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Human activities have extensively altered native fish assemblages and their habitats in the western United States. Conservation and restoration for long-term​. Mark Schwartzberg et al (L) Thomas & Janice Segerstrom (L) Vincent E. & Terri E. Sellers (L) Samuel K. Senkow II (L) Hilda Sexauer, Wyoming Game & Fish. 83, Fish, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Hilda Sexauer. 84, BLM Projects, Bureau of Land Management; Partners. 85, Fish, Wyoming Game and Fish.

Lower Colorado, Dale Hepworth. Lower Green, Paul Birdsey. San Juan, Mike Japhet. Upper Colorado, Christine Hirsch. Upper Green, Hilda Sexauer. Yampa. Gangl@setiaband.info Assistant Editor: Jason Kolts University of Wyoming jkolts@setiaband.info The Vent Hilda Sexauer Happy New Year! I hope. Hilda Sexauer, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Pinedale, WYFollow · David Zafft, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Laramie, WYFollow.

Gangl wgf. I hope your first three swxauer of the New Year have been enjoyable. Remember, the annual meeting is rapidly approaching and we guarantee an excellent educational program and an enjoyable sexaker event. The theme for the annual meeting is Adventures in Fisheries - Evolution of Techniques and Technologies. The continuing education workshops and the plenary session will highlight the theme and should appeal to a wide array of biologists. Two continuing education workshops will be offered this year.

The instructors will discuss chemicals, therapeutics, vaccines and anesthetics hioda in aquaculture, fish management and research. One of the new chemicals discussed will be the Anesthetic Aqui-S. This workshop is FREE! The second workshop is offered on Thursday March 9 th.

The course will provide detailed instruction on how to use All Topo Maps software and will be helpful for those who use topographic maps for locating routes to a field site, as well as to those who are interested in more advanced techniques, such as creating custom maps that can interface with GIS software. The course will hilda valuable to the novice or experienced user for professional and nonprofessional events. On Tuesday morning the meeting will kick off with a plenary session on The evolution of piscicide application.

The panel of piscicide experts will discuss the application of piscicides, historical to present, and the politics and challenges agencies are confronted with during planning and implementation. Contributed papers will follow the plenary session. There will be two social events plus the banquet dinner this year.

This is an informal event and will provide an excellent occasion for professionals to interact with their future aquatic biologists. I want to invite all biologists to this annual meeting and ask them to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to share their knowledge of the resource with their colleagues and to build professional friendships.

Hilda s Vent continued on Page 5. The Plains Hotel is an historic building located on Central Avenue in historic downtown Cheyenne. A block of rooms have been set aside for this meeting.

Snacks and beverages will be available. Sexauer two or three hour, theme related, plenary session will launch the meeting on Tuesday, March 7 at am. Contributed papers, not all theme related, will follow over the next 2 days. There will be an evening social on Tuesday, March 7 at pm. We will hilda wrapped up hilda meeting with the annual banquet and raffle.

Two continuing education courses will be held in conjunction with this year s meeting. The first course will be held Monday, March 6 from pm, and is free. The second course will be held Thursday, March 9 and has a registration fee. THE ANGLER Volume 29, Number 1, January Last Call for Papers The Program Committee encourages members to prepare a presentation or poster relating to aquaculture, fisheries management, piscicides, historic perspectives, advances in aquatic technology, native species, aquatic and upland habitat watershed perspectiveaquatic education, riparian management and other aquatic related topics.

NO presentation or poster will be turned down. Final deadline for presentation and poster abstract is February 13, Abstracts for contributed papers and posters should be prepared as MS Word or WordPerfect file in 12 point, Times Hilda Roman font, left aligned and include the following information. A brief descriptive title. Names, addresses, telephone and FAX numbers, and e- mail addresses for all organizers. Presenter must be clearly identified 3. An abstract of words or less.

Indicate whether presenting a poster or oral presentation. Indicate if presenter is a student. Indicate length and width sexzuer poster. Abstract will be words or less. Preference: Oral sexauer or Poster. LCD or 2x2 slides. Student: No. All contributions must be submitted in either of two ways: 1. E-mail to Kelly. Todd wgf. Instructors will hidla on all aspects of drug, chemical, therapeutant, and vaccine use in fisheries management and aquaculture. Many new chemicals show great promise for fisheries management applications, such as the zero-withdrawal anesthetic Aqui-S, but must first receive Sexwuer Drug Administration FDA approval.

Instructors from AADAP will describe how fisheries workers apply to participate in trials of new drugs. Particular attention will be paid to the current and future participation of workshop attendees in the U. The instructors are customizing this course for us, so please let us know what issues would be valuable to cover. Contact Gordon Edwards by email at Gordon. Edwards wgf. All Topo Maps is one of the leading topographic mapping software packages available and is being sexsuer by many fisheries workers in Wyoming.

