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Sunglasses prevent the audience from fully understanding how it is to interpret the woman's gaze. Horse and Woman and Horse was released theatrically in May From With, the free encyclopedia. Japanese Movie Database. Retrieved Archived from the original on Web Site. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When it comes to humans, do you identify as gay or straight? Why did that change? My therapist tells me that probably had a profound effect on me. When did you seek therapy, and why?

I saw a clinical psychologist following a recent trauma around two friends suddenly dying, and this perhaps reactivated the trauma of the death of my first love.

After questioning her repeatedly on what she was legally required to do if I confessed certain things to her, I decided to come clean and explain to her why horses are so important to me. After consulting with her mentors, experts, and other sources, she told me that she felt I didn't need treatment for my attraction. To which I went, "Well, duh. You associated the trauma of your first love dying with your homosexual experience? It was raw trauma. When I heard the news I was in upstate New York with some friends.

I remember everyone was trying to console me, and I left the house and went out to the pasture and just screamed. I was bawling. But yes, that was definitely traumatic. He was the first person I ever loved. My gender preference changed. But not with horses, right? That is true, yes. It has always been mares. Are you monogamous with mares? Yes, currently. I have two mares, and one is my mare friend and the other one is just a mare. Does your mare friend have a name?

I usually call her Sexy Knickers, but her name is Ms. How long have you been together? Five years. Do you see her as a partner in human terms? Or is the human model the wrong way to think about it? My wife is the one who encouraged me to go and buy some horses.

Has she always known about your interest in mares? We had very serious discussions, and I told her from the start that the horses were always going to be important to me. How did she react? She was very, very open. Is it communal? Do you do it together, or does she watch? Will it stay this way for a while? Until I can find extra money in my budget to move her out of a public stable.

How do your relationships usually end? Is there a breakup? Have you ever had to grieve for a mare? One of the things people say about horses is that they are always saying good-bye. They get sold, they move on, or someone takes them out of the country.

So she will be with me until I can no longer care for her or until she passes on. The thought of losing her terrifies me. This summer she had colic, which can be deadly. I held her in my arms and told her good-bye because I thought she was gone. It was very bad. I was sitting on the corner of a box, and she came over and she sidled up to me and she put her belly against my shoulder so I could rub her where it was hurting, and I thought to myself at the time … sorry, this is making me a little emotional … I thought that it was something I could do to help ease her off on her journey across the rainbow bridge, which is what zoophiles talk about.

When animals die they will go across the rainbow bridge and wait for their companions there. Anyway, the good news about that is she made it, and by 6 p. That must have been such a relief … It really was. Do you and your wife have kids? How would you feel if your mare friend were to have sex with another animal? I really like the dorsal stripe and other markings. I tend to like darker horses because of the contrast between the inside and the outside.

Personality is important. My therapist actually asked me that about horses. Is that the same with humans? No, I do have a distinct physical type. I tend to be attracted to heavier women I like hips , and with men I tend to like clean-shaven, younger-looking men. Does it cause a split personality? Do you wish you could be out and proud?

The same arguments over and over again, and nobody can support me because they get labeled. What have I done? I am a normal, average, hardworking guy. I pay my taxes, I make fairly good money, I have a nice house. What have I done that's so wrong? And it does bring a weight. The experience of being a zoo adolescent was extremely lonely.

I had no one to turn to, nobody to ask questions, and even if I had trusted someone I feel now like I would have gotten bad, heteronormative advice. It was a silent day-to-day struggle. I believe that question is asked because there is no answer to it and so it proves the point that zoos are bad.

However, I answer it in a threefold way. First of all, why are people concerned about consent when my sexuality is involved but not when it comes to drinking milk or eating steak, both of which require artificial insemination and semen collection, which are very sexual acts?

You put your arm inside the cow, and you masturbate the bull. So obviously consent is not really the issue. Even if they are an adult and mentally sound? Are words the only way to get consent? The third thing is, honestly, for me consent is so obvious in the relationships that I have. Consent is very important to me. Nobody asks for consent for anything from animals.

No smart person does that because the dog could bite your hand. Does your wife ever get jealous of your relationship with your mare? But there are points of tension in any relationship. Would it be fair to say this might be one of them? Do you still look at animal literature and images? Do you find animated or fictional horses attractive? Honestly, I really prefer mares I know in real life. Do you ever take sexual photos of your mare? Generally not. Maybe once or twice? Is that unusual for a zoophile?

I would describe it as extremely unusual. I can tell right away when a horse is not enjoying herself. A lot of it is made just for the money by the same producers as other porn, and they have about the same respect for animals as they do for women.

If you look back over the course of your life, has it caused you more pain than happiness, or do you think that you have discovered something that is unique and special?

I would never recommend this life to anybody. Am I actually doing the right thing? Am I hurting this animal? To answer the second half of the question: I love me. I love who I am.

I love my sexuality. How could I not want to have that? When I was 18 and coming to terms with being a zoo I got to the point where I was holding a knife to my wrist. The thought that came to me was if I were to kill myself now, I would never have those horses in my life. I wish we could talk more openly about sex and alternative sexual interests, or just sex in general.

Do you want the law to change? Having sex with an animal should be legal. But I would like to see stronger animal-cruelty laws. I would never rape an animal.

Are there people who do that? There are also people who do that to women. This is an odd transition, but I was wondering if you eat meat? I look to do harm reduction to the meat I eat. It comes from a local organic farm, and I know the butcher who butchers the meat. I try to eliminate all the cruelty from it. I have backyard chickens and free-range eggs. So, how often do you have sex with your mare friend?

I would say we have intercourse at least once a week. Do you ever spend the night with her without having sex? Just being with her is more than enough for me.

Sex is an extra. Horses like having someone watching over them. Does your wife mind when that happens? I wish it could happen more often. The sadistic woman is applying make-up to her face while looking into the mirror of a compact.

As the sounds of a young girl's screams become more audible, the woman tilts the mirror so that her face is looking directly into the audience. Sunglasses prevent the audience from fully understanding how it is to interpret the woman's gaze. Horse and Woman and Dog was released theatrically in May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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