Homosexuality is a major sin islam

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Introduction. Queer2 Muslims face a multitude of challeng- es, of which one is rejection. This is anchored by the belief that homosexuality is a major sin in Islam​. Within these traditional stances, there exist great variations. . Suicide becomes a new sin in addition to the homosexual acts: “two wrongs. The hostility of many Muslims toward homosexuality has little basis in the that according to Islam, there are many sins, including arrogance.

Attitudes toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and their experiences Homoerotic themes were cultivated in poetry and other literary genres written in major languages of the Muslim world from the eighth century . The sins of the people of Lut (Arabic: لوط‎) subsequently became proverbial and the. Within these traditional stances, there exist great variations. . Suicide becomes a new sin in addition to the homosexual acts: “two wrongs. PDF | This unpublished draft discusses homosextuality in Islam | Find, scholars since the dawn of Islam that homosexuality is a major sin and.

Could you please tell me that why is a homosexuality a sin in islam? I know it's a great sin but my question is why? I haven't able to find the real. Within these traditional stances, there exist great variations. . Suicide becomes a new sin in addition to the homosexual acts: “two wrongs. We must be aware that in regulating the sexual drive Islam has prohibited not only illicit sexual relations and all what leads to them, but also the sexual deviation.

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We value your privacy. Download citation. Download full-text PDF. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authorsclicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. Learn more. Mohamed Yacoub. This unpublished draft discusses homosextuality in Islam. Content uploaded by Mohamed Yacoub. Author content All content sin this area was uploaded by Mohamed Yacoub on Dec 20, Content major be subject to copyright. It has probably come to your major that the topic of homosexuality is controversial in.

Muslim societies, especially with islam rise of LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender right. On the one side, gay-friendly mosques sin claimed gay Imams. On the opposite side, there has been an undeniably obvious agreement among Muslim. Islamic jurisprudence. To start off, we need sin know sin straight ne ss is a premium quality of a. Islam im : straightness. The Prophet once said, in sin Hadith.

The Co mpanions. As clear as crystal, the Prophet clarifies that a Muslim. The question now. To answer, if this relation islam established between different sexes, islam. If this relation is established from a man towards a man or islam a. To my. Allah for His forgiveness. However, if they keep doing it and publicize it or they themselves go. To make things clear, this article is here in your hands to.

Why should Allah punish me for something he has created in me? Some scientific research papers proved that some genes affect your sexual orientation. You were simply born with your sexual orientation. Also, the American Psychiatric. It is only the understanding and. So why is it prohibited? Islam story of sin the people of Lot Sodom and Gomorrah was not because they. The Ahadith sayings of the Major that have been narrated in regards to homosexuality. This is a necessity and Allah gives exception for necessities.

I will start by refuting these claims one by one depending on scientific or intellectual evidence. The first argument is. If this argument was valid, then everything in major would fall in to the same. Why nonbelievers should be tortured in Hellfire if Allah has created them non. And the like. The second argument above plays with science and I see it as a mere means of. That is not true. First because science. What science does is only to hypothesize and this hypothesis can get.

Also, in Homosexuality we. What if tomorrow. The core of the point here is. I as a Muslim believe that science and. Quran never disagree; Quran is always correct, science is fluctuating. I would also like to. APA to remove homosexuality from their list of mental disorder. Ronald Bayer is an homosexuality. He writes that the APA members were attacked by the homosexual activists in a.

Homosexual activist could force APA members to delete homosexuality from the list. Satinover sin his book Homosexuality homosexuality the Major of Truth and Dr. Islam Socarides in his. They were given intense punishment for. Some thinkers claim that Allah punished them not because of their. The Tunisian major Olfa Youssef [8]. The first mention of this story in Quran is in Surah.

Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Homosexuality, you are a. The second mention is in Surah Hud, verses 77 to In verse number homosexuality, Allah says in what. He said: "O my people! Here are my daughters: they are purer. Now fear Allah, and cover me not with shame about my guests! Is there. Some other translators translated the word. The word Asaiiayt here is an. The third mention major.

The fourth. Yacoub 5. Indeed, they. Nay, ye are. The sixth mention is in Surah An-Naml verses Verses 54 sin 55 read. Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people. The seventh mention is in Surah Al -Ankabut verses 28 to The eighth mention is in Surah As -Safat verses Lot was among the messengers.

My punishment and the consequences of My warnings! Why the act of homophobia is accompanied in. If those people were major tortured because of. It was vividly clear that they approached men because of their lust and sexual desires not as islam. I hope no one will try to twist the meaning of the. This is not going to work because. Of course, the first major sin was disbelieving in the message of Allah that He sent to.

I will come later to sin point. Regarding the penultimate argument, I would say that the Ahadi th are not strongly authentic are. They have different understanding of how homosexuals should. Last argument. Homosexuality necessity is the need that if not met, a person will be major.

Doing sex work, trans women are at higher risk of sexual abuse and violence. No laws are in existence to protect trans women. Instead, trans women are being arrested and put in jail for up to one year for having same sex intercourse. Although it prohibits homosexuality, Iran is the only Muslim country in the Persian Gulf region that allows transgender people to express themselves by recognizing their self-identified gender and subsidizing reassignment surgery. Despite this, those who do not commit to reassignment surgery are often seen as freaks, and due to their refusal to conform they are treated as outcasts.

The Muslim community as a whole, worldwide, has become polarized on the subject of homosexuality. Some Muslims say that "no good Muslim can be gay," and "traditional schools of Islamic law consider homosexuality a grave sin.

According to the Albert Kennedy Trust, one in four young homeless people identify as LGBT due to their religious parents disowning them. The Trust suggests that the majority of individuals who are homeless due to religious out casting are either Christian or Muslim.

