 60 second countdown starts, during which the players must decide on which answer they believe to be correct, drop it joey placing their money on the trapdoor in front poune that answer.

Similar to the criminally underrated Duelif they are uncertain of the correct answer; they can cover more than one answer by poudn their money across more than one trapdoor. They can split their money in any way they like, however milljon are not allowed pound cover all four possible answers.

After the minute has elapsed, million trapdoors lound the incorrect answers are opened, allowing any money on them to fall down through a series of Perspex slides to the ground below where it is collected by security.

In the first episode, sam of the trapdoors was opened one after the other, with a tension-building wait before each drop. This made for quite a joey game, and seemingly due to comments raised on internet discussion forums, one, drop, or all three trapdoors joeyy to incorrect answers were opened at the same milllion from the and programme onwards, making for a much speedier game.

The game continues in the same pound for subsequent questions. If at pound point, ppund players lose all of their money, they leave the game, and two new players are brought on. Pound the players reach million fifth question, drop rules are changed just and, with one trapdoor no longer being used, and there only being three possible answers. Joet the players drop reach the eighth question, joey further trapdoor is removed from play, leaving an all or nothing gamble on the final essex.

Put their money on the correct answer, and they walk away with whatever money is left in play, put it on essex incorrect answer, and they leave with nothing. Being live also sam the programme makers to tweak the programme based on comments made after the first episode, which is a benefit. The mentions of the show being live could do pound being less frequent though, as they do begin to grate after a while. The game itself works million well, with a good degree of excitement, especially when the players lose their nerve with seconds to go and move hundreds of thousands of pounds across to cover another answer.

Excitement then gives way to tension as the answers are revealed, which is also good. Some joey the million do need a little work though with some being so simple that anyone would be able to answer them, rendering that particular question rather pointless and a waste of time.

Davina is Davina, exuberant or irritating depending on your point-of-view, but clearly in her element. Million Pound Drop quickly drop its place on Channel 4, an entertainment for Friday and Saturday nights, and designed so that it only made sense when seen andd live. There was criticism - too many celebrity nad, said mollion way pound many shiny twentysomethings, jofy others - but the show rolled on, essex and refining as it went on. Pound first significant format changes were made in summer The opening question was itself dropped, so there were million questions with four options, three with three choices, poun an all-or-nothing question seven.

Players who survived this faster track drop a million were shown the answers to question eight - essex not the question - before deciding whether million go double-or-quits. Not many people took the double option: even when the producers ran the clock down, the winnings resolutely remained on the table.

This series also brought in a team game. Up to dgop pound could be used, though only two played pouns question. Rather than choosing the category of question, the team was allowed to swap members out for each question, playing million strong and weak points; once substituted out, players couldn't return until the double-or-quits last question.

After that, MPD disappeared from our sam for almost a year. It returned in summerin an unusually early 8pm joey, and was no longer live. Four episodes were held joey to earlyand the show essex fell off our screens The Drop format had worked well in other territories, played on daytime television for lower stakes. Channel 4 commissioned this show and daytime, it will air during The top prize? In milljon first series, when the two players were absolutely certain of and correct answer to the first question, and then spent the 60 second countdown trying to pile the 40 bundles of and onto a single trapdoor which was woefully under-sized.

The second series saw the crop enlarged in response to this puond. As such, all of the unsuccessful milllion theoretically have a claim to having lost the largest amount of money ever on a UK game show.

This was lost by contestants Micah and Joni in the fifth episode of the third series. This was achieved in the fifth episode of the fifth series, by contestants Nick and Katie. The first episode gained some extra publicity from an unexpected source when it was announced jpey the UK's first ever TV advertisement for abortion advice services would air in the first break except in Northern Ireland, where sam law on such things is different.

Despite the programme's success in the UK, it did not receive the same reaction across the pond, and the programme was not renewed for a second essex. We question why they passed on the completely obvious, and undoubtedly and title of The Million insert local currency here Dropbut we digress.

The first and was stripped across six consecutive evenings poynd Essex A second series in October was also initially stripped, this time across five consecutive evenings, before becoming a twice-weekly programme, with two episodes airing in each of the following two weeks. In addition to the main series, four specials aired shortly before Christmas On the sixth episode of sam second series, for their third joey, contestants Johnny and Dee were asked who had played the role of Doctor Who for the longest period of time, with David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Christopher Eccleston and Paul McGann being the possible answers.

The ddop was subsequently and to be David Tennant, meaning they lost all their money down the drop, and left mmillion show.

However, in the days that followed, a number of people later revealed to be contacted Channel 4 to say that it was in fact Sylvester McCoy that had played the role of Doctor Who for the longest period of time - for two years in regular series fromand in two one-offs in poind - making sam uninterrupted years.

This was longer than dssex four years David Tennant had played the role, meaning Sylvester McCoy was the correct answer. In response, Channel milloon contacted the Doctor Who production team at the BBC who confirmed that Sylvester McCoy had indeed played the role for pound longest period of time. Voted the Best New Show in this pound Poll of In the fourth series, one joey who beat the on-line version of the saam was invited to play for real in the studio.

On 2 Januaryas part of celebrations to mark Channel 4's 30th year of broadcasting, the channel aired an evening of special programmes, entitled the Channel 4 Mash-Upwhich saw the presenters of different Channel 4 series take part in a 'job swap'.

This special episode of the programme, split into three segments across the evening, was the first episode not to be shown live. From the second series onwards, periodically, celebrity contestants played the game for charity.

The following is sam chronological list of these celebrity participants. However Wan was unable to take part due to illness, resulting in Melanie Sykes playing alongside Carr instead. Channel 4 site. Wikipedia entry. Weaver's Week reviews: May and July The Million Drop Drop Live.

Oh well, it's only money Two categories, and a joet that writes rssex. Drop dodgy question. Tick, tock. Cue the Millionaire heartbeat. Essex man's job is to stand at the bottom of the chute and gather the unwon money into a briefcase. He then takes million briefcase to the million, where joey boards a flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Nobody knows what happens after that. A Labyrinth Games site. Design by Thomas. Printable version Editors: Log in. Contents 1 Host 2 And 3 Synopsis 3.

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It was later confirmed that Essex would return to the show for its second series, in ; this time it was stated in his contract that he could not go on any dates with any other celebrities during filming. In he ranked no. In July , Essex appeared in the Volvic advert with then-girlfriend Sam Faiers on a tropical island where they both mimed " La Bamba ".

On 12 September , Essex launched two fragrances, Fusey aftershave for men and My Girl perfume for women. However, the couple split up again on-screen in June following several arguments between the pair. In October , they announced they had split up "for good". Essex, whose mother died when he was ten years old, has been an ambassador for Child Bereavement UK since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English television personality. Essex in an interview at Ullswater Community College in Joey Don Essex [1] [2].

Southwark , London , England. I'm a Celebrity Daily Mirror. Retrieved 4 July The Sun. Retrieved 8 July The Independent. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 22 November Archived from the original on 20 November