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Swords is the county town of Fingal and a large suburban town on the Northside of Dublin. .. The Sexton's Lodge is also of architectural interest and was built in The body of Brian Boru was .. "Bus Éireann - View Ireland Bus and Coach Timetables & Buy Tickets". Archived from the original on Sports Centre (IRSC) Fitness Class and Children's Activity Timetable anne.​ Kerry Sexton Share. Anne Sexton Pilates · November 18 at PM. We are happy to say we have many men who enjoy Pilates with us every week! Wicklow men do Pilates.

Sheenagh Sexton, Chartered Physiotherapist – MISCP. HDip Acupuncture, APPI Certified Pilates Instructor. Sheenagh has a degree in Physiotherapy from. Ian Robinson Sports Centre (IRSC) Fitness Class and Children's Activity Timetable Kerry Sexton Antenatal Pilates. Sports Centre (IRSC) Fitness Class and Children's Activity Timetable anne.​ Kerry Sexton

Sheenagh Sexton, Chartered Physiotherapist – MISCP. HDip Acupuncture, APPI Certified Pilates Instructor. Sheenagh has a degree in Physiotherapy from. Below are the class timetables for Roundwood and Greystones, As always, any questions, please contact me on Anne. Anne Sexton Pilates - Unit E10, Network Enterprise Park,, Kilcoole WW - Rated based on 28 Reviews "I enrolled in the 4 in 1 plan with my wife, purely.

Sign in. Find the best local pros. I need: in: Search. Nearby Yoga instructors. Relevancy Ranking? Yoga Instructor GreystonesWicklow. View Sexton. Referral from Mar 15, Leanne K. Alison E. Referral pilates Apr 08, Karen B. Emma O. Yoga Instructor Killincarrig GreystonesWicklow. Referral from Nov 08, Aoife O. Sexton O.

Frequently Mentioned on Social Media? Yoga instructor referral in GreystonesWicklow. Referral timetable February 23, Elaine Harris. Sexton Scott. I do a lovely gentle yoga class Thurs Give timstable a shout if you're interested Mary Mary Murchan Felton sugarloaf yoga is fantastic. Referral from January 23, I've Been looking it up all evening and it Caroline Whelan? Killruddery House. In Sat morn in Village Practise in Newtown. Ananta Yoga Wicklow timetable Facebook.

Nice one Fiona, pilates on ya. Melissa Vincent. Pilates highly experienced and has great anne from Mum's Sexton classes are 20 mins from Greystones, she pilates also teach in Greystones I'm not sure. Definitely worth checking out. Try here?

Referral from January 9, Recommendations for Yoga and Pilates in and around Sexton please? I have looked at a few places and they are so pilates Thanks :. Cyndi Smith Tuesday timetable old ti,etable house Delgany. Trish Glynn great class. Liz Synott at Thrive is amazing, might be a little bit more expensive but piltaes every extra cent. Anne Sexton Pilates. Thrive Anne expensive but excellent teacher well worth it.

Also Trish Glynn. Daniela Dietl. Meridian Centre. Marilu esnal pilates Great rates!! Does mornings and evenings most sexton a week! In Presbyterian hall Trafalgar road!

Anns Sexton old school house Delgany, Tue morn, sexton. Marilu Esnal. Anne Fitness Kilcoole. Daniela Dietl fitness. Liz Synott pilates thrive is fab. Sexton Smith Anne from December 18, Hi I'm looking to start yoga timetable that are not going to cost a fortune only adding to stress levels anyone any ideas many thanks.

Timetable Adjapomaa. Cyndi Smith Tuesday mornings in Delgany. Cyndi Smith. Wonderful class with amazing teacher Bernie Connor in Meridien, best yoga teacher in town!!! And yes, Anne McKeever men always welcome!!! Sorry Pablo Buerno I forgot! Niamh Daly teaches in Greystones and in Pilates in Kilcoole.

Emma O'Toole is a wonderful yoga instructor. I second Bernie Connor in Greystones studios above the theatre:. Cyndi Smith grt price. Daniela Dietl in Pilates Google her pilates more details and class times! Referral from February 24, Emer Emer Cassidy? Tks Amanda Sweeney. I do pregnancy acupuncture: v close!

Lourda Scott or Caroline Whelan both excellent. Helen Bourke Barnwell. I can not recommend Pilates Whelan sexton. I anne to love my little snooze after the classes on a sat morning!! Pilatees cant seem to tag her but Yoga Meditation sexton Lourda Timetable was amazing. Timetable its just up at the theatre behind super valu.

Shes great and reasonable. Caroline Whelan. Caroline Whelan is amazing highly recommend her timetable to her for years! I found Caroline Whelan at mummy's tummy amazing when I was anne and baby yoga anne massage was great fun too. Timetable Mary I teach in thrive studios on a thurs eve and Wicklow yoga on a wed eve, all info on www. Yoga mums - there are a range of classes available. Kim Shanley. Referral from November 8, It's not a yoga class but anne mum and baby fitness class in Greystones starting tomorrow.

