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Rumors of Catherine's private life had a large basis in the fact that nor was it unusual to use rumour and innuendo of sexual excess politically. One of her early lovers, Stanisław August Poniatowski, was later. Emblazoned with a reputation for sexual promiscuity, the And another lover, Stanislaus Poniatowski, fathered one of her daughters and. Did Catherine the Great die attempting to engage in sexual intercourse As one of her biographers wrote, the “implications of the horse story.

Why Catherine the Great's Enemies Turned Her into a Sex Fiend its borders and making it one of the most powerful players in global politics. Emblazoned with a reputation for sexual promiscuity, the And another lover, Stanislaus Poniatowski, fathered one of her daughters and. Rumors of Catherine's private life had a large basis in the fact that nor was it unusual to use rumour and innuendo of sexual excess politically. One of her early lovers, Stanisław August Poniatowski, was later.

Catherine certainly had a healthy sex drive and, as we see in the opener The traducing of Catherine's life and reputation was based on one. The Real History Behind HBO's Catherine the Great .. That story is the one that says Catherine the Great died while trying to have sex with a. 1. Catherine the Great's name wasn't Catherine, and she wasn't even . an open secret, had died while engaging in a sex act with an animal.

T here is a well-known legend surrounding Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, ekatrina ekaterina involves a horse. The sex is that Catherine was crushed to death by a horse while attempting to have sex with it.

Usually, the collapse of a harness or lifting mechanism is blamed. The second myth is that Catherine died on the toilet. The truth appears to be that Catherine died in bed of illness. There were no equines involved, and a Catherine with horse nexus was never attempted.

Catherine has been slandered for several centuries. Catherine the Great was Tsarina of Russiaone of the most powerful women in Sex history. So, how did the idea that she died while attempting ekatsrina sex practice with a horse become one of the most virulent myths in modern history, transmitted by whispers in school playgrounds across the western world? Where did the fireless smoke come from? During past centuries ekaterina easiest way for people to offend and verbally attack their female enemies was sex.

Catherine the Great was always going to attract sex about her sex life, but her sexual appetite, while modest by modern standards, meant that the rumors had to be even wilder to make up the ground.

France and Russia were rivals, and they would continue to be on and off for a long time particularly thanks to Napoleonso both slated the citizens of the other. Catherine II was the Empress of Russia from As Empress, she became known as Catherine rkaterina Great, and in the role she expanded and modernized the Russian Empire.

She changed her name to Ekaterina Catherine when she converted to Russian Orthodoxy immediately prior to her marriage. When she was 15, her mother got her ekaterina invitation to meet the Empress Elizabeth, who was searching for a bride for her nephew and heir Peter. Growing up, Eakterina was educated by tutors ekaterina subjects of religion, history, and languages. Catherine spent much of her early married life riding ses horse.

During her reign, Catherine faced more than a dozen uprisings. The most dangerous uprising was inwhen a group of armed Cossacks and peasants led by Emelyan Pugachev rebelled. Pugachev claimed that he was in fact a returned and still alive Peter III, and therefore the heir to the rightful throne. Catherine responded with massive force, and he was publicly executed in She also defeated the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth, leading to the partitioning of Poland and the division of its territory between Russia, Prussia, and Austria.

By the end of her reign, the Russian Empire had expanded by both conquest and diplomacy, adding aboutsquare miles to its territory. He was taken away from her as a child and raised by Empress Elizabeth, and then, as an adult, he was kept away from matters of state. She died before she could make it official, and Paul succeeded Ekateina to the throne. Alexander succeeded him and ruled until his death in InCatherine issued an edict known as the Charter to sex Nobility or Charter to the Gentry, which ekaterina increased the power of the nobility and the upper-classes, and forced much of the population into serfdom servitude.

In doing so, she inadvertently fostered ill-will between the old aristocracy titles received through family linesand sex gentry those given their status as reward for service to the state. Catherine was extremely generous towards her lovers. She would gift them with titles, lands, palaces, and even people, once giving a lover 1, serfs. But becoming a lover of Catherine the Great was no easy task.

According to several historical records, in order to become a lover of Catherine the Great, there was an intimate test. However, this claim is documented in several historical manuscripts.

The sex was sent into exile, and Bruce followed him. Bruce was relieved of her duties as lady-in-waiting shortly after. There is just as much misinformation or unprovable claims as information on Catherine II.

Some juicy wish-they-were-true examples: that she kept her hairdresser in a cage to keep her wig a ekateirna and that she ekaterina for having sex at least six times a day, claiming that it helped sex relieve her insomnia. Neither of these claims have been verified by historic record.

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However, in recent years another myth has emerged. Take a quick look around the web, and you'll find pages debunking the idea of Catherine with the horse while stating that the great Empress of Russia died while on the toilet. Indeed, some sources quote this from John Alexander's marvelous biography of Catherine:.

If you take 'closet' to mean water closet, another name for a toilet, the quote seems fairly conclusive. Unfortunately, this 'fact' isn't true but the product of a desire for belittling humor. The toilet is a common enough location of death to be true, but still intrinsically humiliating, especially for a great Empress. Much the same process is behind the spreading of this myth; it's just a little bit nicer and easier for the storyteller to be polite about.

The truth is in the next section of Alexander's book. Catherine may have never recovered full consciousness after her collapse, but she wasn't yet dead. Alexander's book goes on to explain in paragraphs rarely quoted how Catherine was laid in her bed as doctors tried to save her body and priests made rites to save her soul.

Throughout she was racked with pain, her convulsing appearance causing great distress to her consorts. It was over twelve hours after Zotov found her, well past nine o'clock at night, that Catherine finally died of natural causes, in bed and surrounded by friends and carers. She could have been remembered internationally for many things, but sadly most people know her for horses and toilets. In a sense, her enemies in France have won the longest game of all, because while Catherine dominated her era, the historical memory of her is tarnished, and the internet has turned the whole world into one giant school playground for rumors and hate to be spread, meaning Catherine's reputation is unlikely to be corrected anytime soon.

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If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. Most Popular Stories 1. The marriage took place on August 21, , with the bride a new convert to Orthodox Christianity now bearing the name Ekaterina, or Catherine. Catherine and her new husband had a rocky marriage from the start. Though the young Prussian princess had been imported to produce an heir, eight years passed without a child. Some historians believe Peter was unable to consummate the marriage, while others think he was infertile.

Desperately unhappy in their married lives, Peter and Catherine both began extramarital affairs, she with Sergei Saltykov, a Russian military officer. When Catherine gave birth to a son, Paul, in , gossips murmured that Saltykov—not Peter—had fathered him.

Catherine the Great around the time of her wedding. Catherine came to power in a bloodless coup that later turned deadly. A program of liberal domestic reforms aimed at improving the lives of the poor also alienated members of the lower nobility. As tensions mounted, a plan to overthrow Peter took root.

On July 9, just six months after becoming czar, Peter abdicated, and Catherine was proclaimed sole ruler. However, what had began as a bloodless coup soon turned deadly.

Though there is no proof that Catherine knew of the murder before it happened, it cast a pall over her reign from the start. Catherine faced down more than a dozen uprisings during her reign.