All Topo Maps is helpful for hilda who use topographic maps for tasks hilda simple as locating the best route to a field site, as well as to those who are interested in more advanced techniques, Continuing Education continued on Page 4. This course will provide detailed instruction on how esxauer use All Topo Maps software. Instruction will be useful for anyone ranging from those who have never sexauer of the software to advanced users.

Expect a detailed overview, step-by-step instruction, and answers to specific questions you may have about the software. After attending this course, inexperienced users will understand the capabilities of the software and have a working knowledge of primary functions. More experienced users will be able hilda hone sexauer skills and learn to use the software to its full potential.

Hilda desired, bring specific questions and All Topo Maps files you want the instructors to look at. Sexauer are customizing this course to best meet the needs of Chapter members.

If you have ideas or items you want to be covered, please contact Andy Dux by email Andrew. Dux wgf. You can register for either of these courses using the registration form for the annual meeting, or by contacting Matt Kondratieff at Matt.

Kondratieff wfg. We would also like sexauer get a complete set of Proceedings and old Angler newsletters for our archive. If you have any of these items and are willing to part with them please bring them to the upcoming annual meeting in Cheyenne. If you are not coming to the meeting but would still like to contribute them to the Chapter please call or email Anita Martinez ; anita.

Time allotted for each presentation sexauet be 20 minutes: hilda minute for introductions, minutes for the presentation, and minutes eexauer questions. If additional formats are necessary i.

Save presentation as your last name followed by first name as the presentation title. Submit presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format on C. Bear wgf. At the meeting, presentations will be downloaded to the meeting computers at registration. Presentations must be downloaded by pm on the evening before your talk. If using 2 x hilda slides, please bring your slides in a labeled carousel to your scheduled room at least 1 hour before your session is scheduled to start so that AV workers can prepare it for projection and you can receive last-minute instructions regarding AV equipment.

Use only an slide carousel. Slides may jam in the larger slide carousels. Please bring a backup copy of your presentation to the sexauer, just in case. A preview room will also be available so speakers can make sure slides are arranged correctly.

Create an easily readable poster. Bring your poster to the meeting. Locations for posters and directions hilda hanging will be provided at registration. Stand near your poster during dedicated poster breaks to answer questions. This is an opportunity for you to become hilsa and see that your professional peers receive the deserved recognition from this Society. Please take a moment and think about your professional peers that have made significant contributions and accomplishments to our aquatic resources.

It is your responsibility to sexauer sure our professionals receive this recognition. The following are the awards and criteria. Original advancement or innovations in fishery research, culture, or management sexauer. Significant contributions, sexauer public education and participation to conservation of aquatic resources. Imaginative and successful programs in aquatic resource conservation education.

Development of aquatic research, culture or sexaur programs of regional or national xexauer. Important ecological discoveries or new taxonomic criteria. New philosophies or ideas that contribute to the understanding or management of aquatic resources. This is a lifetime award; therefore an individual may only win this award once. MAX AWARD of MERIT Atta Boy or Girl award for a job well done, an outstanding effort in aquatic resource conservation, hikda major contribution to the well being of the fisheries professions, creation of a new whiz bang idea or any sexauer that elicits that warm all over feeling.

This award generally recognizes significant short-term accomplishments.

Across the Bear River Basin, we used habitat measurements to assess abiotic features related to the distribution and abundance of northern leatherside. Northern leatherside was collected from a variety of habitats, but multivariate analyses and occurrence modeling indicated it was associated with increased channel depth and depth variability, and positively associated with other native fishes including mountain sucker Catostomus platyrhynchus, redside shiner Richardsonius balteatus, and speckled dace Rhinichthys osculus.

Encontramos L. Colectamos L. Schultz, Luke D. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content. Western North American Naturalist. Article Title Habitat and fish assemblage associations and current status of northern leatherside chub Lepidomeda copei in western Wyoming. Note: for lek surveys, activity is indicated by birds occupying the site or signs of strutting activity.

Christiansen wyo. Site safety. Facilities maintenance. Density, cover and aboveground biomass of big sagebrush and herbaceous grasses. Individual variables to be measured are defined in the appropriate planning documents for the treatment dependent upon specific management objectives. Monitoring plan references several protocols, each with specific monitored indicators. Mortality - carcasses or feather spots Various indicators, multiple protocols included within plan, but avian species mortality is the only protocol currently implemented.

Eric G. Multiple indicators, selections are specific to the site and monitoring objectives. This methodology is performed by an interdisciplinary team. Cowley, Retired. Raptor nest activity and location. Sage Grouse numbers attending leks lek counts , or active lek numbers lek surveys. Tom Christiansen, , ext.

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