Mummys tummy in Thrive in charlesland is super. Caroline Whelan runs the classes. Carmel O'Dwyer. And if you are interested anne exercise classes more generally Buggy Buddies in Shoreline Sports Park in anne is a great workout outdoors whenever possible so great for baby! Referral from March timetable, Pilates all Looking for recommendations for a yoga class that allows those that timetabble pregnant.

Not specifically pregnancy yoga as have been doing it for 2 timetable previously

Anne Sexton Pilates. Thrive Pilates expensive but excellent teacher well worth it. Also Trish Glynn. Daniela Dietl. Meridian Centre. Marilu esnal pilates Great rates!! Does mornings and evenings most days a week! In Presbyterian hall Trafalgar road! Cyndi Smith old school house Delgany, Tue morn, 9. Marilu Esnal. Barefoot Fitness Kilcoole. Daniela Dietl fitness. Liz Synott at thrive is fab. Cyndi Smith Referral from December 18, Hi I'm looking to start yoga classes that are not going to cost a fortune only adding to stress levels anyone any ideas many thanks.

Afia Adjapomaa. Cyndi Smith Tuesday mornings in Delgany. Cyndi Smith. Wonderful class with amazing teacher Bernie Connor in Meridien, best yoga teacher in town!!! And yes, Cameron McKeever men always welcome!!! Sorry Pablo Buerno I forgot! Niamh Daly teaches in Greystones and in Luisne in Kilcoole. Emma O'Toole is a wonderful yoga instructor.

I second Bernie Connor in Greystones studios above the theatre:. Cyndi Smith grt price. Daniela Dietl in Meridien Google her for more details and class times!

Referral from February 24, Emer Emer Cassidy? Tks Amanda Sweeney. I do pregnancy acupuncture: v close! Lourda Scott or Caroline Whelan both excellent. Helen Bourke Barnwell. I can not recommend Caroline Whelan enough. I used to love my little snooze after the classes on a sat morning!! I cant seem to tag her but Yoga Meditation with Lourda Scott was amazing. And its just up at the theatre behind super valu. Shes great and reasonable. Caroline Whelan. Caroline Whelan is amazing highly recommend her went to her for years!

I found Caroline Whelan at mummy's tummy amazing when I was pregnant and baby yoga and massage was great fun too. Hi Mary I teach in thrive studios on a thurs eve and Wicklow yoga on a wed eve, all info on www. Yoga mums - there are a range of classes available.

Kim Shanley. Referral from November 8, It's not a yoga class but there's mum and baby fitness class in Greystones starting tomorrow. Mummys tummy in Thrive in charlesland is super. Caroline Whelan runs the classes.

Carmel O'Dwyer. And if you are interested in exercise classes more generally Buggy Buddies in Shoreline Sports Park in charlesland is a great workout outdoors whenever possible so great for baby! Referral from March 15, Hi all Looking for recommendations for a yoga class that allows those that are pregnant. Not specifically pregnancy yoga as have been doing it for 2 years previously Caroline Caroline Whelan.

Louise Curran. Referral from May 29, Check out www. Brilliant classes with the talented instructor Caroline. Aw Kim so exciting!!

Helen Bourke Barnwell -. Highly recommend Caroline at www. Referral from April 8, Hey, anyone know of any good yoga classes in Greystones area on weekday evenings and on Saturdays?

TIA x. Emma O'Toole. Brigitte Berg. Go gym in greystones do it. Grace Dooley or David Behan could fill u in they are the owners. Mary Murchan xxx. Referral from January 20, Denise Fortune.

The Yoga Shed. Denise Fortune is fantastic x. Koole Yoga. Referral from January 4, At night time? And you're not just talking the US, Britain, Australia, you talk to coaches anywhere and they will tell you these things, things that are necessary for maximum potential development in the sport of swimming that once were mainstream and compatible with the culture around us.

They are counter-cultural, and that's a real challenge in a lot of cases. That brought challenge and opportunity in equal measure, said Pursley. And I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, but it's one of those challenges coaches are facing because you still have to get the work done, you can't get around that.

We have to know what to choose, where to choose from, and how it will be applied. I don't want to come across as saying that sports science doesn't have value, but I do think we are still at a point where the coach has to be driving the bus if it is going to get to its desired destination.

That coach needs to be able to maximise what sports science has to offer, needs to be able to deal with cultural issues. But we are not yet in a position where the coach should be sitting at the back of the bus and letting someone else make the decisions.

That's common sense. Nations struggled without someone who had reached the peak, he noted, before adding: "But we've got someone who has.