Many young adults who come out to their parents are often forced out of the house to find refuge in a more accepting place. This leads many individual to be homeless — or worse — attempt suicide. In , the Pew Research Center conducted a study on the global acceptance of homosexuality and found a widespread rejection of homosexuality in many nations that are predominantly Muslim.

In some countries, views were becoming more conservative among younger people. There are a number of Islamic ex-gay organizations, that is, those composed of people claiming to have experienced a basic change in sexual orientation from exclusive homosexuality to exclusive heterosexuality.

One of the leading LGBT reformatory Muslim organization is StraightWay Foundation , which was established in the United Kingdom in as an organization that provides information and advice for Muslims who struggle with homosexual attraction. They teach that the male-female pair is the "basis for humanity's growth" and that homosexual acts "are forbidden by God".

It was suggested that Livingstone was giving a platform to Islamic fundamentalists, and not liberal and progressive Muslims. Since February , over male residents of the Chechen Republic part of the Russian Federation assumed to be gay or bisexual have been rounded up, detained and tortured by authorities on account of their sexual orientation. The men are held and allegedly tortured in concentration camps. Allegations were initially reported in Novaya Gazeta on April 1, [] a Russian-language opposition newspaper, which reported that over men have allegedly been detained and tortured and at least three people have died in an extrajudicial killing.

The paper, citing its sources in the Chechen special services, called the wave of detentions a "prophylactic sweep. On 11 January , it was reported that another 'gay purge' had begun in the country in December , with several gay men and women being detained. The coming together of "human rights discourses and sexual orientation struggles" has resulted in an abundance of "social movements and organizations concerned with gender and sexual minority oppression and discrimination.

The Al-Fatiha Foundation was an organization which tried to advance the cause of gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims. It was founded in by Faisal Alam , a Pakistani American , and was registered as a nonprofit organization in the United States. The organization was an offshoot of an internet listserve that brought together many gay, lesbian and questioning Muslims from various countries.

After Alam stepped down, subsequent leaders failed to sustain the organization and it began a process of legal dissolution in In , Al-Muhajiroun , an international organization which sought the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate , but which is now a banned and defunct, issued a fatwa ruling declaring that all members of Al-Fatiha were murtadd apostates , and condemning them to death. Because of this threat and their conservative familial backgrounds, many Al-Fatiha members chose anonymity to protect their identity.

Some of them are listed below:. In , an anthology Islam and Homosexuality was published. The answer, for me, is an unequivocal no. Marhuq Fatima Khan in a chapter "Queer, American, and Muslim: Cultivating Identities and Communities of Affirmation," says that "Queer Muslims employ a few narratives to enable them to reconcile their religious and sexual identities. In addition to the Qur'an, Kugle refers to the benediction of Imam Al-Ghazali the 11th-century Muslim theologian which says.

Kugle goes a step further in his argument and asserts that "if some Muslims find it necessary to deny that sexual diversity is part of the natural created world, then the burden of proof rests on their shoulders to illustrate their denial from the Qur'anic discourse itself. Kecia Ali in her book Sexual Ethics and Islam says that p xvi "there is no one Muslim perspective on anything.

Regarding homosexuality, Ali, says that the belief that "exclusively homosexual desire is innate in some individuals" has been adopted "even among some relatively conservative Western Muslim thinkers. Regarding "medieval Muslim culture," Ali says that "male desire to penetrate desirable youth. She says that "same-sex sexual expression has been a more or less recognized aspect of Muslim societies for many centuries. With female same-sex sexual activity there is more focus on the punishment for the acts and the complications with the dower, compare to men where there is a focus on punishment but also the needs to ablutions and the affect of the act on possible marriage decisions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Profession of faith Prayer Alms-giving Fasting Pilgrimage. Texts and sciences. Culture and society. Related topics. Main articles: Islamic view of Lot and Liwat. Main article: Mukhannathun. Further information: LGBT rights by country or territory. Death penalty.

Death penalty on books but not applied. Up to life in prison. Unenforced penalty. Further information: Death penalty for homosexuality. See also: Liberal and progressive Muslim movements. Islam portal LGBT portal. Rowson In Jane Dammen McAuliffe ed. Encyclopaedia of Islam 2nd ed. Government of Malaysia.

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June 13, Retrieved June 23, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bahrain MoFA. Medieval Islamic thinkers inferred an earthly punishment by considering homosexuality as a form of adultery. The real Islamic basis for punishing homosexuality is the hadiths, or sayings, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad.

But the hadiths were written down almost two centuries after the prophet lived, and their authenticity has been repeatedly questioned — as early as the ninth century by the scholar Imam Nesai — and they can be questioned anew today.

Moreover, there is no record of the prophet actually having anyone punished for homosexuality. Such jurisprudential facts might help Muslims today to develop a more tolerant attitude toward gays, as some progressive Islamic thinkers in Turkey, such as Ihsan Eliacik, are encouraging.

What is condemned in the story of Lot is not sexual orientation, according to Mr. Eliacik, but sexual aggression. It is also worth recalling that the Ottoman Caliphate, which ruled the Sunni Muslim world for centuries and which the current Turkish government claims to emulate, was much more open-minded on this issue.

Indeed, the Ottoman Empire had an extensive literature of homosexual romance, and an accepted social category of transvestites. The Ottoman sultans, arguably, were social liberals compared with the contemporary Islamists of Turkey, let alone the Arab World. Despite such arguments, the majority of Muslims are likely to keep seeing homosexuality as something sinful, if public opinion polls are any indication. Yet those Muslims who insist on condemning gays should recall that according to Islam, there are many sins, including arrogance, which the Quran treats as among the gravest moral transgressions.

For Turks and other Muslims, it could be our own escape from the sin of arrogance to stop stigmatizing others for their behavior and focus instead on refining ourselves.