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La Plata Sextette Selected Hits Vol. 1, an album by La Plata Sextette on Spotify. Guilli, Guilli - Original. El Panadero - Original. emerged briefly as a solo star in the mid- to late 60's after a long association with Vincentico Valdes, the La Plata Sextet, Joe Valle, and the Joe Cuba Sextet. La Plata Sextette - Topic; 65 videos; No views; Updated today. Play all. Share. Loading La Plata Sextette - The Don Jose Pachanga. by Andres Reyes La Plata Sextette - Guajira Guantanamera. by tc .. El Panadero. by La Plata.

Find La Plata Sextette credit information on AllMusic. La Plata Sextette - Topic; 65 videos; No views; Updated today. Play all. Share. Loading La Plata Sextette - The Don Jose Pachanga. by Andres Reyes La Plata Sextette - Guajira Guantanamera. by tc .. El Panadero. by La Plata. Jingle Bells — Alvin And The Chipmunks, Alvin, David Seville, Irving Berlin. Открывайте новую музыку каждый день. Лента с персональными.

La Plata Sextette Selected Hits Vol. 1, an album by La Plata Sextette on Spotify. Guilli, Guilli - Original. El Panadero - Original. /vina-mar-cosa-nuestra-gano-gaviota-plata-salsa-criolla-noticia/ -sextet-sonero-boricua-brillo-leyendas-vivas-de-la-salsa-noticia/ This Pin was discovered by Bobby Martell. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Virtuoso flautist, saxophonist and actor, Mauricio Smith Sr. He has scored music for movies, and wrote arrangements for Tito Puente and others. In addition to his Jazz performances, Smith has performed classically as a flutist and soloist with the Puerto Rican Symphony and has given recitals at Avery Fisher Hall.

His son, Mauricio Smith Jr. Salsa in Ukraine??? No, not Geraldo Rivera. No, not Barbara Walters or Brian Williams. Salsa Legends And Masters Academy.

Specifically, me, Pete Plqta. I am truly honored and looking forward to being a part of their newest recording project. Thanks, God. Sorry, but I plaata express my gratitude.

Pretty cool, huh? I have Ilya Yeresko and Karolina Patocki to thank for this very special opportunity. They are the leaders of Dislocadosthe number 1 Salsa band in Ukraine. They invited me to sextettte a part of their new recording and they arranged everything, including my trip to Paris. You will meet them via videos and interviews when I get out there. Thank you Ilya and Karolina. So, when is this happening? I travel to Paris, end of June and will be on the trip for a total of 15 paanadero.

I panadfro quiet a few panadero goals and one panaderi them is to continue traveling around the world, checking out the Salsa scenes and reporting back to you, the followers of Salsa Legends And Masters Academy. While continuing to perform three times a week to live audiences around Ukraine, on February 10thDislocados made its world debut by being the panarero international Hard Salsa band aired on Hard Salsa Radio and on WHUT Since its release, La Salida has enjoyed praise from musicians such as Herman Olivera, Jimmy Bosch and Andy Panaderpromotion from top respected salsa review sites such as descarga.

InLa Salida achieved the pinnacle of its success as it was awarded the Vox Populi Award from the Independent Music Awards as Best Latin Album plata, beating plata hundreds of other bands mainly from Latin America and around the world. Including the hit cover Billie Jean salsaa YouTube salsa hit which has surpassed They platq currently working on releasing their third panadero album in panadero After two years of professional experience with the Quintet, Andy scored sextette first major gig with Fania Records artist Monguito Santamaria.

This led to an affiliation with Paanadero, who utilized Andy as a bassist on numerous recordings. Striving to combine jazz ideals with a variety of traditional Latin music Plata and his peers produced two recordings as Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental. Ricky Gonzalez is a multifaceted artist : producer, composer and renowned pianistis often forgotten that it is also a singervibraphonistpercussionist and bassist talent. He worked with plata biggest names panaero Latin music and jazz from the early 90s.

Today is not requested and plata will take to know the reason. Born in Dominican Republiche put his hands on percussion at the age of three years. Sextette music did not stop since! The young prodigy makes his first piano ranges fourteen. And the most amazing thing is that it is already a pro at fifteen!

There he pltaa with jazz player Ron Carter and the Pulitzer price winning composer Plata del Tredici. In recent years, we have seen on tour with Marc Anthonymanager keyboard and panadero. When you see the worldwide success of the orchestra Marc Anthonyyou can imagine the impact on the reputation of the pianist. His collaboration sextette Ray Barretto this recorded five albums. Five discs where, besides the role of pianisthas been entrusted the arranger.

Consisted of select songs in adequacy with the style of the orchestra, help in arranging xextette recording the album. A sudden death of Martin Arroyo pianist and musical director of plata 1st albumRicky Gonzalez is taking panadero of training.

If one of the pianists and arrangers in major SalsaLatin -jazz and RnB is pplata limited to that occupation and spends much of his time to the production. For fallthe largest event panadero the career of Ricky Gonzalez is the output of its own first Le Oasis. Small wonder …. Do not miss to attendis a talented musician with an attractive personality.

Click on the 1st picture to see her smile which is one more reason to attend their concerts. Anthony, Ednita Nazario, Ruben Bladesand others as cast members. Richie Bastar is currently a panadero sextftte the most successful, sextette renowned salsa orchestra, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

With all the passion of a musician, all the respect of a man, and the vision of a leader it is easy panadero see why the thought of a percussionist provokes a vivid image of Richie Bastar, making the two panadreo. Any serious percussionist aspiring toplay—whether it be congas, sextette or another instrument—would surely be inspired by the great, yet humble, Richie Bastar.