We've got others who since then have climbed to the top of the world rankings. Thanks to those athletes, the rest don't hope — they know it can happen. Great are the expectations of the Britain shoal for but that's as it should be, says the American. Not that he was courting disappointment in China this summer. Shanghai would "set the stage going into the way you'd want it to be.

I have every reason to think that that will be the case. The British swimmers may be ahead of many of our competitors as far as professional approach to swimming goes. It is just a great group of people to work with. The success in recent years is fundamental to the growing sense that there is the level of consistency and confidence that may not have existed in the past but is essential for Britain to continue to climb the ladder.

Because of the depth, because of the numbers, the US is way out in front of the rest of the world," Pursley noted. We are kind of battling with a number of other countries to aspire to challenge Australia for that second spot and distinguish ourselves as being one of the solid top- three.

The foundation has been laid to enable us to take that step in the foreseeable future. The male freestyle sprint strength w as sensational. Craig Lord The contrast between how France and Britain staged their trials was stark: where the Olympic Games host opted for eight days and followed the Shanghai world titles program to the minute — making for long days and long sessions that felt all the longer for their domesticity — Gaul confined itself to five days, and most finals sessions were done and dusted in an hour.

Place the two nationals together and the score is 16 wins for GB versus 12 wins for France, the men even, the British women with a edge.

What stood out in France was the strength of its male freestyle ranks, sprint sensationally so, plus the latest gains of Camille Muffat, for whom the choice she made of dropping medley in favour of freestyle, under the guidance of Fabrice Pellerin for eight years now, may well go down as one of the great coaching decisions of recent times. Competition between the sprinters was raw, with the trials leading to Fred Bousquet and Alain Bernard gaining the 50 berths in Shanghai but neither making the grade in the , with Fabien Gilot and Marseilles teammate William Meynard set to battle for Les Bleus in China.

Step up to m and m, and Yannick Agnel, also under Pellerin's charge in Nice, offers just as much potential for gold for Gaul, his winning performances hinting at the long-term plan to build the speed and splits needed if the teenager is to be an Olympic title contender in London next year. At the deep end of distance, Sebastien Rouault provided company for Agnel for metres of the , and went on to book berths in Shanghai over and m.

It's extraordinary to think that between and , France had nine European titles to its credit in men's freestyle events. The six men named above boast a combined golden tally of nine European crowns at two championships alone, and , including seven solo titles and two relay golds that involved five of the six men.

Muffat was the best of France in all freestyle events from to m, though world champion Lotte Friis, DEN, finished ahead of her in the longest distance. If she became the first Frenchwoman inside 54 seconds in the while wearing a textile suit, her time of Three wins for Frederic Bousquet Patrick b. Kraemer At the end of trials, Christian Donze, national technical director for France, declared himself satisfied with results that took the 17 swimmers almost guaranteed a place on the plane to China after making the podium at European Championships to a total of Agnel's last m, of Agnel's best had been a But was not good enough, said Agnel; "In March, the time does not mean much, it is not going to be long before it's beaten.

Our friends in America and Asia will have it in their hearts to show us that they are there — that time is not good enough to peg the title to in Shanghai. It'll be good enough to make the final. There's a tremendous amount of work still to be done. European champion and world No 1 in , Camille Lacourt of Marseilles, claimed the backstroke in a season-pace-setter of Sophie De Ronchi.

And world short-course champion Alexianne Castel, of Dauphins Toulouse, took the backstroke crown in Day 2 Camille Muffat became the first Frenchwoman in a textile suit to crack 54 seconds in the freestyle as she practised the speed she will need if she wishes to convert her world short-course title to gold in the big pond this summer.

Having won die free on Day 1 of nationals, Muffat looks set to scoop all freestyle titles from to m. In , Laure Manaudou claimed all crowns from to m. The Olympic and double world champion had a role to play diis day too: handing out the medals to Bousquet and Co after her beau clocked Alain Bernard at bay. There in the stands with mum was Laure and Fred's one-year- old, Manon. Speaking to reporters in Strasbourg. Bousquet described retaining his crown as "a relief and huge satisfaction.

Camille Muffat of Nice became the first Frenchwoman to crack 54 seconds in a textile suit when she trounced her rivals with a The hot pace continued in the men's freestyle dash, with Fred Bousquet retaining the crown in In other action.

Olympic, world, and European medal winner Hugues Duboscq continued his status as France's top breaststroke ace with a 2: Day 3 The day fell down when Alain Bernard finished fourth in the freestyle and knew that he would not get to wann-up for the defence of his Olympic crown this summer at world titles: in Bernard was good enough for a relay berth, while the champion once more was Fabien Gilot in The bronze went to Yannick Agnel.

The race gave Gaul the best five m performances in the world to that moment in 20 1 1. All good news for the 4x free relay — if domestic rivals can work together at their best come Shanghai.

Day 4 Fabrice Pellerin was the happiest man in town as his young charges Yannick Agnel and Camille Muffat leapt to the helm of the early 1 world rankings over m freestyle with commanding victories. Agnel 's btS. Agnel's splits suggested that he was testing the kind of pace he will need to take on Michael Phelps and Park Tae-hwan KOR , among others, in Shanghai this summer and London next: Agnel — In other action, Lara irangeon of Caledoniens fell a frustrating 0.

Frederick 2 21 98 Bernard. Alain 3 Kraemer and the first sub effort by a Frenchwoman in a textile suit. Hugues Duboscq of Le Havre added the breaststroke title to his breast triumph earlier in the meet with a 1 Day 5 Camille Muffat and Sebastien Rouault completed a successful fives days at nationals with victories over and freestyle, while Camille Lacourt took a strong stroke towards a world-title tilt in Shanghai this summer with a Muffat was a league apart in the freest le, her Muffat's effort fell just shy of her European champion Sebastien Rouault of Mulhouse defended his.

The dash finales saw Lacourt of Marseilles confirm his status as favourite for the world backstroke crown in Shanghai in July, while Fred Bousquel of Auburn and Marseilles clocked Bousquet emerged to say that he would not race in Shanghai unless In' had Ins Auburn coach Brett Hawke "at the edge of the pool" with him in China. Christian Donze, national technical director lor France, replied in simple terms: "non" - the all-French coaching staff, average age under id and all under the guidance of team manager Lionel llorter, was set in stone H 48 34 Gilol, Fabien William Yannick 42 Rouault.

Sebastien Benjamin 2 74 Lacourt, Camille 3 Hugues 2 2 14 73 Debourges, William 3 Jordan 3 Charlotte 3 55 76 Lazare. NED 2 29 03 Cini, Malbilde 3 Cloe 3 Alexianne 2 Sophie 3 Babou. Rikke Moeller, DEN 2 MAR 2 Dobral. Coralie 3 NED 2 59 33 Mongel. Aurore 3 2 Alicia Coutts wins three Three wins for Alicia Coutts Craig Lord There has been much talk in world swimming circles in recent years about challenges to Vustralia s status as world aquatic power No.

National championships, trials, and other events of late show the reason why, though beyond Japan, no other nation comes close when it comes to flooding the world rankings with speedy efforts across the board. As a guide to the No. So far this year, among nations that have swum rested and ready, Australia leads the way on entries with men and women, for a total of , followed closely by Japan, whose three-day meet resulted in men and women, for a total of swimmers, making an impact on the world rankings.

Next on the list are Italy , , , Britain , , , China , , , and France , , , just ahead of Canada , , That list shows the relative strength of domestic programs, though the success of nations will ultimately be judged on how high up the pecking order the big medal hopes from each nation get. Just as France would leap up if her men manage to convert their European success of to world success in , while The Netherlands, Spain, and South Africa, for example, will also be seen in terms of how well the likes of the Dutch sprinters, Mireia Belmonte, Cameron Van deer Burgh and Chad Le Clos do.

However many challenges those nations present to Australia, there was no denying the outstanding depth of the program Down Under after eight days of nationals and world-championship trials at Sydney Olympic Park in the first week of April. The highlights of eight days of racing was the sensational free victory of year-olds James Magnussen, in Too soon post shiny suits to count progress in terms of records — though Australian standards fell to Kylie Palmer in the freestyle and Belinda Hocking in the backstroke — but Swimming Australia Head Coach Leigh Nugent said his squad was well placed for success.

The most notable thing beyond solo performances at the championships was the depth of quality in some events, a reflection of a long- established winning culture and popularity of swimming in a country that has a fine record of recruiting talent to the race pool and then having world-class coaches hone the athletes into a force that converts to Australia's punching-above-weight status as world No. Daily Highlights: Day 1 The first day of finals delivered a full score of qualifiers, two berths filled in both men's and women's freestyle as Kylie Palmer and Bronte Barratt clocked In the women's race, the top two fell just shy of Barratt's In the men's race, where Napoleon wiped 2 seconds off his best, Fraser- Holmes left his own best 3 seconds behind him.

Day 2 It was a case of Alicia In Wonderland on the second day of action as Alicia Coutts, winner of a breakthrough five gold medals at Commonwealth Games last year before she had ever won a national title, took her first two Australian titles.

In doing so. First up, Coutts clocked Rice, back from shoulder injury, operation, and rehab in , took silver in both races, in Defending champion Hayden Stoeckel lost his backstroke crown by 0. Seebohm managed silver in The year-old had suffered a debilitating bout of swine flu and was suffering from exhaustion.

The session also revealed the depth and quality in the free, with the top eight qualifiers for finals through between Day 4 Australia's top two free women, Kylie Palmer and Bronte Barratt, battled to efforts at the helm of six women inside Palmer claimed the Australian record in The top eight did not include triple Olympic golden girl Stephanie Rice, who opted out of the final.