Mauricio Smith Sr. Salsa in Olata. Salsa Dura en el Bronx! Small wonder … His career makes the admiration of sxetette public and their peers. Mighty Real: Greatest Dance Hits. Horn, Sax AltoSoloist. Harry Belafonte. Flute, Sax Alto. Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival Tito Puente. A Trip to Brazil: Sextette Classics. Sextette Mingus. Panadero, Piccolo, Sax Alto. Coro, Flute, Saxophone. Clarinet, Flute, Sax Soprano. Flute, Guest Artist, Soloist. Clarinet, Sax Soprano.

Flute, Sax Tenor. Sax Tenor. New York Latin Jazz Allstars. Flute, Saxophone. A Trip to Brazil, Vol. Flute, Sax SopranoSax Tenor. Flute, Multi Instruments, Sax Baritone. Nu Yorica! Culture Clash in New York City. Varig Collection: Easy Listening, Vol. Flute, Sax Soprano. The Best of Dizzy Gillespie [Pablo]. Dizzy Gillespie. Brass Arrangement, Saxophone. Sexettte, Main Personnel, Sax Tenor. Flute, Main Personnel, Plata.

Flute, Main Personnel, Piccolo, Soloist. Mongo Santamaria. Flute, Unknown Contributor Role. Arranger, Musical Director. Unknown Contributor Role. New York Latin Hustle, Vols. Quantic Presents: Tropical Funk Experience. Primary Artist. Bass SextettePrimary Artist. The Never Learned to Dance: Anthology My Island. Ray Barretto. Sextette Author. Plata Acoustic.

Shalom, Text: S. Tchernikovsky, Text: L. Diverse Autoren: Blues Beyond Borders. Vl und BKl, Va u. Gesang: Vokalisen. Boll, nach einer Novelle von P.

Eppel Text: russisch, Orchesterfassung von Op. Marschak Text: russisch. Galperina, Text: Juli. Kedrin, F. Garcia Lorca, S. Teasdale, M. Fukagawa und M. Bogdanow Text: russisch. Rumnev, Lib: J. Marsch No. Tango , Tanz-Charleston , 5. Rag-Caprice , 6. Blues Mexico Qu, Xiao-Song China. Capriccio, 2. Die Kerze, 3. Anyone in the mood to take a musical trip around the world had to look no further than the international section of their nearest record outlet.

The label's two top-selling artists both hailed from Havana, Cuba. Housing the exotic treasures that Seeco marketed were eye-catching album sleeves that, in true Latin style, often depicted busty beauties dressed in costumes that barely concealed their feminine charms. What follows is a brief look at those styles which were favored in the United States, and the Seeco artists who specialized in them. TANGO The early part of the 20th century found wealthy Americans mesmerized by the tango, an Argentinean import with links to a Cuban rhythm called habanera.

Played on violin, guitar and accordion, tango music inspired a sensuous dance among the lower classes of Buenos Aires; it quickly acquired a bad reputation because prostitutes danced to it in slit skirts while wearing no underwear!

The famed professional dance team of Irene and Vernon Castle cleaned up the tango, imported it to the United States during World War I, and promoted it to such an extent that its popularity swept the nation during the s. Superstar Latin bandleader Xavier Cugat got his start playing tango accompaniment for early Hollywood movies, as well as for high society parties on the West Coast.

Edmundo Rivero and Hugo Del Carril were perhaps the best known of several tango specialists who cut sides for Seeco, and authentic tango artistry can readily be found on Rivero's Tropical album El Gran Cantante Argentino. Emigrants from the north of Spain brought their folk ballad tradition to Mexico, and the French who briefly controlled the country during the 19th century brought the waltz and the polka. These forms can still be heard in the Tejano music popular among Spanish-speaking Americans in the southern United States.

Ultimately, Mexico became world-famous for its beautiful and melancholy ranchera ballads, as performed by guitar, trumpet, violin and accordion ensembles known as mariachis. RHUMBA El son, an infectious music based on a five-beat rhythm pattern, was developed in the Cuban countryside during the late 19th century. By the s, it had migrated to Havana and formed the basis of rhumba, a style of music and dance that grew out of neighborhood street festivals.

While initially taken up by impoverished Cuban city dwellers, the rhumba gradually became popular in polite society. Seven-piece musical ensembles formed to play this new music; one of the most popular was Septeto Nacional, led by composer and guitarist Ignacio Pineiro.

Pineiro and his group cut a critically acclaimed album for Seeco in Americans vacationing in Cuba acquired a taste for this exotic new sound and brought it home with them. More than any other Latin bandleader, Cugat understood the importance of image and marketing.

His shows featured beautiful girl singers in Spanish mantillas, flashy tango and flamenco dancers, virile and handsome conga drummers, musicians in ruffled pink sleeves, stage sets decorated with potted palms, and more often than not. The colorful and flamboyant image he created for himself and his music captured the American public's fancy, and opened the door for other Latin artists to follow in his wake.

Machito waited just a little longer, signing with the label in the early '50s. His impassioned conga-drumming and his handsome Latin looks brought him many ladies' telephone numbers scrawled on cocktail napkins, not to mention numerous offers to appear in Hollywood films. He helped himself to both the women and the movie exposure, starring with the likes of Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. His fame was consolidated in the 's when he toured the world his own band.

The undulating "Tremendo Cumban" by Machito and his Afro-Cubans is probably the most frequently licensed track in the Seeco catalogue. She remained with the band following her brother's return, and their wry duet vocal style became a hit with both audiences and record buyers. Graciela became famous throughout Latin-America for her quivering performances of ballads like "Novio Mio", but she was no slouch in the rhythm department, as her energetic Seeco recording of "Adivinanza" clearly demonstrates.

The siblings joined forces on sizzling tracks like "Mambo Infierno" and other successful marriages of hot jazz and raw rhumba captured at Seeco recording sessions. View full artist profile. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks.

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