The only sub- in die world last year i was the Magnussen 's coach in Sydney, Brant Best, described his charge as "a very talented young man with a bright future. That may one day be critical: Bob Bowman, mentor to Michael Phelps, told SwimNews that he favoured the free scenario whereby the champion came from the crew of those who could come back the hardest.

Day 6 Alicia Coutts, coached by Jim Fowlie in Canberra, cracked St seconds for the first time over Mil free with a victory that gave her a third solo berth in Shanghai, where the triple Commonwealth champion is scheduled to race in all three relays as well.

In all other events on the day the men's backstroke, and men's and women's breaststroke , no one made the targel time, but places will be taken up in China courtesy of the selection policy that allows those already on the team in other events to swim secondary events.

Day 7 The second Australian record of the meet fell to Belinda Hocking in the backstroke, her That left him outside the Shanghai cut, but added clauses that softened the selection criteria placed him in the race come July. Day 8 Unheralded NSW sprinter Olivia Halicek caused a major upset in the women's 50 freestyle, taking her debut Australian title in In other action, triple Olympic gold medallist Stephanie Rice maintained her stranglehold on the women's IM with a Thomas 3 A whirlwind tour of the highlights: Japan In Hamamatsu, at the Japanese meet that replaces the cancelled national championships and trial for the world titles, athletes rose to the challenge against a challenging backdrop of natural catastrophe compounded by the consequence of risk-laden political policies.

The first session of finals witnessed three national records and world- leading times for ; a Kitajima dedicated all his performances to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last month, and to all those who must now rise to the challenge of putting Japan back on her feet.

Day 1 Yosuke Miyamoto became the first Japanese man to crack 15 minutes over freestyle in Natsumi Hoshi set a national record of Haruka Ueda shaved 0. Aya Terakawa challenged her own and Japan's back best with a win that fell 0. Ryosuke Irie also sailed up the world ranks to No.

Day 2, beyond Irie's milestone backstroke, Yuka Katou cracked the national 50 fly record in Day 3 AS Naoya celebrated victory in the water and on the textile clock over Kitajima in the breaststroke, Yuka Katou shaved 0.

Takuro Fujii became the third man in the world inside 52 seconds in the butterfly, his Aya Terakawa fell just 0. China In Wuhan for six days from April 2, Chinese swimmers occupied 44 places in the top 10 in the world this year across all world-championship solo events — 15 places among men and 29 among women — giving us a glimpse of what we may witness at a home world championships in Shanghai this July.

Top of the heap was Sun Yang, winner of the , , , and freestyles in season world-leading times: By the fifth day of action, the pace was getting similarly hot across the board, the one session along marked by this: Wang Chengxiang Shandong By then we had seen Zhang Fenglin. Sun's Zheijang teammate and 14 years old, clocked 2: Italy At Riccione from April Federica Pellegrini took all freestyle titles from to In men's events.

Samuel Pizzetti stole the show with victories over freestyle Spain No doubting the star of the show: Mireia Belmonte. The freestyle crown was the only one that fell to her outside national-record time; her victories in the butterfly South Africa The outstanding effort of the meet came from world champion Cameron Van Der Burgh, who powered his way to the helm of the world rankings with a Professional Coaches Emphasize perfecting all aspects of swimming fast.

In-the-Lake Pools A refreshing change from chlorinated pools. Over 20 Sports When not in the water Cabin-Style Living Enjoy cabin-style living A top breaststroker differs from a weaker breaststroker mainly by the number of mistakes.

It is not because I am overly fastidious that I was able to list so many mistakes. None of these mistakes are unique; you see them every day if you look at breaststroke carefully.

The number of opportunities remaining in breaststroke proves that even the top breaststrokers make some mistakes in their technique. Since this article is intended for coaches and swimmers involved in breaststroke, the correct techniques are not listed along with the mistakes.

Most mistakes make the correct way of swimming quite obvious. For example, if the mistake is that the pull is not started with straight arms, or that at the end of the kick the feet are not closed, then the correct way of starting the pull or finishing the kick is, I think, unnecessary to describe. To make it easier to comprehend, most mistakes will be followed by an illustration. The pictures are of my own swimmers, and most mistakes are done on puipose for the sake of this article although, unfortunately, some mistakes are not simply acting.

A few mistakes will be listed in more than one section. In the conclusion to each section, I try to explain the most dramatic but not necessarily the most frequent mistakes and how to correct them. The biggest mistake is emphasized and explained after each section, with a suggestion to fix it.

In breaststroke, the base position is a perfect streamline. In this position, the moving body has the least amount of resistance. When the kick is finished and the feet are closed, it is the end of a stroke.

Or if the swimmer does not glide at all, each stroke will be. Naturally, this counts a lot, especially in the breaststroke. Our goal is to have the upper body and the thighs making as large an angle as possible. If two swimmers are of the exact same strength and condition, each has the same good or bad techniques, and each is flexible enough to turn out the feet and bring the feet to the buttocks, but one of them can only do this by pulling the knees closer to the stomach by 20 degrees, then only this difference in their strokes will cause a few seconds of difference in their m distance.

Because of this, we only want to pull the feet to the buttocks while bending and opening the knees. Even this way, though, the knees will cause much resistance, but that is one of the unfortunate properties of breaststroke that has not yet been solved. This means that when the swimmer is finishing the pull and the hands are turning into recovery, the elbows are behind the shoulders.

And here many commit the mistake of sticking the elbows to the torso and, therefore, pulling the elbows toward the back. When the pull is finished and the swimmer is turning into the recovery, the shoulders should lift up to I he ears and the elbows should be positioned near and in front of the chest. Imagine the difference in distance if the elbow starts the recovery all the way from the back or simply from the chest. And do not forget that this causes very bad body position and much resistance.

There is one more mistake that is not a big one but probably ihe most common. I consider il a mistake when the palms are not facing downward during recovery. Swimmers do different hand positions here. Some swim with palms facing upward, some with palms facing each other, anil combinations of these with the two hands.

Most coaches and swimmers do not consider it a mistake and not even important. This can be fixed easily but not very comfortably. The elbows should start moving when the hands reach the shoulders, and as the aims are reaching forward, the palms should be facing down see the differences between Pictures 42 and Before lifting the head up to take a breath, the air must be squeezed out with accelerating power.

If this is not done, the breathing will take longer and less oxygen will get to the lungs. If a swimmer falls behind on oxygen in every single stroke, in a breaststroke, the swimmer will experience dramatic lack of oxygen, mainly in the last 50 metres. If a swimmer unexpectedly dies from one stroke to the other by the time of the last 50 metres even though the start was not hard, it is probably because of this mistake in breathing.

Beyond speed, the biggest challenge and the goal of any breaststroke technique is to ensure continuous swimming.

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Craig Lord What to do when the rug is pulled out from under your vision? How to respond when the foundations of excellence you helped to cement in place are deemed to be no longer worth building the house on? Where to go when the troops you've been working with are recalled to home shores much sooner than the length of "long-term" results?

We're staying put, there's a great program here, and the job is not done yet — that was the answer from coaches Chris Nesbit and Liam du Feu when Britain abandoned a short- lived, successful, and cost-effective program that harnessed the benefits of swimming paradise to young talent.

The explanation was clear: Britain needed to develop and support its own "Intensive Training Centres" back home.

Most backed the notion of long-overdue improvements to the national infrastructure in swimming, though some still suspected devil in the detail, a mixture of politics and pounds playing a part.

A model for success If doubt remained over the merit of the decision and the motivation behind it, more certain was the fact that the Offshore Centre scheme had provided Britain with a model for success on a number of fronts, including facilities, a purposeful link between education, the value of distraction-free preparation, fine year-round weather, and the constant company of high standards in a nation that had learned how to win at a time when Britain had done much to all-but-guarantee failure come the biggest moments in the sport.

The UK invasion of the Australian Cold Coast — one that rocked Great Public School circles when The Southport School near Brisbane won its first championship title in 82 years and stirred colonial rivalries — was the brainchild of coach Bill Sweetenham during his time as Britain's perfonnance director The thinking that British Swimming signed up to was straightforward but revolutionary for a nation that had decided to fight back but needed to be shown how to go about doing so: in Britain, m training lanes were hard to come by; water space was often, if not just about always, beyond the control of those running elite swim programs, while the cost of hiring m lanes was more than 10 times the rate that could be had Down Under.

By moving some of the program offshore to a land of plenty when it comes to m pools and outdoor conditions, Britain could enjoy "an eternal summer season," said Sweetenham. The coach favoured TSS because the school, with its fine academic reputation, was not only sports orientated but boasted an 8-lane m pool and six-lane m pool, a fully equipped gym. Further to that, the contract drawn up with Greg Wain, headmaster at The Southport School, was weighted in goodwill. In the same season as Sweetenham and talent scouts working with coaches around Britain started the selection process for a Smart Track for girls aged 12 to 14 an assembly that would include Fran Halsall, Elizabeth Simmonds, Ellen Gandy, Jemma Lowe, and Jazmin Carlin , the Australian coach set some of Britain's best boys on a different course.

From the initial intake in , at any point over the next six to seven years until the Offshore Centre scheme was axed, up to 10 of Britain's most talented l6-to- year-old male swimmers would train, study, and live in the boarding house at TSS. Coach Dave Calleja, former mentor to Olympic medallist Graeme Smith and Olympic finalist James Hickman, was the first coach to be flown out from Britain to lead the scheme before Nesbit took over in the wake of his Portsmouth charge Katy Sexton becoming the first British woman to win a world long-course title, in the m backstroke in It was when TSS won its first swimming premiership since , its squad no longer mere pupils who swam but pre-primed sporting talents who would win three out of the next four school championships.

The visitors raised a few hackles among the public school natives who simply could not compete against the likes of Adam Brown, the sprinter now at Auburn, Marco Loughran. Five former students made the Olympic Team The statistics of the offshore story are impressive: five former students made the Olympic Games team and accounted for a quarter of the Britain men's team; at Rome world titles, seven men racing for Britain had been through TSS; Commonwealth Games squads from England and Wales have been graced by nine TSS pupils.

In honour of his time Down Under, Pavoni sports a tattoo bearing the flag of Australia and die words "Offshore That confirmed my status as a swimmer, to be honest. It helped me break through from junior to senior ranks, which is the hardest step in swimming, and I'm very grateful to him for everything he did for me. Brown, with relay experience in finals at Olympic, world, and European levels under his belt, says this: "TSS swimming enabled me to progress from the Junior ranks into Senior swimming seamlessly.

I would commend the program to any aspiring swimmer who wants to achiev e the highest standard in their sport. Long before the searing heat had turned the sky from crimson to blue, the pools, playing fields, cricket nets, tennis courts, and the bay and beaches circling The Southport School teemed with activity as hundreds of young kids began their day in pursuit of sporting excellence to the cries of coaches and kookaburras and against a backdrop of lawns left lush by five days of unseasonal summer rain.

In the midst of it all were eight resident swimmers described as the class of , boys who six summers hence would lie men by the time the Olympic Games rolled into London in The lives they would have led back home and the lives they did leave bear no comparison.

Down Under, there were no dark, dreary mornings and evenings driving through the rain; no donning 30 SWIMNEWS March-April of thick coats, scarves, and gloves as a prerequisite to facing a chill that could cost them valuable weeks out of training each year; no longing to stay in bed, as Britain's double Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington put it after a six-week visit to the Gold Coast this winter past.

From 5. The benefits of the link for Britain extended to using TSS as a home-away-from-home for the entire national team. It served home nations well before Commonwealth and World events in and , and of late has been temporary home to visiting teams from far afield: two groups from Britain, one from Ireland, and several from China, including Olympic champion Liu Zige, her coach Jin Wei, and the Shanghai squad run by British coach Dave Lyles, a team that will witness a home- city world championships this July.

After Sweetenham left Britain for personal reasons in late , his replacement on the performance side, Michael Scott, conducted a review of the offshore program at British Swimming's behest. After all was said and done, a date was set for the scheme to be closed. Michael agreed, so we then carried on until the Commonwealth Trials, which again were successful.

When the school asked him if he would like to stay on because the sports program provided great publicity for TSS and helped drive recruitment, Nesbit jumped at the chance "They are pretty much go-ahead. When you consider that it's a school pool of 8-lane SO m and Mane 25 m, a great facility and excellent location, the choice was to go back to the UK to do whal I'd been doing before and associate myself w ith a club or the federation, or take what just seemed to be an opportunity that presented itsell at that right time and was one that might not come again.

You have to be grateful lor the opportunities you're presented with. It comes down to whether you take them. I fell very much as though I was in a place thai was pro-swimming, has a great swimming history and these kinds of facilities in arguably the world's top swimming nation per head ol population. There is a purist spirit in Australia, where the swimming success rate is unparalleled," said Nesbit. To that end, Britain's offshore centre model will An aerial view of The Southport School complex now serve as the blueprint for an offshoot program, with school and club programs eventually feeding into a high-performance training group that will be open to the wider world of talent looking for winning conditions — including Brits.

To me it seems there is a void now: lads of 18 could go and train for a while at a world-class facility with good coaching and support in one of the best swim countries in the world. Now that's been removed, but we intend to make it available again, for them and others attracted to w hat we can offer.

The lifesty le and set- up here forced people into making choices. There is always a demand when people understand what they could achieve. Britain, other parts of Europe — they cane come and train and be educated here in a great environment where the study program is internationally recognised.

With the Brits gone, the school needed to step up if it was to compete in a public schools' competition the quality of which Britain simple does not have: Kieren Perkins holds the lOO m free mark in.

To run excellent school and club programs alongside each other requires more than one pair of hands. Nesbit's assistant continues to be l.

Says Nesbit: "Liam's I set about improving the structure of the club and increasing the numbers. Those have doubled in the last 12 months, from young kids in learn-to-swim through to elite squads.

Griffiths and Bonds. Asked what kind of environment those tempted by TSS could expect, Nesbit said: "The first thing was to create an environment which was very, very positive and workmanlike. They the British swimmers came to work and combine studying with training, and didn't have to sit in a car to get there for hours on end, whereas in many countries that's still the common experience.

The grounds of the school and the dining hall are within a walk of minutes of the pool. The whole place is right on the river, the place and the coaching, the whole environment is relaxed — and that helped a lot. People come for specific reasons and they feed off each other. The GPS system is very supportive in team games, where Britain has tended to be more conservative and stepped back, i There is a can-do mentality. It's a culture that exists in the school ami in the pool. That all of that made its mark on the offshore boys was obvious, according to John Atkinson, former head of youth development at British Swimming who described the Australia-based crew as "leaders" when thev were home to race at European junior championships, "lie noticed that thev were more mature than the others.

They developed life skills here. It is a harsh, challenging environment in some vvavs hut they were well looked after too. I've never been one to settle for what I've got I've been happy with whal I've got but there's always more to the journey. Nesbit tss. Over the competition, I'm towerin Don't ever compare Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced Competition's payin the price" LL Cool J's lyrics from "Momma Said Knock You Out" might be appropriately uttered by these champions as they motivate themselves to get back into their old training regimes, but aloud, the latest swimmers to join the comeback trail to London are focusing on relay spots and enjoying the process.

With the likes of legendary swimmers Janet Evans, [an Thorpe, Michael Klim, and others starting to test the competitive waters in the last six months, London, or at least the run up to it, could make for a very interesting Olympic year. In February, Ian Thorpe became the most recent to announce his comeback, placing himself back in the drug-testing pool where he will have to stay for nine months before he can dive into competition.

He joins Evans and Canadian Mike Brown, who announced this past fall their intentions to pull out their goggles and suit up again. Brown spoke to SwimNews last month, explaining that the itch to return started during the Winter Olympics. I talked it over with the people that are important to me, and everything fell into place. But she isn't fooling around; expect Evans to swim the , , and These athletes must navigate new rules, including the breaststroke pullout and changes to back starts, but their experience swimming in old- style suits might be their biggest advantage.

Evans is the greatest women's distance swimmer in history. She won 4 gold medals and 1 silver; grabbed 45 US national titles; and when she retired in , had 7 world records, mostly in Lycra- and-paper suits. Torres hasn't given up either. After knee surgery 16 months ago, the four-time Olympic gold medallist was back in the water, competing in February at the Missouri Grad Prix at the age of She is the only American swimmer to compete in five Olympic Games, but her career spans more than just 20 years.

She debuted on the international scene at age 15 when she broke the world record in the 50 free. That was Today, most of her competition wasn't even bom then. Add that to the fact that she skipped the and Olympic Games, and Torres' Olympic career is extraordinary. I love standing up and racing against the kids. So as long as I can do that and I can still stay with them, I'm going to keep doing it. Google "Ian Thoipe comeback" and it seems that everyone with access to a computer has provided their two cents.

From financial motivations to fairytale dreaming, the Aussies are certainly causing a stir down under. David Flaskas, who is Thorpe's manager and friend, said that this is not about money for Thoipe. He was always going to have a relationship with Virgin Blue, but he is already having to pass some things up and postpone others. He'll only be able to go to Japan where Thorpe continues to be a highly marketable commodity once before the Olympics.

He's cancelled all his speaking engagements and we have just had to pass up one relationship because it required him to be in Australia for the next three months. With speculation over where he will train, and Abu Dhabi, a Virgin Blue destination, thrown in the mix, Thorpe put to rest rumours that his comeback is for financial gain. My drive is performance, that's how it is.

I have had an almost flawless career, and I put that at risk. It would have been a lot easier to sit on diat and not do a thing. But there are still things in swimming that I haven't done, that I would like to achieve. It's a balancing act where fear comes in and motivation; it's a great place to be, on that edge.

I'm glad I spent four years away from the pool. I needed those four years. The level of expectation that's on me [now] is enormous, it s probably only outweighed by my own expectations, and I won't want to let people down. I don't want to let myself down. The thrill of watching Thoipe race again is not only exciting to swim fans, but may bring a needed boost to die Aussie men's team, which won only two individual golds in Delhi. One of those golds came from Geoff Huegill, whose own comeback is already the stuff of legends.

Having gained serious weight after retiring from swimming, the Olympic medalist says he has lost more than 40 kg for his comeback. Certainly, his presence in our relay squads will be a huge boost. Financial support While in the US, the comebacks of Evans and Torres are mostly financed personally, in Australia, swimmers are being supported by state institutes, with the New South Wales Institute of Sport taking the lead by supporting Huegill when no one else thought he could make it.

They will do the same for Thorpe. So what is the motivation of these athletes? In a story by Nicole Jeffrey in The Australian, Aussie head coach Leigh Nugent said, "They want to revisit the excitement of the Games in and , and they feel they are still capable of contributing. Now they know the difference between doing it and not doing it, and they are drawn by the possibility of doing it again.

Retirement is much more complicated than just satisfying temporary yearnings. Comebacks involve sorting through a myriad of emotions, physical struggles, and big life questions, "There has been something nagging," Thorpe said with a smile.

This seemed more realistic.